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London's Best Schools to Learn Better English

June 05, 2021
If you're going to stay and work in London, you better know how to speak English properly. And if you've spoken and learned American English your whole life, you're going to have to restart all over again at the British capital. Beyond just the spelling differences, the differences between the two are starker than you could have ever realized. Of course, you wouldn't realize this until you actually learn British English. Fortunately, London has a lot of great schools and institutions that specialize in teaching it to both local and foreign students alike.

London's Best Schools to Learn Better English


The London School of English

Despite having been an institution for about a century now, the London School of English has a rather contemporary approach to teaching the language. While the setting is that of a standard classroom, the curriculum is often tailor-fit to your needs. Or at least, to you and your classmates' needs. If you're all willing to learn the basics of British English during your stay here in London, their more standard courses will surely fit the bill. But if you're looking to gain a more respectable voice with the language, their more extensive courses will fit you perfectly. 


The English Studio

Even before you walk through the doors of The English Studio, taking their online test can already tell you and the school on what course you ought to take. That alone proves just dow dedicated this school is in improving your British English. After all, you probably wouldn't be able to even get to London without learning a few basics of English. This school just helps you polish it to a degree that will suit you and your needs. And since it's set near the Holborn Tube station in Central London, it's easily accessible wherever you're coming from in the city. 


London's Best Schools to Learn Better English



While London's Northern area isn't exactly the poshest part of the city, it does have a school that specializes in teaching a refined sense of British English. TELC UK has, for many years, been an effective institution of teaching proper English. And it's not just British English neither. The English taught here is the type that you can use on dignitaries and ambassadors. The type you write in a letter to your local politician to express your concerns. And it's probably the same type that members of the Royal Family use in their own letters and messages to the people. 


St George International

Out of all the schools on this list, arguably St George International has the most standard school setting among them all. It has practically everything you'd expect from such an institution: classrooms, a cafeteria, a library, and even a study area with strong wifi. And more often than not, even if you're going to study here as an adult, at times, this is the best setting you can ask for when learning a new language. And it doesn't hurt that for over 60 years, the school has had a great track record of teaching proper British English to both local and foreign students. 


London's Best Schools to Learn Better English



Exclusive doesn't even begin to describe the Sprachcaffe school in London. Set inside a preserved Victorian house, it had a boarding school-like feel to it, sort of like how you might read it in novels and such. And don't think you can just enroll here willy billy. To better teach the students, only 15 people are allowed to enroll in a class. This way, they're more able to gauge on how to go about your course so that you'll end up speaking better and more proper English. 


Speak Up London

But while Sprachcaffe is more on the exclusive front of London's English schools, Speak Up London, which is situated on the famous Oxford Street, is a lot more convenient. Sure, they only allow 16 people within a class—just one student more than the former—however, with all their great facilities here, it'll be worth taking one of those spots. From designated classrooms and reading areas to their student lounge, you can learn more about the British English language at your own pace. And don't think that won't be official! The school actually has numerous accreditations by the Britsh Council itself! 


London's Best Schools to Learn Better English


International House London

If you prefer to attend a school that has a more "university-feel" to it, look no further than Covent Garden's International House London. With over 56 classrooms, a digital lab, its own library, and surrounding cafes. it's as if you're back at earning your undergraduate degree. But don't think that this vibe is just for fun. All the resources the school has are accessible to students. Beyond the standard classroom setting, you can learn more about and practice the language on your own. 


Ingla School of English

The Ingla School of English, set in London's Turnpike district up north, prepares you for two things. The first is a lot more specific—Cambridge Entrance Exams. If you're a university student, whether from the country or not, and you want to enroll in the country's (arguably, also the world's) most prestigious university, just knowing how to speak English won't do. You have to learn and be very fluent in proper British English to guarantee you'll pass the exam. And at the same time, thi sort of education will also improve your chances of landing a job, even in London. That's the second thing this school helps you at! 


London's Best Schools to Learn Better English


Edwards Language School 

Going to Edwards Language School is almost as prestigious as attending a university in London. Their extensive approach to teaching British English, especially to their foreign students, knowns no bounds. They'll inform you of practically everything you need to know in order to fully grasp the language. In fact, many times, what they teach you will better help you in applying for the more prestigious universities in London and even landing a job! If these are your end-goals, this is the perfect school for you! 


Delfin English School

The Delfin English School, on the other hand, approaches teaching English in a more fun and unconventional way. for one thing, they'll encourage you to partake in various sports, often a great medium for communication, in order to apply what you've learned in winning a game or match. They'll also let you partake in various social programs, often as tests on not only of how much you've learned but if you've learned them properly too. 


London's Best Schools to Learn Better English


If there's any place you should learn proper British English, it's London. The capital city has loads of fine, accredited institutions that will teach you all of what you need to know and how to apply them properly in your day-to-day life here! 

Of course, if you're staying in London while you're learning the language, you'll need a great accommodation. London's luxury apartments are great options, especially since a lot of them are nestled within areas that can help you with your studies!



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