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Where to Stay in Paris: Apartment vs Hotel

November 14, 2021

There is no denying that Paris is one of the best destinations to visit and explore. Every one of us dreams to walk around the City of Lights and feel the magical Parisian lifestyle.

After you have decided that Paris is your next destination, now the big question is where to stay.

Searching for where to stay in Paris can be time consuming, and sometimes even frustrating. However, first of all, you should answer a few questions to determine whether you like to stay in a hotel or search for the best apartments in Paris.

If you decide that an apartment is a perfect accommodation for your stay in Paris, you should check our big list of cozies, sweet, luxurious, and perfectly located apartments. 

  • First time in Paris

If this is your first time in Paris, maybe you need more information and time to think which accommodation is the best for you. Usually, people who are visiting Paris for the first time are staying in a hotel. Hotels have staff that can answer all questions in English and can give you all directions about what to visit in the city, where to have a nice and delicious dinner, what kind of a gift to buy, information about public transportation, dangerous areas in the city and much more.

All this information can make your first time in Paris easier and enjoyable. Unlike hotels, Parisian home can make you feel more like a local in this big city. If you are traveling with your partner for the first time in Paris, maybe is more comfortable, fun and romantic to rent an apartment in a nice and classy neighborhood. Apartments are more affordable in the City of Lights. You can stay in a fabulous Paris flat, have more privacy and experience Parisian lifestyle just like a local.

On this link you can find romantic, classic, luxury and possibly the best apartments in Paris. 


  • Visiting Paris solo or with a big family

There is a big difference if you are traveling with your own or with a family. If you are with children, consider an apartment. In an apartment you and your family can have more comfort and privacy. Your kids will have more space and rooms to play and have fun. Paris has lovely neighborhoods, so you should feel comfortable and safe around there. Plus, the expenses are much more easily paid when you are staying in a Parisian home. In a hotel there are plenty of services that you or your kids will want to try and your expenses will be always higher than you plan. 

If you are traveling alone in Paris, maybe the best is to book a room in a hotel. You will have enough space for yourself and if you are there to explore Paris, you will not spend much time in your room. However, if you are an adventurer and you can describe yourself as “go with a flow” person, you should rent an apartment.

Paris offers many studios and small apartments for one or two persons. You will have enough space, privacy and comfort, but most important, even if you are just by your own you will feel the Parisian lifestyle like a real local.

  • Is surrounding area important for you?

When you are searching for accommodation in Paris, you should take all accept into consideration: transportation, social events, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. If you want to walk around the streets of Paris and explore the beauty of the city like a local, maybe it is the best to take an apartment with easy walking distance with restaurants, outdoor markets, boutiques and cafes around every corner.

When you search for an apartment on our website, you can find the best surrounding areas. From the Place du Trocadero, the Louvre, Les Halles, to the Champ Elysees, you can find many offers that will satisfy all your needs to spend an amazing and unforgettable time in Paris.

Click on the picture below and see this wonderful 150 square meters Parisian luxury apartment.


  • How long are you staying in the City of Lights?

This question is important to ask yourself before booking any accommodation in Paris. For a short visit, the best is to book a hotel room. You will have all necessary services provided by the hotel.

But, if you are staying more than a week in Paris, the best is to look for a Parisian home. You should definitely experience Paris like a local, if you stay over a week. With an apartment you will have a freedom to do whatever you want.

Plus, you will have an opportunity to use your own kitchen and maybe even try to prepare delicious Parisian meals. You can find many owners who are renting their apartments for longer period. The apartment rates are more economical when you stay over a week. Let’s not forget to add that you will have more privacy, extra space and relaxation.

  • Visiting Paris for holidays or off season

Paris is magical and like a real fairy tale during holidays. There are plenty of things that you can do and explore. There are many outdoor markets, bazaars, and holiday events that will give you a wonderful and happy feeling. But, finding an accommodation during holidays in Paris can be a real challenge. You should book a hotel or an apartment two or three months ahead.

Hotels can give a few discounts, during holidays, but that is nothing compared to the price that you will pay for a nice and comfortable apartment in the downtown. You can find an apartment with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars. The view is glamorous and breathtaking during holidays.

However, if you are visiting the City of Lights during the off-season period, all prices for hotel rooms and apartments are more affordable. But, if the price is not a big concern to your pocket, you should definitely visit Paris during the upcoming holidays.

If you have answers to all these questions, you are ready to find the best accommodation in Paris. Do not waste anymore time, just click on the picture below and explore the big list of luxury and attractive Parisian homes.

Where to Stay in Paris: Apartment vs Hotel




Aleksandra Krstevska

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Paris, France
520 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-2
Paris, France
1500 € / night    
4 bedrooms3 bathrooms8-2
Paris, France
233 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4-2
Paris, France
236 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4

Paris, France
190 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom3-2
Paris, France
571 € / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms7
Paris, France

3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
Paris, France
465 € / night    
2 bedrooms2 bathrooms4
Paris, France
457 € / night    
4 bedrooms2 bathrooms7-6
Paris, France

3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-2