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Why You Should Go to A Carnival At Least Once

November 12, 2023
Have you been to a Carnival before? No, not the type of carnival that has rides and games. Those are fun and all, but there's a different type of carnival that's just as, if not even more exciting. You'll see them in places like Rio de Janeiro, Trinidad & Tobago, Venice, New Orleans, and more. They're full of parties, parades lavish costumes, dancing, music, and everything that makes for a fun and fabulous festival. If you haven't been to one, what are you waiting for? Check them out yourself at least once in your life. They show just how amazing it is to just live life and have fun in this world!

Why You Should Go to A Carnival At Least Once

Have The Time of Your Life

If there's one thing you need to know about the world's carnivals, it's that they're a lot of fun. You've seen photos and videos of them online, right? Don't all the people look like they're having the time of their lives? They're dancing on the streets, moving to the beats, wearing fabulous costumes, and more. Carnivals are all about celebrations, the more joyful, the better. Even if these sorts of exuberant events are not your vibe, you won't help but be swept with all the liveliness and energy. You won't find anything quite like it anywhere else!

Learn More About Different Cultures

You may argue that the carnivals all look the same. The ones in South America and the Caribbean share similar vibes, aesthetics, and energy. As do many of the carnivals in Europe too. In truth, however, these festivals are more different than they seem. They're enthused with their respective countries' cultures. In the world-famous Rio Carnival, for example, the national dance of Samba is on full display. The dancers are doing them out on the streets and parade floats. The Venice Carnival, on the other hand, shows the city's affluent history and elegant heritage.

Why You Should Go to A Carnival At Least Once

Dress Up Fabulously

It's not every day you get to dress up this fabulously, do you? The carnivals of the world give you the best excuse to put on your most exuberant, colorful, and flamboyant garb. In the Caribbean, for example, big feathers and sparkling bodysuits are the name of the game. In the famously fashionable Venice Carnival, big ball gowns and intricate masquerade masks are a must. Even the German carnivals let you dress up like literal clowns and no one would bat an eye. Such is the fun and fantasy of these beloved festivals all over the world.

Move to Different Genres of Music

Remember how Samba is a huge part of the Rio Carnival? Samba actually refers to the dance and the music. The beats and rhythm make you move a certain way, hence the music gave birth to a whole new kind of dance. As such, Samba is one of many different music genres you can listen to when you go to the world's carnivals. Pop on over to the Caribbean and you're bound to hear a lot of Calypso and Reggaeton on the streets too. And in the US? Specifically Mardi Gras in New Orleans? It’s jazz all the way, baby!

Why You Should Go to A Carnival At Least Once

Discover New Kinds of Dances

There's Samba, Calypso, Furlana, Jazz, and more. If the world's carnivals offer different genres of music, it only makes sense that they offer different kinds of dances too. Once the music begins and things get lively, you'll move to the rhythm before you know it! These dances are also part of how the carnivals show off the destination's culture. Take the Trinidad Carnival, for example. They play Calypso music here, which then eventually grew into its own kind of dance that people do as they parade the streets. This carnival is the best time to learn all about it!

Make Friends with The Locals

What most carnivals have in common is that they're held in February, the month right before the Lenten Season starts. Haven't you noticed that many of the countries and cities that host these carnivals are dominated by the Roman Catholic faith? The carnivals allow them to have one last hurrah before what's usually the most somber season of the year. So around this time, there's a festive spirit in the air that lets people be more open and welcoming to each other. Take this chance to make friends with the locals. It may start as simply dancing with each other on the street, but you never know what that may lead to along the way!

Why You Should Go to A Carnival At Least Once

Eat Local Cuisine

It can't be stressed enough how these carnivals are as much showcases of the countries' cultures as they are festive events full of music and dance. Most carnivals span entire weekends, weeks, and months. You're not exactly dancing on the street all throughout, are you? There are still times for eating and drinking, even if it's just to conserve more energy for another day of dancing ahead. During these feasts, you can expect local cuisines to take over the dinner tables. This is your best chance to try out the different delicacies around the world. Don't miss the Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) in Rio, Callaloo & stewed peas in Trinidad, and more!

Meet Celebrities

Admittedly, this is a bit far-fetched but not exactly impossible. The carnivals of the world draw in all sorts of people, some of whom are pretty famous. In Barbados, for example, the country's Crop Over carnival became as famous as it is now thanks in large part to Rihanna. This isn't to say that the Grammy-winning pop star and beauty mogul always attends the festival, but it who knows? It's not so fantastical to expect A-listers of her caliber to pop up in these sorts of events. And if you're, lucky, you might just bump into your favorite idol!

Why You Should Go to A Carnival At Least Once

Is going to any of the world's famous carnivals worth it? In a word: yes! These are some of the most colorful, vibrant, exciting, and fabulous events on the planet. Go to one once and you'll never be the same again!

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