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The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York

June 13, 2021
It's no secret that New York can often be a wild city. In fact, there was actually a time that the 'Big Apple' was actually considered one of the crime capitals of the world. What would you expect from a city that's always bustling, day and night? With a city so packed with people, you're bound to have more than a few bad apples in the bunch. But rest assured, however, that New York, as a whole, remains a safe place for its residents and visitors. This is thanks, in large part, to the fine hospitals throughout the five boroughs of the city!

The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York


Bellevue Hospital Center

Unfortunately for New York, AIDS is still very much widespread across the city. However, it has toned down since the late 1980s and early 1990s. But that never stopped hospitals in the "Big Apple" from dedicating entire departments and wings to treating and hopefully finding a cure for the disease. One of the most prominent of such is the Bellevue Hospital Center. To this day, the experts and professionals here continue to look after people infected with the STD. 


Brookdale Hospital Medical Center

With a city as busy and as loud as New York, it's easy to get stressed here. Not to mention working here is always a killer, both figurative and, unfortunately, oftentimes literally. People here quite frequently get a stroke with just how stressed and full of fatigue they are. If you ever befall that horrible condition, make sure the people around you take you to the Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. They specialize in strokes here and have effectively helped people recover from them, no matter how severe they can be. 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York


Coney Island Hospital

Let's face it, having a kid in New York isn't easy. What more giving birth here? But, if you're living here or staying here within the 9nine months of your pregnancy, you have no choice but to do the latter (and, over time, the former too). Fortunately for you, there's still Coney Island Hospital, one of the finest maternity wards in the state. A Level II Perinatal Center, they specialize in taking care of pregnant women and ensuring their safety all the way until they give birth! 


Jacobi Medical Center

Up in the Bronx, there's Jacobi Medical Center. This hospital specializes, among other things, burns on the body. With a city as busy as New York, getting burnt isn't exactly a rare occasion. But it's also not common enough that the entire city should be considered a fire hazard. Think burns out of touching a steaming oven or a very hot grill. Or perhaps scented candles that were simply placed too near each other. Whatever burn you may have, this hospital can certainly treat you for it! And don't worry! According to the USA's healthcare system, your insurance can still cover this! 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York


Kings County Hospital Center

Similarly to burns, you can also get all sorts of trauma whilst living in New York City, Head trauma, in particular, are quite often in such an urban space. Never mind the potted plants accidentally falling on people's heads from windowsills, but some accidents go even bigger and deeper than that. When you need medical attention for such, your best bet is at Kings County Hospital Center. they specialize in all sorts of trauma, ensuring that whatever injury you have, you'll still recover from them! 


Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center

Out of all the things people should be wary about, mental health should be a top priority! Especially in a city like New York! Not only will stress and toxic people wear you down, but there are so many things you can do to harm yourself in the city that if you don't focus on your mental health, you might just do some irreparable damage! If you're feeling uneasy, go to the Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center. Apart from its top-notch standard hospital, it's also an effective mental facility that ensures your well-being!  


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York


Lenox Hill Hospital

Lenox Hill Hospital is situated on the Upper East Side, the most upscale and luxurious of all of New York's neighborhoods. So you know that this is a top-notch facility as far as providing healthcare is concerned. And similarly to others on this list, this hospital specializes in the matters of the heart, particularly those who've experienced a stroke or heart attack. The latest technology they use, as well as their first-class staff of experts, make every penny you spend here worth it! 


Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Don't worry if you're not Jewish, the Long Island Jewish Medical Center will still welcome you and provide you their quality healthcare! And they'll pay extra attention to your little ones too as this Queens-based facility is a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. No matter what happens to your child, the experts and professionals that work here will ensure that he/she will be safe. The recovery rate here is actually through the roof! 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York


Metropolitan Hospital Center

A dark reality of living in New York City is that the city is rampant with sexual assaulters. If you've ever had this unfortunate experience, tell the authorities or any of the people close to you to bring you to the Metropolitan Hospital Center. Among other things, this facility is actually a SAFE Designated Hospital. They specialize in not only helping you recover from such a terrible incident, but they will also help the authorities track the person down and put them to justice! 


Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital is so famous in New York that if you ask a person to ring you there, they wouldn't know where to! Why? Because it has multiple facilities set up throughout the five boroughs of the "Big Apple." you might have even heard about it in the various movies and TV shows set in New York City. Arguably, out of all the hospitals on this list, Mount Sinai is the most complete, in it that they specialize in practically everything under the sun. 


The Best Public, Private and Pediatric Hospitals in New York


No matter how wild, rowdy, or noisy New York can get, you don't have to worry about anything! You'll remain safe here and whatever that may befall you, the city's top-notch hospitals will ensure that you recover and get cured! How do you think that "city that never sleeps" can still get up in the morning? 

Of course, if you're staying here and making use of our health insurance in any of these fine hospitals, you'll need a place to stay! New York's luxury apartments are among the best in the world! Any of them will accommodate you just fine!



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