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The Best Hospitals in Vancouver to Go To

August 16, 2021
Vancouver is a highly underrated city. It's not the most known city out there, but it's still an extremely fun, exciting, and even pleasant place to live, complete with anything and everything you need in a city. Efficient public transport systems? Check! Great schools for your kids? Check! Fine hospitals and health facilities? Checkmate! Vancouver has all of what you need and more. And speaking of the latter, you'll find that the city's own hospitals are some of the best in the country. They're clean, comfortable, and will surely take care of you. These top places all stand testament to this!

The Best Hospitals in Vancouver to Go To


Vancouver General Hospital

If there's one hospital that's completely known and beloved in Vancouver, it's the Vancouver General Hospital. In fact, Newsweek even included it in their list of top hospitals in Canada. And why wouldn't they? Not only is this the second largest hospital in Canada, but it's also very complete in the sense that it has everything one needs in a hospital, Over 21 operating rooms, 40 outpatient clinics, and a very efficient emergency department. No matter your health problem and how severe it may be, rest assured, the Vancouver General Hospital will take of you and ensure your safety and recovery.


Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre

Catering to around 116,000 patients every year, the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre is also a massive institution. It's also well-respected in this part of the country as it is affiliated with the University of British Columbia, making it a top research facility in Canada. So you can expect that the hospital not only has amazing departments and facilities, they also conduct multiple scientific studies to help innovate medical procedures and treatments. You never know, you might just get the latest—and possibly the most effective—treatment for your specific health problem here. 


The Best Hospitals in Vancouver to Go To


St. Paul's Hospital

St Paul's Hospital is actually a well-known medical facility in Canada with multiple branches throughout the country. But the one in Vancouver has proven to be one of the finest. Founded in 1894, it's actually the oldest branch of St. Paul's Hospital in the country, as well as one of the oldest of the seven facilities of Providence Health Care. Now, it's become full-time critical care, a go-to institution for those with severe illnesses and major health problems. It's also known to treat chronic illnesses, with various departments on-hand that are very effective in giving out the right treatment. 


Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Though it's a Roman Catholic institution the Mount Saint Joseph Hospital is also sometimes referred to as the Vancouver Chinese hospital. It's become a mainstay medical facility for the Chinese community in the city, though most people are welcome here. most especially since the hospital is well-known for its emergency care department. When patients need urgent care, this is one of the hospitals to rush them to, no question! The staff is ready for anything and the hospital itself is well-equipped to treat any emergency. At the same time, the hospital is also popular for its radiology, giving out accurate diagnoses to people with all sorts of illnesses. 


The Best Hospitals in Vancouver to Go To


British Columbia's Children's Hospital

For Vancouver's little ones, the British Columbia Children's Hospital is the go-to institution for them. The hospital is beloved for its expertise in handling all sorts of illnesses affecting the youth, becoming one of the most popular establishments in this part of the country. From maintaining a child's health and fitness from infancy to prepubescence to helping treat childhood diseases, kids are guaranteed to be well-taken-care-of here. The hospital itself is well-equipped with the best staff and equipment to make treating various illnesses and health problems possible and effective. Furthermore, it also holds training programs in treating children carefully. 


BC Cancer Agency

Let's face it, cancer remains the worst illness out there. Though many life-threatening diseases have come and go, cancer is still the most dreaded health problem out there. Why? Because many doctors and medical experts are still at a loss on how to accurately treat cancer patients efficiently, ensuring their full recovery. Fortunately, however, there are still institutions like the B.C. Cancer Agency in Vancouver. Over the years, the place has been a prominent expert in the area when it comes to the life-threatening illness. If you're a cancer patient, you'll have more chances to survive and recover from it if you go here! 


The Best Hospitals in Vancouver to Go To


Don't underestimate the city of Vancouver, many of the hospitals and medical facilities here are undeniably top-notch. They're institutions respected throughout the country for having helped a lot of patients recover and survive various health problems. 

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