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New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

June 25, 2021
When staying in New York City, if you're not already fit, you will be! Navigating the extremely busy streets of the 'Big Apple' is a strenuous exercise in of itself. Even the overall process of riding the subway is quite tedious. Even though the city is filled with all sorts of fast-food chains, fine restaurants, and more, if you're one to walk and commit where you go, you're probably very fit right now. If not, at least there are a lot of great gyms in the city to help to be fit! Some have even become New York hotspots themselves!

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots


24 Hour Fitness

They say that New York is "the city that never sleeps," right? Well, this gym holds the 'Big Apple' to it! 24 Hour Fitness knows that many people in the city are unable to go to the gym during regular hours. But for those fitness freaks who do one too many overtimes, at least this space is open to them no matter what time of day it is. There's one in Midtown—one of the livelier of New York's districts—and another near Madison Square Garden. 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: 24 Hour Fitness


Barry's Bootcamp

Don't worry! Barry's Bootcamp isn't anything like the type of Bootcamp soldiers go through. You're a lot more pampered here! However, don't think that you'll be coddled too much here either! No excuses are allowed in this internationally-known gym that has multiple branches around the world. Here, it's all about giving your best for your own sake! That's what they push you to do here. If they're ever a little bit too hard and harsh, know that it's often for your own good! 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Barry's Bootcamp



Rowing is a completely underrated and undervalued sport and exercise. From back them to today, it remains a gentleman's sport through and through. Fortunately, it's also an effective exercise that helps you lose weight and keep healthy. That's why, in New York, there's Cityrow. Don't think it's a gym that has its own indoor lake or river where you can actually row a boat. Even though they have a gym in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it's not that upscale a place. Besides, their rowing machines are enough to give you that same adrenaline pump! 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Cityrow



While Crunch is a gym that has some neat weight-lifting equipment, the place, overall is devoted to performative exercises. Think peaceful yoga classes where you can sneak into during a long break at work. Or a dance class to keep your adrenaline pumping after a very stressful day. What about pilates? If you're into this exercise, you better check out Crunch's awesome classes on it. Even beyond the space itself, the gym offers up online classes to ensure that you're maintaining your fitness well. 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Crunch Facebook Page



Equinox is arguably the most popular gym on this list. You've probably heard of it being mentioned in various New York-set TV shows. Why is it so well-known, you ask? Firstly, it has set up a lot of gyms throughout the five boroughs of the city. There's already more than a handful in Manhattan alone! Secondly, they offer up practically every fitness service and exercise known to man here. From cycling and pilates to HIIT and boxing, you can do a whole lot of damage to your excess fats in this gym! 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Equinox


Mile High Run Club

Another famous 'Big Apple' fitness center you've probably heard of before is the Mile High Run Club. Rows upon rows of treadmills line up this upscale studio, allowing every fitness freak to complete his/her own sets of miles with every session. And don't think that this is an easy feat. Once you enter the vicinity, you'll feel a sense of competition—be it with yourself or with other people around you—that will make you do the best that you can! 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Mile High Run Club Facebook Page


New York Sports Club

New York is no stranger to exclusive clubs. Arguably, some of the most prestigious clubs are set here. And even if you're not one to join clubs, you might benefit a lot in joining the New York Sports Club. Don't think this is another snooty institution where you'll have to go through a humiliating initiation. This isn't a fraternity or a sorority. In fact, with a $49.99 membership fee, it's not snooty at all. It's one of the more economically-friendly gyms in the city. 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: New York Sports Club


Planet Fitness

Another gym that won't leave you bankrupt if you paid for membership is Planet Fitness. Its regular initiation price is a mind-blowing $10.00 and its most expensive package is only $39.00 (annual membership). Now, with these low prices, you're prone to thinking that this might not be a nice gym to begin with. Well, think again! Once you get the more premium packages—which costs just a little over $20—you'll get access to their luxurious privileges such as tanning beds, massages, delicious drinks, and more! 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Planet Fitness Facebook Page



Back with another well-known fitness center in New York: Soulcycle! If there's a place that's to blame for the cycling's surge in popularity in the last few decades, it's this one. In neon-lighted studios with pumping dance music, spinning classes here has become quite the exercise. It's become a more fun experience rather than an activity that will just tire you out. Why do you think many people go for it? 


Source: Soulcycle Facebook Page


Switch Playground

Finally, there's Switch Playground! The name suits the place really well as this nightclub-like space really feels like a playground for adults. But don't worry, they still practice a certain sense of decorum here. Still, this place is so much fun! It's the type to bring your friends to if you want to exercise with them. You can even bring your partner here for a special workout date! Just don't forget to wear something that will glow in the dark. That will make the experience much more fun! 

New York's Finest Exercise Hotspots

Source: Switch Playground Facebook Page


Even though you'll already burn a lot of calories just navigating the busy streets of New York, there's no beating exercising in the many cool, fun, and at times, luxurious gyms and fitness centers here! 


Apart from these gyms, New York is also filled with luxury apartments that might work as your accommodation. Some are even located just a few steps away from the very same establishments on this list! 



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