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Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

May 18, 2020
Thank goodness for your phone! Admit it, that little gadget of yours has saved your life more than you can ever now. Perhaps even more than you'd care to admit. That's the strange new reality many people are living in nowadays. There's so much reliance on smartphones and the programs they contain, even and recently, quite especially, when traveling. Business travel, in particular, has benefitted a lot from the many applications available on your phone. If you don't know them yet, you should! Your next international business trip will go much more smoothly if you download and use these specific apps!

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip



Even if it's your company that will pay for your airfare, it wouldn't hurt to get the more affordable but still luxurious business class flights available. You never know, the money you save them might be put into a possible raise or your next holiday bonus! And at times, the more affordable flights to go for might just be more comfortable for you. So where do you book such travels? Skyscanner! This nifty program shows you the best, most affordable, and fastest flights out there. They go through each and every airline and present to your available flights that may suit your budget and other important criteria! 

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: Skyscanner



Is your email bombarded with confirmation emails, flight updates, airline promos, and more? If you're a frequent traveler, this is surely a scenario you're pretty familiar with.  Your instinct will tell you to just delete them all but you never know when these steps of emails may come in handy, especially for your next business trip. Enter TripIt! This app will take all these extra but possibly important emails and store them in its database for your future use. Even better, you can also form your own itinerary for your next business trip using the program. Talk about nifty! 

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: Flickr.com/ Gustavo da Cunha



Don't know what to pack? Every trip is different, be it for business or leisure. Not to mention the particular place you're visiting will also impact what you'll need to pack. So if you're feeling overwhelmed, download PackPoint! This app will help you list down all of what you need to bring, even those you might not know you'll need to pack yet. Enter your flight details and your destination and the program will automatically suggest to you what you need to bring. You can also list down other items that you deem necessary for travel too. It sure beats wasting paper! 

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: PackPoint



Now for your money. As confident as you are with how you handle your finances while on a trip, at times, it's easy to lose control over your spending. Though not if you get TravelBank. This money-tracker helps you keep updated with how much you have spent for your trip, beginning from your airfare down to the cab you use going to the airport for when you go home. When you connect it to your credit card, it will automatically list down every single purchase you make using it, from business lunches to souvenirs for the people back home. 

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: TravelBank



Now for apps that you'll need when you're already in your destination. Let's start with Rome2Rio. No, this program isn't exclusive to only going to Brazil or Italy. You can download and use this app just about anywhere in the world. And you'll need it too if you're going someplace you're not entirely familiar with. The gist of this app is that it lets you know the various modes of transportation within your destination and its different prices. From now point to another, this app will tell you how long to go there via cab, transportation app, bus, or subway and how much you'll need to pay for it. Sounds handy, doesn't it? 

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: Rome2Rio



You can say that Citymapper is somewhat similar to Rome2Rio but just more comprehensive. And it most useful for taking the train or subway than anything else. Just like Rome2Rio, this program will tell you the many ways of going from point A to point B and how much you'll need to spend for each mode of transportation. But when it comes to trains and subways, it will actually also tell you what train to board to go to a certain point, what time that train will arrive at your station and the exact minute you'll reach your destination.

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: Wikimedia Commons



Finally, there's LoungeBuddy. Arguably, this app isn't as necessary as the ones previously mentioned but it doesn't hurt to have it on your phone. What it does is it helps you gain access to the many lounges in the major airports across the globe. This program comes in very handy when you have to spend a lot of time at the airport. And if you have nothing else to do, you can just open this app, gain access to the lounge of the airport you're at, and live a life of luxury. It pays to relax and rejuvenate before and after your business trip! 

Top Travel Apps To Use for Your Next Business Trip

Source: LoungeBuddy


As frequent a traveler as you may be on business, it never hurts to download apps that can better help you with your trips. While traveling for work, these great apps can assist you in saving money, spending wisely, getting to know the city you're in, and even enjoying your trip!





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