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How the Job Market is in The UK

July 16, 2021
It's no secret that London is one of the biggest cities in the world on many fronts. Not the least of which is being a major business hub, making it a great place for employment. In fact, it's practically the city with the most number of employed people in the whole of the UK. But by and large, what is the actual state of the job market of the country nowadays? Is it still booming or would you rather be safe looking for employment elsewhere? Would you end up unemployed here? Well, this will answer all the looming questions you may have.

How the Job Market is in The UK


How Many are Employed/Unemployed in The UK?

Let's start with the country's employment and unemployment rates. These make it easier to gauge the true nature of the job market in the UK. According to the Office of National Statistics, the UK has a current employment rate of 76.4%, better than many other countries around the world. It's also 0.3% higher than that of last year. On the flip side, the country also has a current unemployment rate of 3.9%, making it 0.1% higher than last year but not necessarily a substantial change. Furthermore, they also found that about 600,000 people in the UK are on the payroll. 


Which Industries are the Biggest in The UK

With the employment and unemployment rates in mind, it's now time to see which industries are the biggest in the UK. LinkedIn has shown that the top three industries looking for new hires are IT services, computer software, and financial services. Around 33% of all professionals in the country are employed in these three specific areas. But when it comes to yearly growth, they found that it's the pharmaceutical industry that trumps them all. This field increases by about 49% every year. Still, in terms of sector, the service sector remains the biggest and often has the most number of hired annually. 


How the Job Market is in The UK


What are the Best UK Cities to Work In?

As far as cities are concerned, London is, unsurprisingly, still the biggest one to work in. but it should be noted that not all fo the jobs found here are in Central London. Other parts of the British capital are also looking to hire new employees year after year. Following in second is Manchester and Edinburough at third. Various industries established their own corners within these UK cities. And if you're looking to live in one of the smaller cities, you can still find work in the likes of Belfast, Cardiff, and Nottingham. They're also emerging as potential powerhouse British cities in terms of employment. 


What are The Most In-Demand Jobs Here?

In terms of jobs, which ones are companies most looking for? Well, they all make use of technology. As of the moment, companies are looking for AI specialists the most, especially since many have gone digital, even more so now with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise of cybercrimes in recent years, data protection officer comes second and robotics engineer comes in third. Many parts of the UK are looking to the future, so it makes sense that it's these sorts of jobs that many companies are looking for. Of course, today, the service sector remains the biggest in hiring new people. 


How the Job Market is in The UK


Which Sectors are Hiring?

In terms of sectors, as of the moment, even before the COVID-19 pandemic happened and now, in light of that, the health sector has been one of the biggest in finding new employees. It's not that some UK hospitals are understaffed, but rather, they'd all benefit from hiring more helpers in the long run. The education sector is also looking at many new employees, with positions ranging from teachers and professors in various schools in the UK to even temporary help. Whether it's by chance or not, both sectors rely heavily on safeguarding the future of many residents. citizens, and visitors alike. 


Does the Job Market have Gender Inequality? 

It can be said that the UK, despite it stronghold of its traditions, is somewhat of a progressive country. Unfortunately, that doesn't exactly reflect on equal employment between men and women.  Among the most in-demand jobs in the country today, there's an imbalanced ratio of 81:19 between men and women. Meanwhile, talent professionals have achieved gender equality for about 71%. And while the latter is good news,  this overall state unequivocally upholds the unfair stereotype that men are better at more intellectual areas whereas women are more valued at more creative fields. 


How the Job Market is in The UK


If you're looking to find work in the UK, you're in luck. It seems that the country is enjoying a very stable job market right now, with employment soaring high and various industries looking for new hires. Just make sure you go for a job that suits you best. 


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