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The Most Workable Co-Working Spaces in Singapore

June 03, 2020
If you were to ask professionals who've had their fair share of business trips around the world where the best business hubs of Asia are, more often than not, you're gonna hear Singapore as one of the answers! And this should come as no surprise! For years, Singapore has proven itself to be quite the 'tiger' in Asia, and that doesn't just include its strong economy! So many businesses, both big and small, have found the city a great place to work in. Part of it is probably because it has a good number of fine co-working spaces!

The Most Workable Co-Working Spaces in Singapore



Stark white walls, clean tables, a beautifully minimalist design—these are what you'll find at Trehause near City Hall station in Singapore. Looking like a stereotypical fashion magazine office, the place couldn't look any more sleek and sophisticated. But what's also sort of ironic here is that this place is also one of very few in the city that has its own space for children. For all you freelancing moms and dads out there, if you're unable to find a babysitter while you work, this place is perfect for you. Your little one will be looked after while you finish the job! 


The Working Capitol

Singapore's Keong Saik Road is known for many things but a coworking space isn't exactly one of them, is it? Well, if you know or have been to The Working Capitol, it technically is. This place really drives in its name. It's not like your typical open office. This highly modern and luxurious coworking space really seems like a capital city for freelancers and independent professionals. Where else can you find, in one huge hotspot, a beer garden, a cafe, and multiple events spaces within a myriad of hot desks and private offices? 


The Most Workable Co-Working Spaces in Singapore


The Work Project

With multiple offices set up across the city, The Work Project has become a go-to coworking space for many professionals in Singapore. It helps that they have some of the best private offices from a space of their kind. You'd likely think they're luxury apartments than rented offices, what with the beautiful furniture, state-of-the-art technology, and even your own housekeeping service. You'll be well taken care of here as you work all day. Heck, you might even prefer staying here even after your job is done. That's how beautifully first-class the offices are here! 


The Hive

With such a name as "The Hive," you'll likely think of this place is a bar or nightclub. It isn't, but you can say it's as fun as one. But it's definitely not as noisy as one too! In fact, The Hive is arguably one of the more peaceful hotspots on this list. Whether you go for a temporary desk or a private office, you'll have no trouble concentrating on your work here. One of their extracurricular activities that you can partake in is yoga—that should already tell you a lot of how peace and serenity are pretty important here! 


The Most Workable Co-Working Spaces in Singapore


The Great Room

Sometimes, the best co-working space is the one right below you. If you're a frequent business visitor of Singapore and you have no fixed hotel chain, chances are you've heard of or even stayed at the Raffles Hotel down on North Bridge road. And if you have, you should have known that there's a great co-working space there called "The Great Room." True to its name, the open office is a swanky area where it's as elegant as the rest of the hotel. And peaceful too! You'll have no trouble focusing on work when you get a desk or a private office here! 


The Co.

Did you know that there are a lot of benefits to working outdoors? From your daily dose of vitamin D to the fresh air that you breathe, working outside can be healthier than staying inside all day. Fortunately, you'll have this option when you go to The Co. at Duxton in Singapore. Their outdoor garden is one of the best places in all of the city for some fun under the sun, work fun, that is. and you don't even have to worry about air pollution too! Singapore is famous for their clean air, even despite being one of Asia's most bustling metropolises. 


The Most Workable Co-Working Spaces in Singapore


One Space

One look at the compact area of OneSpace and you'd probably think this is too cramped a space. But the ironic thing is, this is actually what makes this place more suitable for independent professionals. Sure, working in a spacious open office is great, but more often than not, other people might disturb you. How are you supposed to concentrate when a freelancer is talking to his client on your right and a whole startup team is having a lively meeting on your left? At least at OneSpace, you're guaranteed the silence you need in order to work hard. 



Just about every professional has heard of JustCo. This company has the most number of offices set up across the city, many of which you've probably seen or you have a colleague who has worked there. But its number of branches isn't the only reason why it's popular. JustCo. is set up like your typical hipster cafe, only grander in scale to accommodate the many professionals who choose to work here. With their delicious selection of coffee, it offers a cool and relaxed vibe that many people prefer when working outside. 


The Most Workable Co-Working Spaces in Singapore


Who knew that Singapore had a lot of great coworking spaces? Well, it shouldn't really come as a surprise. After all, this city was built by hard-working men and women. It's only fair it opened up a few hotspots and retreats to keep 'em coming! 

But apart from co-working spaces, it's also no surprise that Singapore has a lot of luxury apartments too! Many of which can better accommodate you during your stay here! these are the kinds of places you'd love to call home, even for a little while!





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