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Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools

June 08, 2021
As unfair as it may seem, in New York City, you'll benefit more if you speak better English. This is sort of ironic, considering that the city is one of the most diverse in the country. Several communities make up the bustling metropolis, a good number of which know little to no English at all. However, withdrawing any opportunity to improve and to speak better—and by many accounts, proper—English is also tantamount to foregoing any chance of earning a better life. So if you live in or visit New York frequently for business, you might want to enroll in any of these great language schools!

Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools


Zoni Language Centers

Oftentimes, learning a different language, even one you may already know a little of, is better when you're in a different environment. Not all people subscribe to the idea that a standard classroom setting is the most effective way to learn. Others need a different approach—or even a different environment—to really digest what they've learned. At Zoni Language Centers, that's just what they offer, instead of your usual classrooms, classes take place in studios, where the learning is more proactive and immersive. 


St. Giles International

While many see Fifth Avenue as a shopping haven in New York, those interested in improving their English skills might want to check out St. Giles International. Since it's set at quite a central place in the city, it's not too hard to get to via a cab. Here, students will get to learn more about formal English, apart from, of course, conversational English. It's here where you get to understand the language corporate bigheads and executives use day-to-day. 


Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools


Rennert International

Set in Time Square, you'd think that Rennert International is probably not the most peaceful school in the city. but it's what this institution thrives on. Nestled within an area that's full of human interaction, Rennert International is all about learning English through conversation. That's what the founder, New York University professor César Rennert, founded the school on. He opened up this institution so that students can learn the language at a more personal and applicable level. 


OHC English

With its own computer lab, air-conditioned classrooms, and strong wifi, you can say that OHC English almost passes as an actual university. And that's just the vibe they're looking for. They subscribe tot he idea that in order for students to learn English more effectively, you have to teach it in a space and approach that's most familiar to them. In this instance, it's the standard classroom setting, where professors teach the students in a more formal and structured manner. 


Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools


New York Language Center

The New York Language Center, which has campuses throughout Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx, does more than teach proper American English to their students. They also introduce them to American culture. For them, it's not enough that they can speak the language more clearly, it's also preparing them with a better understanding of what it's really like to stay or even live in the country.  Beyond just their speech, this school transforms its students' view of America as well. 


New York English Academy

Despite its name, the New York English Academy in Midtown Manhattan is far from your usual academy. Just its exclusivity to only welcome five students per class alone stands testament to this. In a more normal academy, the more people a class has makes it difficult for professors to really hone in their lessons to their students individually, But not here. The teachers here are more able to tailor their curriculum and even get to know their students in order to teach them more effectively. 


Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools


Manhattan Language

Manhattan, even with its diverse districts, may seem like such a severe city as a whole but there are many places here that aren't. You can include Manhattan Language to that list of places. A school that teaches proper English to people from all around the world, the institution takes pride in their more open and pleasant approach to teaching the language. Here, the relationship between professors and students, as well as students to each other, is more familial than anything else. 


Embassy Junior Centre

Out of all the schools on this list, the Embassy Junor Center in West Brooklyn probably has the most convenient location of them all. A good walking distance from the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as from many subway stations, cafes, bars, etc., the institution is surrounded by the area's lively atmosphere. And many times, even if this is a place for learning, this can benefit the students more. The location allows them to apply what they've learned as soon as they walk outside the campus.


Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools


Brooklyn School of Languages

While Brooklyn seems more like the setting for many rom-coms, it still has a lot of important institutions for many people in the city. One, in particular, the Brooklyn School of Languages, has long been teaching English to those who don't have a batter grasp at it. And there are a lot of such people in Brooklyn alone. What's so great about this school, however, is its full dedication to really teaching their students better and more proper English. they even take them on special field trips in the process! 


Ardmore Language School

Established by the Pratt Institute, the Ardmore Language School has become quite the fixture in teaching English for foreign nationals. Like many institutions of its kind, the school imparts on its students both better and proper English. this includes conversational and formal forms of the language, the latter of which may help them get better jobs or even get promoted at the jobs they might already be holding. And it doesn't hurt that its location in Downtown Manhattan is one of the hippest areas in the city. 


Improve Your English Skills at New York's Best Language Schools


New York may be one of the most diverse cities in the world, but you still need a good grasp of the English language in order to succeed here. The many schools and institutions throughout its five boroughs can effectively help you with that if you need it! 

Quite notably, when you do speak better and proper English, your chances of getting a job that can earn you enough money to stay at New York's finest luxury apartments will get bigger. That's an incentive you'd want to have in this real-estate mecca of the world!



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