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Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots

February 14, 2024
Nottingham is perhaps the perfect city to have a picnic. Though it's a bustling metropolis in its own right, the place is also known for its proximity to the English countryside. There are even tons of great places where you can have the loveliest picnic in Nottingham, many of which are within the actual city. There's the Rufford Abbey, for example, which is on an estate with well-cut grass lawns. Head to Sherwood Pines Forest Park if you want your picnic to have that signature Nottinghamshire rural charm. Thoresby Park is also great since it's an entire 1000-acre land of botanical bliss. What's not to love?

Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots

Thoresby Park

If you want to have a picnic in the countryside, Thoresby Park is the perfect place. The beautiful estate is at the heart of Nottinghamshire and is one of the most popular places in the city. Right at the center is Thoresby Hall, one of those grand English mansions that look straight out of the beloved “Downton Abbey” TV series. From its well-manicured courtyard to the lush fields that surround the hall, it's easy to snag a nice spot for your picnic in Nottingham. You can enjoy the old-world grandeur of England all while basking in the rural charms of the countryside.
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Elliott Brown

Rufford Abbey

As you venture off into the more rural parts of England, you'll find that there are many former monasteries-turned-national parks in the English countryside. Rufford Abbey in Nottingham is one of them. Once a Cistercian abbey, the grand mansion was converted to a royal country house following King Henry VIII's dissolution of monasteries. Today, the abbey still stands as a reminder of its long, storied history and the estate that surrounds it has become one of the loveliest picnic spots in Nottingham. You can set up your picnic spot on the lush field while the little ones run around in the playground nearby.
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ KEVIN TEBBUTT

The Arboretum

The Arboretum is Nottingham's first public park. It's the kind of place where you can spend an entire day in Nottingham here and you won't get bored. Apart from having a picnic here, the park also has a serene lake where the kids can play with toy boats, there's a gazebo that serves as a stage for a theater troupe and more. This is one of the best places for anyone who just wants to hang out and have some fun under the sun. And thanks to its central location, you can buy food nearby and prepare your picnic in a flash!
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Elliott Davidson.

Highfields Park

A whopping 121 acres make up Highfields Park, one of the most beloved green spaces in Nottingham. It's particularly famous for its water features. Its fish pond, for example, is one of the biggest in the city. It's practically a lake and the University of Nottingham's Trend building overlooks it. There's another pond that leads up to some waterfalls, arguably one of the best Instagram-worthy spots in Nottingham. And of course, there are lush lawns where you can have your picnic. Grab a spot by a big tree so you can have some shade when it's bright and sunny outside.
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Stephen Rees

Green's Mill Park

A huge windmill is what makes Green's Mill Park famous. Both the mill and the park are named after notable scientist and mathematician George Green, whose father also built the aforementioned windmill in 1807. Since then, the place has fascinated both locals and tourists alike. It's one of the very few city parks in the UK—perhaps even in the entire world—with a full-blown windmill. At the same time, the park has well-manicured lawns and playgrounds for kids. Despite how small the park is overall, it's still one of the best and most idyllic spots to have a picnic in Nottingham.
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Geograph.org.uk/ © David Hallam-Jones.

Woodthorpe Grange Park

Sherwood is one of the central neighborhoods of Nottingham. It's a large district that's located 1.5 miles north of the city center and is a popular place for locals. One of the many things that draws people to this part of town is Woodthorpe Grange Park, one of the largest public parks in Nottingham. It's the quintessential green space, complete with grassy fields, beautiful woodland, playgrounds for kids, and more. After having your meal, you can bring your kids to the more exciting parts of the park to have some fun. What more could you ask for?
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ ClemRutter

Victoria Embankment

Right along the River Trent, the Victoria Embankment is among the more fascinating spots for a picnic in Nottingham. It's a grand park with a beautiful landscape, complete with tall trees, colorful flowers, serene lawns, and of course, all sorts of riverside fun. It's perfect for a picnic because there are lots to do after your picnic. After having your meal, you can splash around the river, relax by the shade under the trees, fly kits when it's windy outside, ride your bikes, and more. You couldn't have asked for a more suitable spot for your Sunday family day!
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Geograph.org. uk/ © John Sutton

Sherwood Pines Forest Park

Finally, there's Sherwood Pines Forest Park, possibly the most famous green space in Nottingham. Though it's highly regarded as a city park, it's more of a nature reserve along the outskirts of the city. It's also one of the most famous parts of Nottingham, especially for those who are fans of the Robin Hood legend. It's said that the legendary outlaw hero, who was famous for stealing from the rich to help the poor, had his base here. Whether his story is true or not, it doesn't change the fact that the park is a beautiful woodland where you can have the loveliest picnic in Nottingham.
Nottingham's 8 Best Picnic Spots
Source: Geograph.org.uk/ © Richard Croft

A picnic in Nottingham is a lot more magical than you think. The city has tons of great parks, beautiful parks, and even a famous forest, all perfect for a sunny picnic on the weekends. It's going to be one of the loveliest things you'd do in Nottingham.

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