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Check Out These Idyllic Luxury Homes in Cambridge

April 11, 2024
From colorful cottages to contemporary apartments, we have a lot of great luxury homes in Cambridge. So if you're planning to move to this famed university town, we've got you covered! Any of these exquisite rentals will work for you. Not only are they spacious and sunny, but they're also in great locations in the city. And what a great city it is! Named after the world-renowned University of Cambridge, Cambridge is an utterly charming city with lots of historic gems and contemporary highlights. It's lively enough to be exciting but not so busy that it's as hectic as London. What's not to love?

Check Out These Idyllic Luxury Homes in Cambridge

The River Cam Place

The River Cam in Cambridge is one of the most beautiful and scenic rivers in the UK. Lined with classic houses and lush green trees, the scenery looks straight out of a postcard. Imagine if you could live near such a place! Well, you don't have to if you rent this six-bedroom River Cam Place, one of our best vacation rentals in Cambridge. The place is right by the river, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views every time you wake up and look out the window. As for the home itself, it has six spacious bedrooms, three clean bathrooms, a complete kitchen, and a fireplace to keep you warm.
Check Out These Idyllic Luxury Homes in Cambridge

The Madras Cottage

Despite how busy of a university town Cambridge is, it's still a fairly idyllic part of the English countryside. You might not feel it if you stay by the city centre, but renting this serene Madras Cottage is a different story. The cottage is in a fairly quiet part of the area, allowing you to enjoy peace at the heart of Cambridge. The place also has three spacious bedrooms, a stacked kitchen, and a lovely fireplace to keep you cozy no matter the time of year. You can either read a good book, watch TV, or enjoy a homemade meal here.
Check Out These Idyllic Luxury Homes in Cambridge

The Modern Classic

“The Modern Classic” is certainly the perfect name for this exquisite three-bedroom long-term rental in Cambridge. Housed in a brick structure close to Parker’s Field, it's the quintessential family home in a quaint British town. Among its many highlights is the kitchen, which is probably the biggest part of the home. Not only is it well-equipped with all the necessary appliances, but it also has lots of storage space for your food, drinks, canned goods, and other pantry items. As for the bedrooms, each is spacious enough to fit in a queen-sized bed, a dresser, and more.
Check Out These Idyllic Luxury Homes in Cambridge

The Midsummer Common

Finally, there's this fine Midsummer Common house near the heart of Cambridge. The rental is inside a Georgian home, amplifying its classic beauty and providing a sense of romance for anyone lucky enough to rent it. Doesn't it sound like the perfect accommodation for a honeymooning couple in town? The city may be known for Cambridge University, one of the top universities near London and in the world, but the place is still romantic just the same. This fairly grandiose vacation rental is proof of that. It's a beautiful mix of classic and modern aesthetics, complete with a grand fireplace, a large flat-screen TV, and beautiful views of the nearby park.
Check Out These Idyllic Luxury Homes in Cambridge

Moving to Cambridge in the UK anytime soon? Then perhaps you'll want to rent any of our finest luxury homes in Cambridge. They're spacious and sophisticated, perfect for making you feel right at home here.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom
470 £ / night    
6 bedrooms3 bathrooms12-14
Cambridge, United Kingdom
241 £ / night    
3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6-6
Cambridge, United Kingdom
270 £ / night    
3 bedrooms1 bathroom6-6
Cambridge, United Kingdom
350 £ / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-6