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8 Fun Things To Do in Winter in Los Angeles

October 19, 2023
Is it any wonder why people escape to the West Coast when winter comes around in the US? All that snow is good and all, especially if you want to experience a white Christmas, but the cold can get too much at times. Suddenly, you're so frozen that you see the season go by from the comforts of your blanket and your seat near the fireplace (if you have one). That doesn't sound all that exciting, does it? At least, if you're in Los Angeles, for instance, you can spend the winter season going on a hike, playing in the park, seeing a movie in a drive-in, and more!

8 Fun Things To Do in Winter in Los Angeles

Drive Up The Hollywood Hills

The mild weather of winter in Los Angeles makes it the perfect time to drive up Hollywood Hills. Perhaps even hike it! Don't underestimate how hot the West Coast can get in spring and summer. Even if you pack your own ice water, the heat can still get so intense that you'll need an entire pool to stay hydrated. Winter in Los Angeles is cold, sure, but it's not so cold that you'll freeze to death without a coat outside. The temperature is just right, allowing for various outdoor activities. Not the least of which is going to the iconic Hollywood sign and taking that magical selfie!

Have Fun at The LA Theme Parks

Take your pick: Disneyland or Universal Studios? Both are fun in their own right, after all, and winter is one of the best times to go to either of them. Don't miss out on the holiday festivities in the former, particularly with the iconic Christmas Day parade with all the characters in your favorite Disney Films. And in the latter? Just pure theme park fun! Ride the most thrilling roller coasters, play lots of fun games, take selfies with characters roaming about, and just have a good ol' time! What's not to love?

8 Fun Things To Do in Winter in Los Angeles

Play in The Park

With so many great public parks in LA, there's no way you won't spend some time in just one during your winter holiday here. The activity may seem mundane, perhaps even downright basic at first, but it's a luxury not a lot of people can enjoy. If you're stuck at home in winter, for example, you'll spend most of your days bundled up inside to stay warm. The only time you'll go outside is when you need to clear the pathways. But in your winter in Los Angeles, you can spend your days in a beautiful park and enjoy some warm sunshine.

Hike in a State Park

Why stay in a mere public park when you can go hiking in a state park? Again, this is LA's benefit of having a sun-filled winter. You can do all sorts of things in a season when the rest of the world is too cold to even go outside. So why not take advantage and go hiking? Among the best places include the Topanga State Park, Will Rogers State Historic Park, and the Los Angeles State Historic Park. They have awesome trails, majestic mountains (and hills), and even a few adorable critters you might spot along the way!

8 Fun Things To Do in Winter in Los Angeles

Watch a Movie in a Drive-In

Not the adventurer type? Perhaps you'll enjoy going to a drive-in theater instead! You're already in the show business capital of the world. This is the city where movies are made and stars live. Even if you're not a cinephile, you can't help but want to watch some as you spend some time here. And since winter in Los Angeles has mild weather, it's the perfect climate for a drive-in movie experience. There's the retro appeal, the fun sense of community, and of course, getting to watch under the stars! What more could you ask for?

Go Whale Watching

Yes, you read that right! Winter is actually the best time to go whale watching in LA. These magnificent mammals swim to this part of the world from around November to December and stay in this area up until they swim back north around March or April. So instead of just hanging out at the beach—which you can do at any other time of the year—go join a boat tour to see the whales in person. You'll have to get up early to see them in their full glory, but such is a small sacrifice to pay for an unforgettable experience!

8 Fun Things To Do in Winter in Los Angeles

Escape to The Snowy Mountains

Ironically enough, you can still get some snow-filled fun when you spend winter in Los Angeles. But technically speaking, you won't be in the city for this particular activity. Instead, you can ski resort towns near LA. A fun road trip will take you to Mount Baldy, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs, and more. These are the best places to catch some snow when it's winter in California. High up on the ice-capped slopes, you can go skiing, sleigh-riding, ice skating, and more. Even though you traveled to LA to escape the winter cold, a weekend or two in these sorts of places won't hurt!

Eat Some Ramen

As mentioned again and again, Los Angeles enjoys just mildly cool weather in winter. It's not as cold here as, say, in the big cities on the East Coast, but it's not hot either. The temperature can still get so low that you'll at least need to wear a sweater or a jacket (or both!) to stay comfortable outside. And on those especially cold days, one of the ways to stay warm in LA is to have a heaping bowl of ramen. The Japanese dish is actually quite popular here in Tinsel Town, thanks to places like Mogumogu, Venice Ramen, Killer Noodle, Tsujita Annex, and Ramen Nagi.

8 Fun Things To Do in Winter in Los Angeles

What does winter in Los Angeles have in store for you? A whole lot of fun and excitement! In the sunny city of stars, the warm winter climate lets you do all sorts of things like running in a marathon, going to the drive-in, and more!

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