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Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From

April 07, 2020
Who says you can't dress like an Italian even when you're not in Italy? Over the past decades, Italian fashion has influenced the world on how to dress like you have a million bucks! Luxurious doesn't been being to describe Italian style. They're all about the most tailored suits, the highest-quality leather goods, and the most attention-grabbing sparkles. Like the people themselves, Italian fashion is all about the zest of life. And don't have FOMO now, because even when you're at home, you can still dress like an Italian. You'll only need to shop on these online retailers to achieve the look!

Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From



After having celebrated their 90th-anniversary with a fashion extravaganza of a show, you know Luisaviaroma is a big deal! Even today's biggest supermodels walked that show! And if there's one word that you can best describe what you will find on this platform, it's luxury! The brands Luisiaviaroma carries are the heights of luxury, each more prestigious than the next! Think Valentino, Prada, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, and more! Here, the sky's the limit in terms of your budget! If you have some money to spare and you want to buy the best pieces of the season, this is your site. 

Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From

Source: Luisaviaroma Facebook Page


At times, you're not the only person you're shopping for! What if your husband's birthday is coming up and you want to buy him something special? Or your kid needs a new coat and you want to get the very best for him? Go to Giglio.com! This online retailer curates the selection of high-fashion pieces and luxury items based on what men, women, and children would want. From the finest suits and most beautiful dresses to the cutest kid's accessories, you'll find something for the whole family here. And, of course, whatever item you buy here, it's going to be of high-quality! 

Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From

Source: Giglio Facebook Page


Admit it, you love a good sale! Even if you're part of the world's 1%, there's no denying the thrill of getting a much-coveted piece at a great discount! Sales and exclusive deals are what make shopping, especially online shopping, that much more fun. And for the Italians, the one site that often has such is Italist. It seems that just about every week, they have a new sale going on, whether they're the last few pieces from last season or exclusive advanced items from the upcoming collections. You simply can't get enough of sales and discounts on this platform! 

Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From

Source: Italist Facebook Page


Prominent luxury houses and fashion labels are all well and good, but sometimes, you just want the newest thing. Or the trendiest item out there right now! And you'd want it delivered to you asap as well! But is there such a store that can provide you that? Yep, and that's YOOX! A subsidiary of the Net-A-Porter group, this Italian-based online retailer specialized in the hottest brands and it-pieces of today. Some are even straight off the runway and right into your cart! Also, they have some lovely timeless classics as well, just to provide a nice balance for your wardrobe needs! 

Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From

Source: YOOX Facebook Page


Of course, with your high fashion Italian look, you'll need some great accessories to cap them all off. And when it comes to leather goods—arguably the Italians' luxury forte—Threedifferent offers some of the best in the business. Do you want the latest it-bag from Prada? They'll have it in different colors too! Itching to get that classic Bottega Veneta purse? Order it from here and you'll get it without any scratches at all. Threedifferent knows how to handle their luxury leather goods, as well as other fashion pieces too! As the saying goes, with this website, "what you see is what you get!" 

Top Five Italian Online Retailers To Shop Your Next Wardrobe From

Source:  Threedifferent Facebook Page

A fashionable Italian look isn't far-fetched even when you're just at home! These top five Italian online retailers will cater to your fashion needs wherever you may be at home. Just add-to-cart and let them take care of the rest! 







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