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Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn

February 16, 2024
What do Kadriorg Park, the Tallinn Botanic Garden, Glehn Park, and Kalamaja Park all have in common? They're some of the best spots for a picnic in Tallinn. The Estonian capital is already one of Europe's more underrated cities, so there's a good chance you need to learn about these parks and nature reserves. But if you ever find yourself visiting or even living in Tallinn someday, remember these amazing places. Any of these gorgeous spots will give you the perfect picnic experience. Before you know it, you'll going on so many picnics in Tallinn, that you've already lost count!

Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn

Kadriorg Park

Most people know of Kadriorg Castle. It's a stunning piece of Baroque architecture that's worth seeing when you have a free day in Tallinn. The reason why you'll want a free day to check it out is because the palace's namesake park is also perfect for a nice day out. If you want a lovely picnic in Tallinn, consider having it in Kadriorg Park. The lush lawns near the regal estate make for a nice spot for a fabulous feast of sandwiches, sweets, and more. Your little ones can also run around and play in the park, allowing you to have a family day of it.
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Diego Delso

Glehn Park

If you don't know about Glehn Park, don't worry! The park isn't that popular, even for locals. Move to Tallinn and you'll soon discover many hidden gems like this one. Luckily, they're perfect for having a nice picnic in Tallinn. The hilly terrain offers lots of sunny spots, perfect for spending a day outdoors in spring and summer. Since it's not as crowded as Tallinn's more famous green spaces, you get to enjoy some peace here. It's a nice little escape from the rest of the bustling Estonian capital, especially when you're in desperate need of a break.
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Ilme Parik

Kalamaja Park

With how beautiful and green Kalamaja Park is now, it's hard to believe that it used to be Tallinn's oldest cemetery. Don't worry! The place no longer serves as a burial ground. There aren't even graves or tombstones or anything to indicate its former status. Instead, Kalamaja Park is a tree-filled park that's great for having a lovely picnic in Tallinn. It's an especially good choice for when it's so sunny outside. You can have your picnic in the shade while still enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. And before you think it, no, Kalamaja Park isn't haunted!
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Arto J

Tallinn Botanic Garden

It's easy to think of the Tallinn Botanic Garden as just the grand greenhouse in the area. This is where you'll find most of the exotic plants, after all. You'd naturally just focus on the greenhouse and leave when you're done. However, the grassy lawns that surround the greenhouse are also part of the Tallinn Botanic Garden. This is where you can relax and perhaps enjoy a picnic before or after you get inside. The place is so sunny and open, you could almost forget that you're still in the bustling Estonian capital.
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Flickr.com/ Visit Tallinn/ Photo by Marko Leppik

Pirita Promenade

With its seaside views on one side and bright green lawns on the other, there's no doubt that the Pirita Promenade is among Tallinn's most beautiful hotspots. This is where many locals enjoy a stroll, go running in the morning, ride their bikes, and more. Of course, it's also a nice spot for a picnic in Tallinn. The aforementioned lawns are perfect for laying down your picnic blanket and putting out a nice spread. As the kids ride their bikes or rollerblades, you can enjoy the view and eat your food. Doesn't that sound lovely?
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Flickr.com/ Visit Tallinn/ Photo by Kadi-Liis Koppel.

Stroomi Beach

Yes, you read that right! Stroomi Beach is one of the best picnic spots in Tallinn. You're probably surprised that Tallinn has a beach in the first place. The Estonian capital is a coastal city, but because its old-world appeal is what makes it famous (among other things), it's easy to forget that. Nevertheless, Stroomi Beach is the gem of Northern Tallinn. Even though Estonia is in Northern Europe, notorious for its cold climates, this seaside hotspot is a nice Mediterranean-like escape. Pack a picnic, put on some sunscreen, and head to the beach with your friends and family!
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Jaanus Silla

Pääsküla Bog

Pääsküla Bog looks and seems like it's a world away from the busy neighborhoods of Tallinn. These beautiful woodlands make up a popular hiking area in the Estonian capital. Though it's not in a central district, it's near enough to the city center that it won't take you an entire day trip to get here. You will, however, have to hike since this is what the place is for. Is it worth going through all that trouble for a picnic? You bet it is! You can snag the most peaceful picnic spot here and you'll find it's a more worthy reward for all your strenuous efforts than you initially realize.
Where to Have a Picnic in Tallinn
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Go out on a picnic in Tallinn! The Estonian capital has many great spots where you and your loved ones can have the time of your lives outside. You'd be surprised at how sunny and beautiful Tallinn can get!

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