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Learn Better English in These Vancouver Schools

June 10, 2021
Underrated doesn't even begin to describe Vancouver. It's actually one of Canada's finest cities, both for its flourishing cosmopolitan atmosphere and diversity. People get so caught up with American cities that they don't realize just how exciting and fun Canadian cities are too. Just like New York, Vancouver is a bustling metropolis with so much to do. Just like Los Angeles, Vancouver has a relaxed vibe that simply makes you feel good. And just like both American cities, Vancouver also has a good number of excellent institutions to teach you how to speak better English.

Learn Better English in These Vancouver Schools


VGC International College

Having once won the top award for the Best Language School in Vancouver, VGC International college should probably be at the top of your list of potential schools to enroll to learn English. For 16 years, this school has stood for excellence in the art of language, teaching students of different backgrounds on how to speak like a dignitary or an ambassador. The diversity in their offered programs helps students take what type or degree of English they can learn. And the more specific they go, the more dedicated the school will be in honing their English skills. 


St. George International College

They say that practice makes perfect. Well, Vancouver's St. George International College certainly believes that. And in the many years they've taught English to students, it's clear that they're on to something. The school actually originates from London, arguably the capital (and what many might consider the birthplace) of the English language. This means they probably know a thing or two about properly teaching and speaking it. In this school, you'll be encouraged to apply it on a daily basis. Listening to, reading, and speaking English through various activities and events. It's a practical way to get used to the language. 


Learn Better English in These Vancouver Schools


Pera College

Downtown Vancouver is, without a doubt, one of the city's most fascinating neighborhoods. And it's here where you'll see Pera College, a fine institution where you can improve your English skills in a matter of a few courses. Here, the focus is all on the student, what you need to learn, and how best you can learn it. While they've set their own standards and systems, they still respect what you need and your current situation in teaching you the language. Their flexibility allows you to best digest and absorb English at your own pace, as well as in a more comfortable manner.


OHC English

OHC English is a famous international institution known for churning out well-spoken English speakers. And their Vancouver campus in the beautiful Gastown district is no different. In fact, there's no way you won't be one of them after you graduate from here. What makes them so great is their dedication to really transform you into an eloquent English speaker. It isn't just a matter of teaching you English, it's also giving you confidence in understanding it and using it the best way that you can. It's about transforming you from someone who knew little English to a person who seems as if he/she has been speaking the language since birth. 


Learn Better English in These Vancouver Schools


Oxford International Education

Though Vancouver's Oxford International Education school might not be affiliated with the famous Oxford University in London, it does regard the English language just as highly. That's why teachers here are more than dedicated to teaching their students the art of the English language. And that's what makes their approach more unique. Here, English is not just a language. It's an art form that deserves to be respected and tough to be respected. Focus on grammar, phonetics, spelling, and more help students graduated with a more complete knowledge of the language than when they first enrolled. This will eventually help them professionally in the long run.


Language Across Borders

If you just moved to Vancouver from whatever country you're from, arguably the most welcoming English school that you could enroll in is Languages Across Borders.  Set in Yaletown, a bustling district in Vancouver that's trendy and cosmopolitan, the school was set up especially for people like you. For those who just moved to the city and who may want or even need to learn better English. There's an air of respect within the walls fo this school, and paired with patience and dedication, they will ensure that you improve your English schools so as long as you're staying there. 


Learn Better English in These Vancouver Schools


International Language Academy of Canada

In the same vein, the International Language Academy of Canada also has a worldwide view of teaching English. And they teach other languages here too. Welcoming students from different parts of the world, they provide an open and free atmosphere to learning English. This includes abiding by your preferences and needs, whether it be for personal reasons or to help you with your professional career. They even have courses specifically for business, teaching you how to speak and use the language appropriately within a corporate setting. Furthermore, their flexibility helps maintain and balance your life while you're studying. 


Inlingua Vancouver

The Inlingua International Schools of Languages is a revered institution worldwide dedicated to teaching different languages to people all around the world. Their Vancouver campus in the city's downtown district upholds this for foreign expats who've moved to the city in search of a better life. Here, they follow their standard approach, which is to converse with their students in English for them to get the hang of it. It's through this method, along with their standard quality courses, that has helped the school earn international recognition. And, of course, made many people great English speakers! 


DEA Education Center

The DEA Education Center in Vancouver teacher English by focusing on one concept: activity. For them, it's not enough to be taught in a classroom in the hopes that the students will memorize what they've learned. This school aims for people to truly understand the English language and how to properly speak and use it in various situations. So they often hold various activities to engage with the students in the English language. They include field trips, social events, role-playing, and more. It's their philosophy that the more you apply the language, the more you'll understand and get used to it. 


Learn Better English in These Vancouver Schools


To say that Vancouver is safe and welcoming to visitors is an understatement. In fact, if you're not confident with your knowledge and skills of English-speaking, the city has a ton of respected institutions to teach and train you well!


Make no mistake, this Canadian city also has its fair share of luxury. Vancouver luxury apartments are often the best accommodations to go for when you're staying here, whether you're here for a week, a month, a year, or even longer! 



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