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Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

August 05, 2020
Dubai is a haven for the rich and famous. It's become their secret Middle Eastern playground where they can eat, drink and dance to their hearts' content. And there's a big emphasis on 'eat!' The city is home to a lot of great culinary hotspots, some could rival those in the likes of Paris, London, and more. Because in Dubai, it's all about quality and first-class. In fact, the city has become somewhat synonymous with those words. So when it comes to restaurants, don't expect anything less! Most especially if you decide to go to any of these amazing places for dinner!

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai


Al Hadheerah

If you really want to taste the essence of The UAE, look no further than the Bab Al Shams Resort. This place offers the very best in the country, including its food. The resort's in-house restaurant, Al Hadheerah, is the type you'd expect from Dubai. A menu of traditional Arabian dishes and desserts and authentic Arabian desert ambiance. Think bellydancers and sword-swallowers as your fine-dining entertainment. It's almost stereotypical how everything about this place is first-class, but it is what it is! And the food? As flavorful as the Middle East herself! You won't taste anything like it anywhere else in the city! 

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: Babalshams.com



You've probably heard of and perhaps even been to the Buddha Bars in other cities around the world. So what makes Dubai's any different? Well, set inside the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotel, this is one of the most lavish hotspots in all of Dubai. It screams wealthy with a capital W and sophistication with a capital S! And where else will you be able to lounge that's just a few steps from the beautiful Arabian sea? As for the food, the Buddha-Bar Dubai serves up a melodious mix of Asian cuisine, from the savory Japanese to the spicy Thai and everything else in between! 

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: Buddha Bar Dubai


La Petite Maison

Here's yet another culinary institution that you'll find in other foodie capitals: Le Petite Maison. With its traditional French ambiance and sumptuous Mediterranean menu, it's as if you're actually in Paris. However, it's only in the Dubai hotspot where you get to taste all your favorite dishes with a tangy Middle Eastern twist. Though most of the recipes remain the same, you can taste the some spices and herbs were incorporated to really bring out the flavor more. Many of which can only be found in the beautiful Emirates and not anywhere else! How's that for a culinary hotspot? 

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: La Petite Maison


Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara

Nathan Outlaw has become a big name in the culinary world for his expertise in seafood. And now, he's brought his expertise as well as a hundred or so of his amazing dishes to Dubai. His own place, nestled in the beautiful Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, is built practically as a shrine to seafood. Getting to eat in an aquarium-like setting all of Outlaws scrumptious seafood offerings is a luxury only a few get to experience. The ambiance alone is practically overwhelming. But the seafood dishes? They're undoubtedly the stars of the show, no question! 

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: Jumariah.com



Nobu is yet another familiar name you've probably heard of in other cities. And yes, this delicious Japanese classic has also set up shop in Dubai. Based at the world-famous Atlantis Hotel, this restaurant serves up a delightful fusion of Japanese dishes with an Arabian spice. Suddenly, the sushi tastes more flavorful. The soup is a lot tangier than normal. And the seafood? As mouth-watering as ever! You'll definitely find a new appreciation for Japanese food here. It's a guarantee! And it doesn't hurt that they host cooking classes every first Saturday of the month as well!

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: Nobu Dubai Facebook Page



There are two reasons you ought to try Pierchic in Dubai. Firstly, there's practically no other restaurant that will get you closer to the Arabian Gulf quite like this one! The place is literally perched on—what you should have guessed already from its name—a pier right smack in the middle of the stunning body of water. It's the best romantic spot in all of the city, perfect for a honeymooning pair! Secondly, its menu of European dishes is truly top-notch! A healthy mix of meat and seafood offerings that will tantalize your taste buds in more ways than one! 

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: Pierchic.com


Zheng He's

Up for some Chinese food? Forget takeout! Go to Zheng He's for the best of the best in Dubai! Perched along the city's canal, it's quite a culture-fest here as well. While the menu is strictly and authentically Chinese, the ambiance keeps up the Arabian flavor down to a tee. Still, if it's Chinese food you're after, you couldn't have picked a better place. Though they make use of the country's exotic spices, the taste and richness of the food remain the same. From steamed dumplings and fried rice to their amazing chicken dipped in incredible sauce, this place satisfies every craving! 

Top Restaurants to Go For in Dubai

Source: Wikimedia Commons


The top restaurants in Dubai are so good, they're practically the top culinary hotspots in all of The UAE! You won't find places like these anywhere else! No other city serves up some painstakingly delicious food quite like Dubai! 

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