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Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces

June 01, 2020
Barcelona isn't exactly a place you'd automatically associate with business, is it? You'd more think of gothic architecture and Gaudi buildings to snap for Instagram and cool tapas bars when thinking of this place. However, the Catalan capital wouldn't be the luxurious destination that it is if not for the big businesses that have set up shop here. And in fact, many of the visitors that go here are those who travel work. Add to that the many amazing co-working spaces available for freelancers and independent professionals staying in the city. These are the ones checking out if you want to work here!

Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces



Just by its name, you'd probably think that this is some sort of fraternity house. but it's not, far from it! This open office along Carrer de Vilafranca is just that, open! It's not exactly an exclusive club wherein you'll need to through initiation to get in. While they do offer subscriptions, just about anyone can come in and enjoy its cool cafeteria-like industrial setting. and if you want a little sun while you work, you can always go for a spot on the outside terrace.  Furthermore, socializing and networking are highly encouraged here too! 


Blitz Coworking

Another space that's as open as it can get is Blitz Coworking, set in the famous Gràcia neighborhood. The space itself used to be a dance studio, and having been converted into a co-working space, provides a wide area where many people can work, chill, and collaborate together. Mostly lit-up by natural sunlight, it's a fresh and very comfortable place where you can simply work away without having any trouble. It's also perfect for startup teams to really work hard and come together to improve their business. This is the sort of space provided here! 


Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces



Are you in cahoots with fellow professionals in starting a new company? You probably don't have your own office space, don't you? Not to worry! there's this warehouse in Barcelona's San Antoni district that you can use as your unofficial office space. And you're not gonna disturb the other startup teams using the space neither. This warehouse, unironically named Cahoot, is big enough to welcome all sorts of professionals who are in need of a temporary spot for their work. But don't think it's empty neither! Though minimally designed, it has ample chairs, tables, and facilities to make working here easier.  



Another industrial co-working space worth looking into is CREC. Though you wouldn't think of it when you first see what's inside. Full of long tables with computers and table space for laptops, it almost looks like an enlarged internet cafe or computer class. But really, the people working here are either small startup teams or individual freelancers. But the space provided looks so consistent that it helps people better concentrate on their work. At the same time, however, it's also open enough to encourage socializing, networking, and even collaboration. Plus, there's an adorable comfortable common area for breaks! 


Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces


Imagin Cafe

Imagin Cafe has its own modern forum, team tables that almost look like little clubhouses, glass-walled conference rooms that really look like clubhouses, as well as private tables and desks. At first glance, you'd probably think of the space as an adult playground, and in many ways, it is. Though in this "playground" you don't play, but rather work. With its top-notch facilities and welcoming facade, this co-working space/cafe is a great place for collaboration. To work well with your team or possibly just other people who might help you with your work. 


La Vaca Coworking

Speaking of 'adult playground, La Vaca Coworking space in the bohemian neighborhood of Poble Sec is practically one. Sure, it has the same standard facilities that are in the other offices on this list. But what makes this hotspot standout is it's as much about playing as it is about working. When you want to take a break, there's a pool table, a makeshift yoga studio, and an entertainment room to help you keep your stress levels at a minimum. The place fits right in with the carefree attitude of the Barcelonian district. Here, it's all about balance! 


Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces


MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

It's pretty clear—with its rather strong name—what MOB, or 'Makers of Barcelona,' is all about. Having been one of the first co-working spaces set up in the Catalan capital, it probably has welcomes teams and professionals who help make Barcelona the wonderful city that it is today. And today, the space remains one of the best of its kind for those who want to work ina peaceful setting that's less intimidating than your average corporate offices. With its cafe ambiance and treasured special events, this Carrer de Bailèn hotspot is an inviting place for one to advance his/her career. 



Although, if it's really a cafe setting you to want or a co-working space, look no further than OneCoWork on Carrer d’Estruc. In fact, more than just a cafe setting, you'd probably think of this space more like a commercial center, what with its own gym and various cafes o every floor. This is one of those co-working spaces that make it feel like you're not in a busy place, just in an ordinary cafe minding your own business as you work. Sometimes, this sort of atmosphere helps you work better. 


Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces


Valkiria Hub Space

With over 1,500 square meters of space, the Valkiria Hub Space has definitely banks don its co-working aspect. With so much space, you should expect a lot of people to work here on a daily basis. And that's just what they want. The place serves as a congregation for professionals to not only work beside each other, but actually get to know each other, and in turn, collaborate with one another. They value and encourage socializing and networking here because they know that doing so can help advance one's career. 



Zamness is a 300 sqm co-working space in a colorful building alone Career de Zamora. Its very purpose is to not just invite people over for work, but rather to provide space for many creative out there. That's why it's also one of the more aesthetically-pleasing spaces on this list. If you're a physical or digital artist and you don't have your own space for you to work on your craft, this is the place you ought to go to. Beyond its spacious areas and nifty facilities, the place is brightened by the Barcelona sunshine.


Barcelona's Most Workable Office Spaces


Barcelona may seem like the type of city that's all play and no work but it couldn't be farther from it. In fact, the Catalan capital has its fair share of co-working spaces and open offices to help freelancers, independent professionals, and startup teams to advance in their careers! 


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