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Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds

February 15, 2024
Leeds doesn't get enough credit as a great city for an outdoor picnic. Most people know of it as one of the largest cities in England, one of the very few metropolises that can almost rival the bustling energy of London. But beyond all that, Leeds has a lot of nature to offer too. From Golden Acre Park with its serene lake and Temple Newsam Park with its charming woodlands to the more rural St. Aidan’s Reserve and Kirkstall Abbey, these picnic spots are nothing short of magical. Not only will they take your breath away, but they're perfect for helping you relax and unwind.

Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds

Temple Newsam Park

With over 1,500 acres on offer, Temple Newsam Park is a massive green space that's perfect for a lot of things. The park is big enough to host a music festival, there are playgrounds for kids, and even woodlands for those who want a slice of the English countryside. Naturally, the place is suitable for a lovely picnic in Leeds. There's almost an infinite number of possible picnic spots in the park, each more idyllic than the next. You can have it near the magnificent Tudor-Jacobean estate, in the nearby forest, or on the open lawns where the music festival is held.
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Flickr.com/ Tim Green

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park is one of the largest city parks in the UK, perhaps even in all of Europe. The place has over 700 acres filled with lush greenery, well-manicured gardens, beautiful woodland, and a serene lake. Such a place is perfect for a nice picnic in Leeds, especially one with the whole family. The grassy fields are perfect for whole clans to lay out picnic blankets and put out entire feasts. There's enough space for kids to run around, for playing sports, flying kits when it's windy outside, and more. What more could you ask for?
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Flickr.com/ Tim Green

Golden Acre Park

It's easy to think of Golden Acre Park as part of the English countryside. It has so many trees, it's practically a forest. The pond also reeks of rural charms, from the ducks that float about to the stones you can throw for a fun game. This sort of idyllic vibe is what makes it a great picnic spot in Leeds. Though Golden Acre Park is located in Bramhope, a central neighborhood in Leeds, it's quiet enough that you can relax here amidst all the hustle and bustle. Simply grab a spot in the quieter parts of the park and you have a lovely picnic ahead!
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Flickr.com/ Tim Green

Wharfemeadows Park

You'll find Wharfemeadows Park along the banks of River Wharfe in Otley, a market town that's so close to Leeds, that it's practically regarded as a district of the city. Despite its name, the park is far from the flowery meadows you'd read about in storybooks. Instead, the park is made up of grassy lawns and playgrounds for the little ones. This may not seem all that much at first, but trust that this is one of the best spots for a picnic in Leeds. The lawns are comfy enough for your picnic while your kids can have a lot of fun in the playgrounds nearby.
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Linden Milner

Harewood House

Harewood House is one of those grand UK mansions that look straight out of the beloved “Downton Abbey” TV series. With its lavish Baroque architecture and refined courtyard, it's a must-see sight in Leeds. You'd want to visit the place for its old-world opulence alone, what more if you can have a picnic here? Live your fullest period fantasies by hanging out in the Harewood House's massive estate. The garden has an extensive lawn where you can set up a picnic and enjoy a feast in the shadow of the awe-inspiring mansion. What's not to love?
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ TwinTails

Kirkstall Abbey

From one historic structure to another, the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey are another must-see in Leeds. You can feel the place's Medieval history and heritage permeate from each ruin, inspiring a slightly eerie but fascinating feeling for anyone who visiting. Once you've seen the ruins in all their old-world glory, you can set up a picnic on the grassy field nearby. Don't worry! The entire estate is a park where you can relax and hang out after visiting the once-grand abbey. Having it in the background of your picnic in Leeds makes for a surreal but memorable time.
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Flickr.com/ Tom Carden

St. Aidan’s Reserve

If you can spend a free day in Leeds, consider going all the way to the St. Aidan’s Reserve. This nature reserve is pure English countryside at its finest. Woodlands, fields, and reed beds await those who want to be closer to nature in Leeds. The nature park is a fair distance away from the Leeds city center, but it's not so far that you can't go on a day trip here. Even if all you're gonna do is have a picnic, the trip is still worth it. You can have the most peaceful picnic here, especially when there are no people around.
Where to Have a Picnic in Leeds
Source: Geograph.org.uk/ © Stepgen Craven

Does having a picnic in Leeds sound good to you? If it does, then you'll love going to these amazing picnic spots in the city. They're all beautiful and scenic, each offering a slice of the English countryside.

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