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The Best Schools in Barcelona to Learn Spanish

June 06, 2020
With all the beautiful landmarks, stunning monuments, amazing artworks, and, of course, its passionate people, don't you just love Barcelona? There's a certain air to this city that you won't find in other places in Spain. It's as if the city belongs to another territory. or even, another world. Whatever it is about Barcelona, you can't deny that the culture here will really fascinate you. Perhaps, even to the point of actually learning more about it. But first, you have to start learning the language. You're going to need to go to some of the city's finest schools to better grasp it.

The Best Schools in Barcelona to Learn Spanish


Academia Contaco

Wouldn't it be a dream to learn Spanish in a classic 19th-century house in Barcelona? Sounds like the stuff you see in movies, right? Well, it can become your reality if you enroll at Academia Contaco. Certified by Instituto Cervantes, this isn't just a place you can learn the language and hopefully fall in love with a local. It's an actual institution geared with everything that can help you improve your Spanish. In fact, despite its classic, the school is actually equipped with modern facilities and amenities to help you study better. This includes a strong wifi connection, a digital library, and more! 


Camino Barcelona

Relaxation rooms, sunlit terraces, an afternoon club—you're more likely to think that Camino Barcelona is a resort than a language school. Set in the city center, the ironic thing is that its location should make it the noisiest or the most crowded institution of its kind in Barcelona. But in fact, it's one of the more peaceful and definitely the most relaxing on this list. Here, it's not just about the Spanish language, but rather, the Spanish lifestyle and how you can incorporate the language into it. After all, you can always better absorb and apply what you've learned when you have a clear and relaxed mind. 


The Best Schools in Barcelona to Learn Spanish


Dime Language School

Set in the trendy Gracia district, Dime Language School is probably the most interactive school of its kind. The people here go beyond teaching you the Spanish language word for word. They also encourage you to apply what you've learned in more social settings. For one thing, they only allow 9 students per class, which makes the educational experience here a lot more personal. Then, with your eight other classmates, you're sent off to incorporate your lessons into real-life situations and conversations. This can include both casual chats between friends to more formal language with professional colleagues. 


Dinamo Barcelona

The Dinamo Barcelona school in the El Borne district, on the other hand, slightly subscribes to the same principles as the Dime Language School though it's a mix of both. There's equal attention to more modern and slightly unorthodox ways of learning the Spanish language to standard school settings. For one thing, their sleek and chic campus won't make you feel like you're in a classroom. You'll feel more like you're in a cool hang-out with like-minded friends. But the ways of teaching her remain traditional, and in turn, effective. It's the best of both worlds here. 


The Best Schools in Barcelona to Learn Spanish


Olé Languages

The dedication of Olé Languages to really ensure that their students grasp the Spanish language is quite admirable. Despite their standard school setting, their approach to teaching the language is immersive, interactive, and at times, even personal. Traditional facilities of a school allow students access to a boatload of resources to study more about Spanish language and culture beyond the classroom. In fact, you can even take some books, videotapes, and CDs home with you so you can study harder. It will help when they organize their cultural events, wherein you'll be encouraged to apply all that you've learned. 


Linguaschools Barcelona

Don't think that just because Linguaschools Barcelona has a smaller campus than the other schools that this isn't worth checking out. In fact, it's its small vicinity that works to its advantage. With a smaller number of students within a more intimate space, this allows your native-speaking teachers and instructors tot each you on a more personal level. They won't just teach you the Spanish language, they'll actually converse you with it until you're entirely familiar with it yourself. This can lead you to have an easier time applying what you've learned in the outside world, particularly, within the Catalan capital! 


The Best Schools in Barcelona to Learn Spanish


Speakeasy BCN

Speakeasy BCN is your standard language school. They offer a variety of courses, ranging from beginner to advanced fluency. They have modern classrooms, equipped with helpful learning tools. The school is also considered enough to offer short-term courses and evening classes for those who aren't staying in the city for long or have jobs during the day. Now, this may all seem boring and uneventful for you, but it's this unfussy approach to teaching Spanish that makes Speakeasy BCN a trusty institution. while it doesn't have all the frills and add-ons the other schools do, you can bet that you'll still end up fluent (or fluent enough) of Spanish by the end of your course! 


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

How about learning Spanish at an actual Barcelonina university? Such institutions do have a distinguished air about them, don't they? Well, it's the same at Universitat Autònoma da Barcelona. They also hold special Spanish language courses for those interested in learning more about the Spanish language. You don't even ahve to enroll for an undergraduate degree to study here. The courses are separate from their more standard university programs. But the great thing about it is the certification you'll receive here is just as recognized by many companies in and around Spain. 


World Class BCN

You're in Spain, in Barcelona no less, and you don't know a speck of Spanish. This will likely leave you feeling insecure and nervous to enroll at the more prestigious and standard language schools in the city. Well, if you feel that way,  World Class BCN might just be the place for you. Above all else, it has a homely feel, one that will make you feel comfortable. They won't crucify you for not knowing any Spanish. In fact, they'll dedicate more time to you for it. You'll learn at your own pace and, in no time, you'll be more confident to speak Spanish out in the street! 


The Best Schools in Barcelona to Learn Spanish


Arguably the best place to study the Spanish language is in one of its most beautiful capitals: Barcelona. This Catalan city boasts a ton of great language schools that offer all sorts of learning experiences to help you become fluent in the language. 

There's good news and bad news, though. The bad news is many of these fine institutions don't have housing for you interested to study in them. But the good news is Barcelona has a lot of luxury apartments that can better accommodate you during your stay here.





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