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Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp

February 13, 2024
With its bustling art scene and lively local life, Antwerp keeps you on the go. It's by no means the busiest city in Belgium—that goes to the capital, Brussels—but it has a lot of things going on just the same. This hectic but happy energy is what makes both locals and tourists alike require some relaxation. And what better way to relax than with a picnic? A sunny picnic in Antwerp is just what the doctor ordered for anyone in need of a break. It helps that the city has tons of lovely picnic spots too, including The Botanical Garden, Middelheim Park, and Het Rivierenhof, to name a few.

Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp

Middelheim Park

What makes a picnic fun is when you can do other things apart from eating. You can have exactly that if you have a picnic in Antwerp's Middelheim Park. This green space doubles as an open-air museum, complete with all sorts of artworks scattered throughout the park. You can easily snag a spot near a sculpture, and after you've eaten, you can stroll around and see the other pieces. How fun would it be to walk around with your friends and family and take selfies with the fascinating artwork there? You'll surely have a ball!
Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp
Source: Flickr.com/ Erwin Wurm for appelogen.be

Den Botaniek

Den Botaniek, or the Botanic Garden of Antwerp, is another great picnic spot in the city. Just as its name says, this place has a lot of botanical bliss. From the greenhouses filled with exotic plants to the flowerbeds that add some color to the area, there's no doubt that you'd have a delightful time. Even more so if you have your picnic here too. Go to the open lawns and set up a picnic for you and your loved ones. You can also grab a bench instead to make eating easier. Either way, you're in for a lovely picnic ahead!
Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Michiel Dumon

Park Den Brandt

Park Den Brandt looks straight out of a classic French novel. This lavish estate is a massive green space surrounding Castle Den Brandt, a beautiful Rococo mansion at the center of the park. The castle itself is already beautiful on its own but paired with the idyllic countryside-like lawns and fields, it's become one of the best spots for a picnic in Antwerp. Where else can you enjoy some outdoor fun near a historic castle? You can live out your best Jane Austen fantasies here, not to mention take a lot of pictures for Instagram too!
Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Funkyxian

Het Rivierenhof

Much like Park Den Brandt, Het Rivierenhof lets you live out your inner classical romance fantasies too. Though the park is a massive expanse of greenery and serene waters, the Rivierenhof Castle adds a touch of old-world class into the mix. Surrounded by a still lake and lots of woodlands, you couldn't have asked for a more magical spot for your picnic in Antwerp. If you moved to Antwerp because of work and you're in desperate need of an escape from the real modern world, this is the place for you. Something as simple as a picnic here will make all the difference.
Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Torsade de Pointes

Park Spoor Noord

Park Spoor Noord is the most modern out of all the picnic spots on this list. It's the quintessential city park, with its location in a central neighborhood of Antwerp and its various features. Near the lush lawn that makes up the park proper, there are courts and fields for sports, playgrounds, and more. You can easily get food for your picnic in the nearby restaurants and cafes too. And after you all eat, you can have all sorts of fun. In summer, when it's especially hot outside, splash around the central pond to cool off.
Where You Can Enjoy Your Picnic in Antwerp
Source: Flickr.com/ © 2012 antwerpenR.com, Roger Pric

The best spots for a picnic in Antwerp are pretty surprising. There are your usual parks and gardens, but there are also rural meadows and nature preserves. Choose the best spots for you to have a great time outdoors.

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