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The Living Costs in Dubai

August 04, 2020
To say that Dubai is expensive is a complete understatement. Slowly but surely, this Middle-Eastern utopia of a city is becoming one of the most expensive in the world. Sure, you may think that living in Paris, London, and the like can be costly, but here in Dubai, you'll probably go bankrupt in a week. Well, depending on where you invest your money. Though most of the establishments here are rather swanky, there are still some places where you can still save a lot. But to really understand the lifestyle here, you have to understand the living costs here.

The Living Costs in Dubai


Costs of Renting in Dubai

Renting in Dubai alone will already cost you thousands of bucks! Just a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city will cost you around AED4,000.00 to AED8,000.00, with a common median price of AED5,646.56. Remember, that's all for just one bedroom! A three-bedroom in the same location, on the other hand, will cost around AED8,000.00 to AED18,000.00, with a common median price of AED11,437.25. While for a one-bedroom along the outskirts of the city, the monthly rental fee is around AED3,000.00 to AED5,000.00. And a three-bedroom in the same location will be AED6,000.00 to AED12,973.49 per month. 


Costs of Buying Property in Dubai

How about buying a property in Dubai? Will that be cheaper than just renting a place in the city? The answer is a resounding no! Far from it! The price per square meter for a place in Dubai's city center is around AED9,687.52 to a whopping AED20,000.00. The common median price is AED13,029.84. Meanwhile, the price per square meter for a place along the outskirts of Dubai costs around AED6,458.35 to AED12,500.00. And the common median price for such is AED8,565.50. Now, try and multiply those prices with the total number of square meters the property and the actual total price you have to pay might just overwhelm you! 


The Living Costs in Dubai


Utilities Costs

Even the utilities costs in Dubai are a lot more expensive than those in other countries. You'd think that your basic bills won't take up a huge chunk of your paycheck every month, right? But in Dubai, the total median price for your electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and more is AED639.30. But it can even go up to a mindblowing AED1000.00 a month if you're not careful with your consumption. And while in other countries, paying for WiFi for your home will usually only cost less than $100.00, in Dubai, the common median price is AED365.59. 


Food Costs

Food is also surprisingly more expensive in Dubai as compared to in other cities. More often than not, it will also cost you more or less $100.00 for a trip to the grocery in different major cities to last you a couple of days to about two weeks. But in Dubai, the same trip will cost you a total median price of AED304.99. At least, however, despite the high cost, this total will already give you a lot. It already takes into account a dozen eggs, a liter of milk, a kilogram of local cheese, and a kilogram of various fruits, vegetables, and different types of meat. 


The Living Costs in Dubai


Dining Costs 

Dining will also cost you a pretty penny generally, though you might still be able to save some money if you go for inexpensive and mid-range restaurants. The price range for a meal in an inexpensive place, for instance, is around AED15.00 to AED60.00 with a common median price of AED35.00. Meanwhile, a three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant can cost you around AED120.00 to AED400.00. Though the common median price is AED200.00 so it's still alright. At least, with all these prices, this means you don't have to spend so much to eat out in Dubai. 


Transportation Costs

Unfortunately, however, transportation can also be very costly as well. The cheapest you'll have to pay for is one ride in a public transport system that can cost you around AED3.00 to AED10.00. But since commuting often consists of going back and forth, you'll probably pay double the amounts every day. You could go for a travel pass, more commonly known as a Nol card, which while it can save you time, these cards still cost around AED185.00 to AED380.00. Of course, if you choose to purchase your own car, this will really break the bank for you. They cost around AED65,000.00 to AED100,000.00 depending on the model and brand you go for. 


The Living Costs in Dubai


Leisure Costs

Even costs for leisure can cost you a pretty penny. Getting a membership in a gym, for instance, will cost you around AED150.00 to AED500.00 a month. And since there are a lot of first-class gyms and fitness clubs in Dubai, it's possible that they charge even higher for a monthly membership. Meanwhile going to the movies in this city will cost you around AED35.00 to AED60.00. Even though in other countries, movie tickets often cost less than $20.00, here in Dubai, you'll have to pay almost AED100.00. And that doesn't include your popcorn, soda, and candy yet! 


Clothing Costs

Dubai may not be a known fashion capital but people do shop a lot around here. Many luxury brands and famous designer labels have set up their own respective flagship stores in this city, further proving that it's slowly but surely becoming a shopping mecca. And of course, it will cost you thousands for any of their pieces. But if you don't go for these brands, clothes will still cost you hundreds in Dubai. A piece in a well-known high-street label will cost around AED100.00 to AED 350.00. While a new pay of sneakers from a famous sportswear brand will cost around AED200.00 to AED500.00 


Childcare and Education Costs 

Of course, apart from purchasing your own property and car in Dubai, also one of the most expensive costs of living in this city is for your child's education. But should you even question it at all? This is practically investing in the future of your children. You'd probably be happy to be able to pay as much as you can to give them the best of the best in terms of education. A term in a private kindergarten will cost you around AED1,000.00 to AED 3,7000.00. While a term in a private or international primary school will cost around AED25,000.00 to AED60,000.00. 


The Living Costs in Dubai


If you have a whole lot of money to spare, living in Dubai shouldn't be a problem for you. This city has one of the highest living costs in the world, but when you realize how the quality of life really is here, you won't complain about it yourself.


On that note, if you can afford it, go for a luxurious Dubai apartment as your new home here! It will make all the other costly expenses more worth it!





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