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Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

May 21, 2021
Do you live in London? Or, perhaps, you travel to the British capital so often that you can practically call it your second home? Whether it's one or the other, you will know that London is truly one of the world's biggest and most important business hubs. Name a big business or even a noteworthy startup and you'll probably find people who know about it here. In fact, you might even meet people who work from those companies visiting here too. And since the city is also a culinary haven, you'll find that many people do business over afternoon tea here. Here are some places you might spot them in!

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London


Brown's Hotel

As you may already know, hotels are often the most suitable place to take your clients out for a business meal. Be it brunch, lunch, dinner, or afternoon tea, you're guaranteed first-class service and top-notch treats in any five-star hotel in London. But the English Tea Room at Brown's Hotel stands out for its strikingly traditional setting. Your overseas clients will enjoy partaking in this mid-afternoon British tradition whilst surrounded by classic interiors, old-school inner settings, and even a sumptuous Victoria Sponge Cake. It's even said that Queen Victora herself enjoyed having tea here, hence its preserved Victorian elegance! 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: Brown's Hotel Facebook Page



Claridge's is another hotel that, among all others, specializes in serving afternoon tea. In their beautiful Art Deco-style dining area, they serve afternoon tea the traditional way, similar to other five-star hotels of their kind. However, the word you'd describe the experience here is refined. With its sparkling setting, a strict dress code, and classical music playing about, they offer a first-class afternoon tea that will make you and your client feel so rich. You may be there to talk business, but you won't help but feel and take in the sophistication of it all. It's straight out of a movie. 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: Claridge's


The Daylesford Café

As enjoyable as afternoon tea, there's o reason it can't be a healthy tradition to partake in, is there? Well, The Daylesford Café argues that there isn't! Step inside their dreamy setting of white marble floors, beautiful florals displays, and even some choice vegetables decorating the tables for that signature elegantly rustic appeal. But the real winner here is their very naturally-mixed and fruit or floral-enthused teas. You'll get the sense that, with every sip, your body is becoming more and more healthy. If your client is a vegan or strictly subscribes to a healthier lifestyle, this is where you should take him/her! 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: The Daylesford Facebook Page


Mr. Fogg's Residence

Having afternoon tea in elegant settings with beautifully-curated tables and a pianist playing classical music is good and all, but why not go for something a little bit more unique? If you and your clients are fans of "Alice and Wonderland," going to Mr. Fogg's Residence looks as if you're going to the Mad Hatter's tea party. It has a decidedly dark—slightly gothic—Victorian feel to it that looks straight out of a storybook. But don't worry, as gimmicky as the place may seem, it still upholds traditional afternoon tea down to their glimmering tea sets and delectable pastries. 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: Mr. Fogg's Residence Facebook Page


Ham Yard Hotel

Hotels and Victorian-esque places in London can get a little tiresome, can't it? Especially if this is your nth time taking your clients out on afternoon tea as you further discuss some important matters. So why not take them to more modern places. Remember, this is still London. Een their most contemporary settings still uphold the tradition of afternoon tea. One such place is the Ham Yard Hotel. The retro feel of their Orangery doesn't come from the Victorian era, but rather, the 1960s mod period. A cool and groovy space that, while seemingly dated, still feels contemporary enough! 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: Ham Yard Hotel


Rosewood London 

Another distinctly cool and contemporary place for afternoon tea is the Rosewood London hotel. Set in the sophisticated area of High Holborn, you might not find a more modern space that serves tea like this one. Your clients might even agree that this is one of the more unique spots on this list. And while the visual feat served in other places are their classical interiors and ornate settings, here, it's all about their delicious afternoon tea treats. Acclaimed pastry chef Mark Perkins crafts his cakes and pastries as mini art installations, often inspired by the underground street artist Banksy. Now, how's that for contemporary? 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: Rosewood London


The Connaught 

A possible reason why your clients might enjoy an afternoon tea rather than your standard business lunch or dinner is that it's one meal that they can unapologetically gorge on the sweet stuff. Sure, you can have watercress sandwiches and meaty tarts with your afternoon tea, but everyone knows the cakes and pastries are the best. Most especially if you go to The Connaught. Whether you take your tea in their beautiful terrace or inside their well-decorated booths, you won't care. You and your client will likely focus on—apart from business matters—their delectable treats. Think sugary cookies, flavorful shortcakes, cream-filled pastries, and the like! 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: The Connaught


The Parlour at Sketch

Just about everyone knows that the famous Sketch Gallery in London is one of the city's best afternoon tea hotspots. Famous for its kitschy pink interior lined with caricatures of famous celebrities and historic figures, it's a quirky place to have a centuries-old tradition in. And that's the beauty of it. However, if you're going to do some business along with your afternoon tea, having it in the spot's Parlour might be better. A little more wooden and rustic than their famous icy pink setting, this place is a more intimate spot inside the hotspot. No one will disturb you here. 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: Sketch London Facebook Page


The Ritz

Finally, if you want to go back to having afternoon tea in a swanky hotel, why not go to one of the most famous hotels in the city? The Ritz! Though arguably the most notable is the one in Paris, London's own version is still top-notch. Even with how they serve afternoon tea. In their famous gilded dining room filled with live classic music, it doesn't get any more glamorous than this! Sparkling chandeliers light up the afternoon as you and your clients take turns sampling their exquisite brioches, sweet pastries, and sipping their smooth teas. 

Taking Out Your Business Clients for Afternoon Tea in London

Source: The Ritz London


Does your client want to experience having afternoon tea whilst in London? Don't worry! You're in the British capital after all! The tradition of afternoon tea here is still widely practiced and respected here. And these incredible hotspots will see that you have the best tea time ever!



London, United Kingdom
468 £ / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-8
London, United Kingdom
419 £ / night    
5 bedrooms2 bathrooms10-10
London, United Kingdom
431 £ / night    
4 bedrooms4 bathrooms8-8
London, United Kingdom
203 £ / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-4

London, United Kingdom
456 £ / night    
4 bedrooms2 bathrooms8-10
London, United Kingdom
708 £ / night    
6 bedrooms3 bathrooms10-10
London, United Kingdom
323 £ / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-4
London, United Kingdom
564 £ / night    
4 bedrooms3 bathrooms8-10
London, United Kingdom
On request
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
London, United Kingdom
484 £ / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-4