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What To Know About The Crime Rate in Dubai

August 05, 2020
Everyone knows that Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world. But did you know that it's also one of the safest? As compared to many other major cities of its kind—New York, London, Paris, Rome, and more—Dubai actually sees the least amount of crime out all of them. Though this isn't to say that deviant acts don't happen here. And with its location in the region, the city is also a prime target for terrorism. However, As a city with its sheer size and stature, it sees the least number for crimes point-blank! And it has come to surprise many who go here!

What To Know About The Crime Rate in Dubai


What's the Overall Crime Rate in Dubai?

Overall, the crime rate in Dubai is 12.82%. This is already quite low as compared to those in other cities which often sways within the 30% to 50% range. In fact, even the rate of the increase of crimes in the past few years has been at a moderate 40.31%, So more or less, things are looking safe in Dubai. And it clearly shows that the police department really knows what it's doing with this low crime rate. Though credit should also be given to the citizens and residents of the city that they're able to act with sheer discipline. 


What Crimes have the Highest Rates Here?

Still, there's no such thing as a major city without a crime. There are still some crimes being committed here, they, fortunately, just don't happen a lot. In terms of crime rate, corruption & bribery have the highest with 24.53%. This comes as no surprise because Dubai is becoming a major hub for business. And where there's big business, corruption and bribery are sure to follow as well. At the very least, it's not a violent crime that would lead people to get hurt or worse. And it's definitely a less harmful crime than drug-dealing, which has a rate of 18.48%. 


What To Know About The Crime Rate in Dubai


Which Crimes Should You Still Look Out For?

After drug-dealing, car theft has a high rate in Dubai with 17.23%. Though the rate itself is still low, car theft still happens in Dubai one too many times. It's because the city is also a hub for luxury cars, both old and new. Many of the city's wealthiest residents are patrons and collectors, making them prime targets for such criminals. Then there's vandalism, which has a rate of 17.12%. With so many luxurious properties in Dubai, there are criminals out there who get their kicks from defacing them, devaluing them significantly as well as openly expressing their aggression. 


Is It Safe to Walk Around in Dubai?

With all that said, Dubai really still is a very safe place to travel to. As well as to travel around in. As of the moment, Dubai enjoys the highest safety rate for walking out and about, with 91.02% during the day and 82.96% at night. Usually, there's always a big disparity between day and night, with the former always having a high safety rate while the latter drops significantly to moderate or slightly low. But here, both times of day are safe for foot-travel. No matter which of Dubai's neighborhoods you may be right now, you'll still be guaranteed safe from harm. 


What To Know About The Crime Rate in Dubai


Which Areas of Dubai Should You Avoid?

No matter what, Dubai is still a city. And just like any city, no matter how generally safe it is, there will be certain areas where you're better off avoiding. Sonapur, a camp situated along the outskirts of the city, is one of the poorer parts of Dubai. And because of this, this area does see a good many crimes here and there, making it a part of town you really should avoid. Bur Dubai is largely considered as the unofficial red-light district of the city. Not because of the kind of establishments here, per se, but what goes down in the establishments here. 


What are Some Tips You Can Use to Stay Safe in Dubai? 

A common place where criminals target victims are at outdoor ATM machines. They install hidden cameras or destroy the security cameras installed in the areas so they can mug the people transacting there. So when you need to withdraw or deposit cash instantly, better to do so in the actual branch of your bank or the ATM machines inside malls or hotels. When traveling about, always try to take any of Dubai's public transport systems as much as you can. They're reliable, efficient, and oftentimes, you'll be safe there too. And finally, so that you can avoid committing a crime yourself, know about the country's Sharia Law and what it requires of you. 


What To Know About The Crime Rate in Dubai


Dubai doesn't only enjoy being one of the most luxurious cities in the world, it also takes pride in being one of the safest and cleanest too. The crime rate here is pretty low and you'll be more than safe enough to explore the city as much as you want. 

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