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Where to Improve Your English in Los Angeles

June 09, 2020
If there's one city you'd want to make it in, it's Los Angeles! 'Tinsel Town,' as it's also often called, is the capital fo showbusiness. The city where dreams happen. The city where dreamers go to make their dreams happen. And an all-wound fun place to match. However, like any other major city of its kind, it's not that easy to make it big here. This is most especially if you're unable to speak proper English. Though the city is diverse, it's really better for you to learn more English to live comfortably here. At least, its schools can teach you well!

Where to Improve Your English in Los Angeles


A. F. International College

It's no secret that just like the people of LA, the people who need and will seek English lessons are a diverse group. Some would want to be taught basic and conversational English, none too complicated but still enough to carry chats with various people in the city. While others will prefer the more formal type of English, the one where they can use for work. A.F. International College offers courses to cater to these different needs. This popular school along Wilshire Boulevard has a diverse selection of programs that it's no surprise that it's become one of the go-to langue schools in the city. 


Ardmore Language School

For many years, and in many cities, the Ardmore Language Schools have effectively taught students of different background the many important languages of the world. not the least of which, of course, is English. Their LA campus is no different. In fact, it has even become one of the finest institutions in the city. Its immersive approach to teaching the language helps students get more comfortable and more familiar with it. This, in turn, gives them more confidence and assurance that they will get it and speak it fluently by the end of their courses. 


Where to Improve Your English in Los Angeles


Build My English

The clincher is already in the name—Build My English. This school in the beautiful San Fernanda Valley allows students to really hone their English skills and make it their own.  They teach the language in a less standard way, making the lessons more personal and unique rather than general. Keeping their classrooms at a very low minimum, this gives the teachers ample time and access to assist students in learning the language and using it their way. By the end of your course, not only will you have a battery grasp of the English language, but you'll also be able to speak it your way. sort of like mastering it to make it your own.  


California Language Academy

Don't let it rather official-sounding name fool you, the California Language Academy is actually a fun place to learn English. Despite being an 'academy,' the way they teach English here is sort of unconventional. In it that they use all sorts of materials to help aid their lessons. And since it's in LA, entertainment is a huge resource. Think movies, TV series, and more to help you get familiar and absorb the language better. The school also makes sure of the city's diverse cultures, especially since the class you're in is probably a diverse set of students already. 


Where to Improve Your English in Los Angeles


California Language School

Out of all the neighborhoods in Los Angeles, who would have thought that one of the city's best places to learn English would be in Koreatown? The California Language School, set in the heart of the famous district, offers students an easy way to learn English. This isn't to say that just about anyone will pass here, far from it. But rather, the courses are flexible and lenient enough to cater to any student's needs and to work around their situation. With their morning and evening classes, a student can choose a time that they want to learn proper English. 


Kings Education

Located along the famous Sunset Boulevard, Kings Education probably has the most desirable location out of all the schools on this list. You're practically learning the language surrounded by celebrities. But don't let this distract you from your lessons. Even with its great real-estate find, the school is serious about teaching English to its students. They work hard to ensure that you come out of this school more confident in speaking English. Furthermore, they also tailor their curriculum depending on what you need, bet for personal gain, or professional aid. Once you step aside, you can better navigate the city! 




Mentor Language Institute

The Mentor Language Insitute has two campuses in Los Angeles, one in Hollywood and the other in Westwood. No matter which one you choose, you're still guaranteed quality education. The instructors here are dedicated to really helping you get a better grasp of the English language, To not just know the words, but to know what they mean by heart and confidently speak them when you're unleashed to the real world (or at least, to the city). Their immersive approach often goes beyond the standard classroom setting. But their offer of flexibility allows you to learn at your own pace too! 


POLY Languages Institute

Having opened in 1970, the POLY Languages Institute has taught students English and other languages for years now. It has become one of the most respected educational institutions in the city. And when it comes to learning English, rest assured you won't regret enrolling here. Firstly, they offer their courses base don what you need, be it short-term or long-term or conversational or formal English. Secondly, their standard school setting helps you study the language at a quieter and more structured environment. Your teachers won't hesitate to lend more than a helping hand to ensure you end up a better English speaker in the end. 


Where to Improve Your English in Los Angeles


When you've grown up watching your fair share of Hollywood movies and TV series, it makes sense that you'd learn proper and better English in Los Angeles, The many great schools here will teach, instruct, and assist you properly to become fluent at it!

Apart from the fine English schools, Los Angeles also has a lot of luxury apartments on offer. They'll accommodate you just fine while you work, learn English and enjoy staying here at "Tinsel Town."





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