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The Top Five Finest Hospitals in Washington D.C.

July 20, 2020
Washington D.C. is quite a city! You can even say that it's the most powerful city in the world. The seat of power of the United States of America, the biggest country in the world, no other town in the country, much less the world, has that much influence and promise. So it's no surprise that many of its institutions have to be up to par. Fortunately, for the most part, they are! A great example are the hospitals. D.C. may seem like a small city for most, but the fine hospitals here make it seem that they can treat the whole world!

The Top Five Finest Hospitals in Washington D.C.


MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

When it comes to D.C. hospitals, the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is often touted as the top of the pack. It's no surprise, considering that its intensive care units are among the best in the city. No matter how grave one's situation is, they're guaranteed to be well-looked-after in this institution. And don't think that just because it's a university hotel that it pales in comparison to more general hospitals. Georgetown University is renowned for its medical program. It's even one for the leading medical schools in the country. So expect that the student staff here are at the top of their game! 


MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Another MedStar hospital, the MedStar Washington Hospital Center, is also considered one of the top hospitals in the nation's capital. Why? Not only is its emergency department always on top of things, but similarly to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, its intensive care units are also top-notch. the people here know how to treat and stabilize patients, that's for sure. And for those with weight problems, this hospital is also known for helping patients improve, maintain, and control their weight to correspond well to their health. Their diabetes treatment is one of the best on the East Coast. 


The Top Five Finest Hospitals in Washington D.C.


George Washington University Hospital

Another medical school in Washington D.C. that's regarded as one of the best in the country? George Washington University. And its affiliated hospital stands testament to that. The institution has one of the finest cancer treatment and research departments in the academic field, a great cardiology facility, and they excel at operating on patients with heart failure the most. It also helps that their cafeteria is open to anyone, making it easier for them to face emergencies when the time comes. And because of its prime location, it's also easy to get here via whatever D.C. public transport system you use! 


BridgePoint Hospital Capitol Hill

You'd be right in thinking that this hospital may have treated some of the most important and historic politicians in the country. As well as possible a few presidents as well. But its proximity to the political places in Washington D.C. isn't what makes BridgePoint Hospital Capitol Hill one of the best of its kind in the city. It is its assistive nature that takes the cake. At times, the hospital almost acts like a rehab center, helping people of different ailments recover at their own pace and at their own time. 


Children's National Hospital

Finally, there's the Children's National Hospital. This is the kind of institution that families from different states—possibly even different countries—take their young kids to in order to get effectively treated. It's safe to say that this institution has mastered many treatments on various illnesses and ailments that young ones are susceptible to. Not to mention that their pediatric department is truly top-notch. But arguably, this hospital's piece de resistance is their maternity ward. With providing quality care and proper facilities, there's no other place more suitable for expecting mothers to give birth here in D.C. 


The Top Five Finest Hospitals in Washington D.C.


As one of the most important cities in the world, it's only natural that the hospitals in Washington D.C. are up to par. Fortunately, these five and many others in the city not only meet such standards but exceed them as well! 

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