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Where to find the best hot chocolate in Paris

January 17, 2021
After a morning exploring Paris, you’ll need to get your energy levels up and there’s no better way to do this than with a steaming mug of rich, gloopy hot chocolate. The French capital is known to serve some of the best hot chocolates in the world so while you’ll easily find one in any of the thousands of cafes, you might want to go the extra mile and seek out the most delicious. We’ve put together this list of the best hot chocolates in Paris to help you discover the mouth-watering joys of this sweet treat. 
Best hot chocolate paris

Un Dimanche A Paris

This chocolate concept store opened by Pierre Cluiwzel in the Odeon area is a true epicureans delight. Between 3 and 6pm them serve the most decedent hot chocolate in the city accompanied by three small but fantastic cakes. The hot chocolate is available in two sizes and we actually find the small to be just enough of a sweet treat to please our cravings. Often labelled the best hot chocolate in Paris, this is one not to be missed.  
best hot chocolate paris
Source: Paris Tourist Info


Rue de Rivoli near the Louvre is home to Angelina, a dessert cafe in Paris decorated in the style of a traditional salon from the early twentieth century. So far, so fabulous. The famous African hot chocolate here has a reputation for being so thick that you have to eat it with a spoon. We’d say that’s surely a marker of a mouth-watering ‘chocolat chaude’. 
Paris hot chocolate
Source: Daniel Food Diary

Bar at Hotel Le Meurice

Not the best place to pick if you haven’t planned ahead, because somewhere as popular as this books up fast. But if you remember to book a table here then make sure you also remember to order the hot chocolate. They have a number of untraditional flavours that will be a nice change from the usual milky offerings and you can get them with your afternoon tea. 
Paris hot chocolate
Source: TripSavvy

Cafe De Flore

Traditionally one of the city’s famous literary cafes, Cafe De Flore is now on a lot of tourist trails so don’t expect to be sipping hot chocolate with locals. But the hot chocolate is still lauded as one of the best in town so definitely drop in for a pick me up when you’re in the area. 
Paris hot chocolate
Source: Chefs Feed

Chloe Chocolat

Chloé Doutre-Roussel is a real chocolate connoisseur so although you might go here for the hot chocolate, it’s likely you’ll leave with a box of delicacies which were impossible to resist. You can also do tours and chocolate tastings at her boutiques. Her hot chocolate is from Bolivia and is melted in hot milk before sugar is added. You’ll need to book an appointment before you can taste it for yourself, but trust us, it’s wroth the effort. 
paris hot chocolate
Source: Chloe Chocolate

Le Deux Magots

This charming cafe in St Germain used to be a regular haunt of Picasso, although we can’t say for certain if he drank the hot chocolate here. On a cold, crisp day, wrap up warm and grab a table on the outside terrace while you sip on a steaming mug of delicious coco. 
Paris hot chocolate
Source: Parisianist

Jean Paul Hevin

Jean Paul Hevin has a reputation as one of France’s premier chocolatiers and it’s his hot chocolates that we can’t get enough of. He has curated a whole hot chocolate menu which is designed to be enjoyed at different parts of the day. You’ll find hot chocolate with oysters (yes, really) as well as carrots and the more traditional flavours of cinnamon and ginger. 
Paris hot chocolate
Source: All My Chefs


Laduree has such a global reputation (mainly for it’s macaroons) that the patisserie has expanded into other international markets. But the original in Paris is still the best. You’ll be queueing with a whole host of other tourists all eager to get an instagram of their mid-morning treat. Served with homemade Chantilly cream, their hot chocolate has an intense and rich flavour that will make the queue worth it.
Paris hot chocolate
Source: Bake From Scratch


Carette has two tea rooms in the city where you can enjoy a mouth-watering hot chocolate in beautiful surroundings. The velvety drink comes with whipped cream on the side so you can add as much as you wish. The tea room at Trocadero is decorated in a terribly chic art deco style which will make sipping your hot chocolate even more of a pleasure. 
Paris hot chocolate
Source: Carette

La Maison Du Chocolat

If you prefer your hot chocolate to be slightly bitter instead of toothache-inducingly sweet then this is the place for you. A few of the branches in the city serve hot chocolate that you can enjoy at one of their counters. Another option is to buy a bag of their chocolate beads which will make a delicious cup at home. Also the perfect gift for chocaholics.
Paris hot chocolate
Source: La Maison Du Chocolat



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