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Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan

May 31, 2020
Milan is a completely underrated business hub. It's often overlooked for the likes of London, New York, and even Paris. Sure, it's a fashion capital, but that's not all that it is. In fact, the presence of so many globally-known luxury brands with headquarters here should already tell you how much of a bustling city Milan really is. But even beyond the world of fashion, business here is still booming. And many people often come here for and to work. If you're one of them and you don't have your own office here, you might want to check out these great co-working spaces in the city.

Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan



With its grey walls, neutral-toned furniture, and pinewood woodwork, YoRoom is as clear a space as any other. So much so that you might probably pass working here as it's not that aesthetically pleasing. while it is devoid of bright color, that's the point of the minimally-designed pace. It's sort of like a canvas co-working space along via Pastrengo that can help you better focus on work without any distractions. Sure, a nice open office would be great, but here, you'll have better chances to really finish the work and just have enough time to go out and check out the city for yourself! 


Tenoha | & Work

Here's another minimal working space that might tickle your decorative fancies. In the city's Navigli area is Tenoha | & Work, a little slice of Japan in Milan. It's no secret that Japan has some of the most successful businesses in the world. And that's partly because of how organized they are at work. Here in this open office, you get to experience that same organization in their minimally-designed but very symmetric spaces. Private offices, desks, and conference rooms are all on offer here, most of which are strategically placed and sized so that you can make use of them the best and most organized way that you can. 


Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan


Sarpi Otto

The Otto workspace along Via Paolo Sarpi is one of those open offices that look more like student hang-outs than co-working spaces. And that's just the kind of vibe they want to evoke. You can still work here and all, but you're more encouraged to have fun while you're at it as well. grow your brand, business, and career by being more social with other people, even those from different industries. This is why the space is mostly open, it lessens isolation and encourages more networking and socializing. In fact, during break times and the weekends, you're practically discouraged to even look at a laptop/computer screen! 



Speaking of open co-working spaces, Santeria in the Lambrate district is as open as you can get. Particularly their terrace section, which makes for great cool spots during the summer months of the year. Either way, the openness of this office is truly top-notch. You might even mistake it more for a bar and cafe—of which they have their own here—than an actual co-working space. And in fact, when all the work is done, you can keep away your laptops and work gadgets and enjoyy the musical performances and stories that take part here. Cool, right? 


Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan



If you simply want to work at a traditional co-working space then Regus is your best bet. The company is, after all, one of the oldest of its kind. It has since set up many branches across the country and the continent. And her in Milan, you can choose among the 16 offices within the city. Having been one of the pioneers, their spaces are as traditional as it can get. Private desks, big tables, conference and meeting rooms, kitchens, and more. If your place in Milan isn't exactly the best spot for you to work in, just pop on over here and you'll finish your work easily! 



just by its name alone, you'd already know what sort of worker Qf/Qwork+Qbaby caters to. Let's face it, many professionals out there, be they younger or older, have their own families, Why else would they be working in the first place? And if you're a professional who can't get a babysitter for your little one while you work, this is the perfect co-working space for you. It has its own areas where your kids can play, sleep, eat, and more while you work away. Not to mention a relaxation room because you'll need your rest too! 


Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan


Piano C

Let's face it, women have it harder when it comes to working. More often than not, they have to work twice as hard as men do to even come close to the status the latter are in. They're also pressured to still take care of their families all while they attempt to further their careers. It's for these reasons that Piano C was set up in Milan's Porta Romana area. For years, this has become a congregation of female freelancers, independent professionals, and businesswomen alike. Here, they can leave their kids in the office's own kindergarten and enjoy the standard facilities of a top-notch co-working space.



Another great co-working space in the Porta Romana area is Open. Situated along Viale Monte Nero, this open office certainly lives up to its name. It's the sort of convenient office space where professionals of different industries can come in, work, and leave when they're done. No membership needed, just a comfortable space for you to work in without being disturbed. Oftentimes, this is what people need. Just a private enough spot so they can better focus on the tasks at hand and not forces (nor encouraged) to partake in other activities that, while helpful to their careers, won't really help in that present situation. 


Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan


Donatello Working

The absolute ace of the Donatello Working space along Via Donatello is that it's an extremely quiet office. Though teams and startups are welcome, there's an unofficial and unspoken rule that the name of the game here is complete silence. A quiet retreat for independent professionals and freelancers to work in peace, especially since Milan itself is already quite a bustling metropolis. Whether you go for your own private desk or a table for you and your team, the space is enough to retain its serene atmosphere. Here, your items will also remain safe with the help of their state-of-the-art video surveillance system. 



Finally, there's Copernico. A sleek space that clashes both post-modern minimalism and classic industrial styles, it's a beautiful open office that welcomes all sorts of workers inside. Whether you're a whole team who has founded your owns startup or an independent professional who has a boatload of clients to impress and work for, you'll find ample space in here for you. The beautiful interior is pleasing enough for you to appreciate but not to be distracted by when you start working. Also, it has countless facilities to help make your stay a comfortable one!  


Where to Find the Finest Co-Working Spaces/ Offices in Milan


Perhaps, if people work within one or two of the incredible co-working space share in Milan, they'll learn o appreciate the city as the business hub that it is. They might even find that this is a great place to work in, whether you're staying in the city long-term or just visiting! 


Along with their first-class open offices, Milan luxury apartments are also great to accommodate your stay here. After all, the city would want you to remain comfortable and pleased while you're here!





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