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Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs

January 07, 2024
This may shock you a bit but you won't find all of the noteworthy cafes in Paris within the 20 arrondissements. The French capital's most famous coffee shops may be within these central districts, but there are a lot of great ones in the Paris Suburbs too. There's Les Biscuits de Madame Georges near Versailles, for example, which is a go-to hotspot for any sweet tooth. Le Café de France in Saint-Denis is also worthwhile, especially with its delectable haute cuisine. These and plenty more prove that the cafes in Paris go beyond the center of the city.

Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs

Café Marion

Not a lot of people realize that Versailles has become part of the Paris Suburbs. The name doesn't just refer to the palatial estate that once housed the French Royal Court. Versailles also refers to the surrounding neighborhood, which itself has many notable cafes. One of which is Café Marion on Rue Georges Clemenceau. A chic hotspot that's also a brasserie, it's a common favorite in the area, especially since it highlights French cuisine above everything else. Roasted cod skin, rockfish soup, and steamed leeks may all sound so provincial, but they're delicious too.
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Café Marion

Les Biscuits de Madame Georges

Les Biscuits de Madame Georges is for the sweet tooth looking for the most scrumptious desserts. Does the cafe serve anything groundbreaking? Not really. Its menu mostly consists of the same cookies and cakes you'd find in any of the other cafes in Paris. It's just that Les Biscuits de Madame Georges serves up some of the sweetest you'll ever get to taste. From French pastries to international desserts, their treats do not disappoint! Be they tarts, pies, cakes, or brownies, pair them up with either tea or coffee and you've got yourself a winner!
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Les Biscuits de Madame Georges, Versailles Facebook Page

Café du Marché

Neuilly-sur-Seine is one of the most affluent of the Paris Suburbs, perhaps even among all the neighborhoods of Paris. With grand mansions and luxury boutiques to spare, you can bet that almost all of the establishments here are worth your while. Including Café du Marché on Place du Marché, an underrated gem in the long array of cafes in Paris. This cafe always guarantees a good time, especially for self-professed foodies out there. Be it beef tartare or a burger with fries, their menu isn't the most refined, but it's nevertheless delicious!
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Café du Marché

Le Garden Café

​​Le Garden Café, which is also in Neuilly-sur-Seine, truly lives up to its name. It's a pleasant brasserie on Rue Baudin, famous for its open-air terrace where surrounding lush greenery amps up the garden-like appeal. Is the food just as good? You bet it is! Locals love their sweet array of pastries and desserts, each more delectable than the next. The kitchen staff knows what they're doing! They can make a crème brûlée taste as light as air but can also turn an ordinary cupcake into the ultimate dessert. What's not to love?
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Le Garden Café

Café la Jatte

On Boulevard Vital Bouhot, you'll find Café la Jatte, another of Neuilly-sur-Seine's noteworthy cafes. Admittedly, it's far from what you'd expect, especially if you've been to countless cafes in Paris. Housed in a 19th-century building, Café la Jatte is more of a restaurant, specifically a pizzeria, than a regular coffee shop. They still serve great coffee here, don't worry, but for the most part, the place owes its popularity to its Mediterranean menu. Seafood and pizza reign supreme here, as if the cafe is a small slice of Italy in the middle of the Paris Suburbs. And is that so bad?
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Café la Jatte Facebook Page

Mafate Café

Up for some brunch in Saint-Denis? Look no further than Mafate Café on Rue du Moulin-à-Vent! The place is beloved for its creole brunch, a menu of yummy dishes that hit the spot for a mid-morning meal. They're not exactly complicated dishes either. They include fruit plates, waffles, pancakes, crepes, cod meatballs, and of course, fresh cups of coffee. These are the types of comfort food that never fail to satisfy! Whether you popped in for just a snack or you're starving to death, you're sure to have a good time in Mafate Café!
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Mafate Café

Le Café de France

Truth be told, Le Café de France in Saint-Denise is more of a gastropub than a typical cafe in Paris. You can still get coffee, sure, but it doesn't have the same ambiance and feel of a Parisian coffee shop. Does this make it any less of a must-try when you're in the Paris Suburbs? Of course not! Their food might not be haute cuisine, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. Even if you think hamburgers, fries, and the like are too low-brow for Paris, the ones here are always tasty! Moreover, since the cafe is fairly near the Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis, it's a great spot for a break after visiting the large church.
Cafes in Paris: The 7 Best in The Paris Suburbs
Source: Le Café de France Facebook Page

Craving for some coffee in the French capital? Only the finest cafes in Paris will do! Fortunately, they go beyond the central arrondissements too. There are many great hotspots in the Paris Suburbs that you can check out.

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