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How to Spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn

December 01, 2023
Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is highly underrated. It's a beautiful city with lots of historic charms and lovely hotspots. If the other European capitals weren't so famous, perhaps Tallinn could've had its fair share of popularity. Despite that, the place still has a lot to offer, especially to couples. If you plan on spending Valentine's Day in Tallinn, you have a lot to look forward to. You and your valentine can explore the old town district, visit the city's stunning castles, relax in the botanical gardens, and even go ice skating. What more could you ask for?

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn

Explore The Old Town District

Almost every European city has an old town district. Barcelona has one, Brussels has one, Zagreb has one, and of course, Tallinn has one as well. Among the many neighborhoods in Tallinn, Vanalinn is where you'll find cobbled streets, castles, grand churches, and more. This is also the best place to spend Valentine's Day! Exploring this historic district is enough to get you and your beloved into that lovey-dovey spell. You can just imagine what sorts of love stories, whether they were tragedies or had happy endings, might have transpired at every corner of the district.

See Tallinn's Castles

Speaking of castles, why not visit these historic structures when you spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn? Surely they're a huge part as to why you decided to celebrate the holiday here, right? From Toompea Castle and all its Medieval glory to the Presidential Palace and its stately appeal, uncover all the secrets that lie within these extraordinary landmarks. Like Vanalinn, these castles likely have their own love stories to tell too. And even if there aren't any, just seeing these well-preserved places will have you all up in your feelings just the same.

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn

Check Out The Tallinn Botanic Garden

What better way to get in the mood for love than to get your fair share of botanical bliss? This is why you ought to check out the Tallinn Botanic Garden when you spend Valentine's Day in the Estonian capital. A large crystal palace of a greenhouse awaits you, surrounded by lush, well-manicured fields decorated with colorful flower beds. Inside, there's more fascinating flora to discover. The place boasts thousands of exotic species of flowers, each more enchanting than the next. As you stroll along the garden, walking hand-in-hand with your beloved, you can't help but fall deeper in love with each other.

Visit Kadriorg Park

Any day in Tallinn spent in Kadriorg Park is a day well-spent indeed! Established by Peter the Great in 1718, Kadriorg Park has long been known as one of the finest green spaces in Tallinn. Arguably in all of Estonia too. It's famous for its manicured garden, which is beautifully decorated all year round. This is the sort of place you'd expect in a royal palace. Even after all these years, Kadriorg Park never lost its regal appeal. As such, it's a great place for you and your special someone to spend Valentine's Day. The best part is you can go here for free!

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn

Go to The Top of The Tallinn TV Tower

Standing 313 m (1030.2 ft) high, the Tallinn TV Tower is one of the city's more modern attractions. It's the tallest structure in the country, never failing to attract those who want to experience a different side to the Estonian capital that's not necessarily historic or steeped in national heritage. But without the grandeur of the past, what makes the Tallinn TV Tower a must-see for those spending Valentine's Day in Tallinn? Simple: the observation deck. Dare to go up this tall tower and get a bird's eye view of the stunning city with your significant other. It'll be a Valentine's Day you won't ever forget!

Stroll Along The Pirita Promenade

Not too keen on going high up in the sky? Perhaps looking at the sea is more your vibe! If it is, then look no further than the Pirita Promenade. This scenic walkway lets you gaze upon the Baltic Sea and all its aquamarine glory. For one thing, this date option is free, letting you save money on other, more important costs in Tallinn. You also can't deny that the view is stellar. You can spend hours on end strolling along this promenade and you won't feel tired at all. You're simply enjoying each other's company as you spend the most romantic day of the year together.

How to Spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn

Is it a good idea to spend Valentine's Day in Tallinn? The answer is yes, it is! The Estonian capital has a lot to offer, especially for couples who plan to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year here.

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