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Opening a Bank Account in Italy

July 27, 2021
Moving to Italy might as well be the most exciting thing you've done in your life. To leave the comforts of your own home and stay at this paradise fo a country full of history, culture, and more. From now on, it's a cappuccino in the morning, riding a Vespa to work, eating pasta or pizza for dinner, and indulging in wine for your nightcap. Sounds like the type of lifestyle for you, right? That is if you opened up your own bank account in the country. How can you better manage your money if you don't have one here?

Opening a Bank Account in Italy


The Eligibility of Opening a Bank Account in Italy

Before anything else, you have to determine first if you're actually eligible to open up a bank account in Italy. the answer is yes! Anyone going to or staying in Italy for a period of time is legally allowed to set up his/her own bank account in the country. Even if you're just a tourist staying here for about a month or so or you've recently moved but you haven't achieved residence status yet, you're already allowed to set up your own bank account here. And there are even different types of bank accounts that can better cater to your current situation. 


Types of Bank Accounts in Italy 

There are about four types of bank accounts in Italy that you can set up for yourself here. The first is the conto corrente or current account. This is the most standard type of account that helps you with everyday transactions. It's basically a medium for storing your money as well as helping you with different types of transactions. Opening one with another person is the conto corrente cointestato or the joint account. The conto di risparmio is your savings account, the type you can store money in for long periods of time. And finally, a deposit account here is called the conto di deposito


Opening a Bank Account in Italy


The Required Documents You Need

Now, what will you need to show in order to set up your bank account in Italy? For most banks that allow tourists and non-residents to set up an account with them, for the most part, all you'll need to show is a valid ID. Though they may have additional requirements themselves. But if you're a new resident in the country, you'll need to show a valid ID, proof of residence, your tax number ('codice fiscal'), and proof of employment. For the valid ID, your own passport can do. For your proof of residence, you can just show your lease, electricity bill, and the like. And for proof of employment, show your company ID or certificate of employment. 


What to Consider When Choosing a Bank

Now, when choosing a bank, there are certain things you need to consider. Firstly, the bank's working hours. Things work differently here in Italy. They don't have the standard hours that you may be used to in your native country. More often than not, Italian banks only stay open during the early morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon. This is why another thing to consider if the bank has an online platform. If you can do online banking with them, then you'll pretty much have an easier time with your account here. 


Opening a Bank Account in Italy


Take Note of the Fees

Another important factor to consider when choosing a bank are the fees. At times, it's the fees that substantially decrease the money in your account instead of the transaction that took place. How much are the fees on setting up an account with your chosen bank? How about the fees on closing your account with said bank? How much are the fees for international transactions? How much are the fees for money transfers online? How much are the fees for using (and even losing) your credit card? Take into account all of the bank's fees before deciding to set up your Italian account with them. 


Best Banks in Italy

Fortunately, a good number of Italian banks have their own ways of dealing with foreign nationals opening up a bank account with them. These are the ones you choose from! Unicredit, for instance, not only is adept at catering to foreign clients, but they also have the largest number of ATM machines in the country. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, considered the second-best bank in Italy, is known for their loyalty rewards programs that help you earn money as much as you transact from them. And Intesa Sanpaolo is prominent for the diverse types of bank accounts you can open up with them. 


Opening a Bank Account in Italy


You'd be surprised by how simple and relatively easy it is to open up a bank account in Italy. And you'll need to do it too, so you can better enjoy what the city has to offer without risking spending too much money that you end up broke! 

Once you've set up a bank account here, you can now go for an Italian luxury apartment for your accommodation. They may not come cheap but they're very worthwhile investments!





Rome, Italy
111 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4
Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy
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Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy
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Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy
484 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom2-4

Milan, Italy
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Milan, Italy
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Castiglione Falletto, Italy
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Milan, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms5
La Spezia, Italy
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