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Why the Yellow Vest Riots shouldn’t put you off visiting Paris this season

January 10, 2021
The Yellow Vest Riots in Paris have been taking place every Saturday afternoon over the past 5 weeks and occupying a small area of the French capital. Don’t let that put you off your trip however, because the rest of the city is business as usual. Life is going as normal across the city and you shouldn’t let it put you off a weekend break here, especially since the sales are on. We’ve got all the information you need for avoiding the riots and have included some alternative ideas for what to do when you’re there. 
Paris riots

As long as you avoid the police and the protestors and follow the advice of the local authorities, your trip to Paris will be unaffected by the riots. They are taking place around the Arc De Triomphe and the top end of the Champs Elysées on Saturday afternoons only, but whole swathes of the city are carrying on as normal. Note that on any other day of the week, Paris is free from demonstrations and riots. Many other districts have not been impacted at all by the riots, for example, the historical Marais, the Ile Saint Louis, Saint Germain des Pres, Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens and the Eiffel Tower are all still calm and quiet. The charming area of Montmartre is also unaffected so there are plenty of places to go to keep you busy. Here’s a list of things that will ensure you enjoy your weekend break. 

Alternate things to do in Paris to avoid the Yellow Vest Riots

Explore other parts of the city

Most of the city is unaffected by the riots. As mentioned, the Left Bank is still as beautiful as ever and Montmartre and the Marais are other neighbourhoods worth visiting. Read our guide to the most beautiful views in Paris for some ideas on where to head. The Marais district is also home to some of the best shops in the capital, so head out for a wonder and discover some hidden corners you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. 
Paris riots
Source: Paris Tourist Info

Go native and have a wine and cheese party 

If you don’t fancy venturing out, then it’s the perfect chance to have an afternoon at home and enjoy some wine and cheese like the locals do. If you have friends in the city, invite them over for an afternoon of Christmas music and delicious food. You could even just stay in and make the most of a low-key few hours with your favourite holiday films. 
Paris riots

Take a day trip 

Paris is perfect placed for day trips to other areas in France thanks to its central location and brilliant rail connections. Normandy, Loire Valley and Champagne are all just a train ride away and will give you a taste of more rural French life. Disneyland Paris is also a brilliant option for families. And big kids! 
Paris riots
Source: Disneyland Paris
If you’re still not sure about visiting Paris, you can rest-assured that the authorities are doing everything they can to minimise their impact, keeping them contained to small area and engaging in a huge clean up over night so that by Sunday morning you won’t even know they happened. Bear in mind that the media is also showing the worst of the riots, and Paris really isn’t burning. Paris has suffered from a very bad image due to the media and professionals have recorded a decrease of foreign travellers. Many shops and tourism professionals are giving away great discounts to attract travellers. This is time to enjoy the winter sales and discover Paris with great discount. Contact us to also receive a discounted rate for your holiday rental. There’s still plenty for you to enjoy in the French capital, so don’t let this put you off.  



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