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The Best Apps to Have for a Business Traveler

May 11, 2021
It may be hard to admit, but these days, people's lives pretty much depend on certain apps. There are those that help you get from one place to another, one that allows you to order food from whatever place you want, and, of course, many that helps you stay connected with your loved ones wherever they may be. In particular, apps have made traveling all over the world that much easier and even safer too. If you're one to travel frequently for official business, you're going to need to have certain apps on your phone to ensure that your trips go smoothly.

The Best Apps to Have for a Business Traveler



Arguably one of the most useful apps on this list is FlightAware. This program will tell you, in real-time, the status of your flight. Imagine that you're already on your way to the airport then, suddenly, your flight got canceled. One of the only ways to find this out is through the FlightAware app. And if you're lucky enough to spot this change on your program, this may give you ample time to schedule a new flight so you can still go to your destination around the same time that you originally intended to. That situation alone should tell you to download this app now if you're a frequent business traveler! 


Google Translate

As funny as it may seem, you're going to need Google Translate when you go to a country where you don't know how to speak its official language/s. Though the company that invited you (or perhaps your company as well) might provide your own translator, it doesn't hurt to have this app on your phone anyways. Even if you have someone interpreting your language for you, when you go outside, he/she won't be there to help you navigate the city. And what good is a business trip if you can't enjoy the destination properly in your free time? Do note, however, that this app's translations aren't always 100% accurate! 


The Best Apps to Have for a Business Traveler



You'd think that a social app would be the last thing you should focus on when going on a business trip but Jetzy is different. Here, you're not just meeting random strangers for a chat, a date, or possibly more. You're talking to other business-people who've probably gone to the places you're going to visit and asking them for recommendations. Don't know where to take your client out on a business lunch? Not sure what to do with your colleague when you both have free time? What bar in the city you're in is the best to seal a big business deal in? The people you meet on this app might give you the answers! 



Most probably, you may have converted your currency already even before leaving your country. But if you haven't, and you plan to convert your money in the country of your destination, it will help if you downloaded the Oanda Currency Converter app. Now only does this program present accurate exchange rates of practically every currency in the world, but it also updates them to the most recent rates in real-time. You'll have fewer chances of getting cheated off of your money if you have this app. And everyone knows that, when traveling, money is one of the most precious items to possess.


The Best Apps to Have for a Business Traveler



You will concur that downloading Concur for your business trip was a wise decision. Why? Because this app helps you track all of your expenses during your trip. Sure, you may be earning a lot while on this business trip. In fact, this trip might even be your gateway to a new promotion, hence, guaranteeing more money in the future. But you wouldn't want to go bankrupt in the meantime, would you? Of course not! This software service allows you to stay updated with all of your spendings throughout your business trip. Make sure you still got money in the bank when you get home! 



How often do you travel for work? In a span of one year, can you count with your hands the number of times you flew out of your country? Do you need more hands to accurately count them all? And if you travel this often, are you reaping the awards off of your miles? You might not even be aware of the benefits your air travels has given you! If that's the case, it's time to download AwardWallet. This useful program helps you list down and track all of the miles and other awards that you get when you travel around the world. Who knows, the next time you fly for business, you might just get that ticket for free! 


The Best Apps to Have for a Business Traveler


No matter how much you deny it, apps can be extremely instrumental in your business trips. And it's not just the usual programs you already use for work either. Some apps can better help you with your travels, ensuring that your trips go on smoothly and without any hassle!



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