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What You Need to Pack On Your Trip to The Swiss Alps

September 12, 2023
Traveling to the Swiss Alps may be the best decision you'd ever make, but it can easily turn into the worst decision if you're not careful. As beautiful of a place as the Swiss Alps are, it's not your ordinary destination. It's always cold here and you're practically in the middle of nowhere. What should be a pleasant trip can quickly go south if you don't pack the right travel essentials. Boots to keep your feet warm, for example. Your own ski gear so you don't have to rent anything. And of course, a first-aid kit for good measure!

What You Need to Pack On Your Trip to The Swiss Alps

Your Own Ski Gear

While it's not the most essential, you'd do well to bring your own ski gear. Sure, there might be rentals in various ski resort towns in the Swiss Alps, but it's always better to bring and use your own. For one thing, there's no risk of paying a fee if they get damaged. You'd still have to pay to get them fixed or to replace them, but that's oftentimes more affordable than paying damages fees to rental businesses. Moreover, the recent COVID-19 pandemic showed that germs can spread everywhere, even through rented gear. This isn't to say these businesses don't clean and sanitize their gear, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Strong Backpack

While bringing a backpack to the Swiss Alps is a no-brainer, it's important to emphasize that you need a truly strong and sturdy one. Don't just go for the nearest travel backpack that's big enough to carry all your stuff. Size matters but in this case (and in this place), quality matters more. You need an especially sturdy backpack to keep your stuff safe and secure amidst the harrowing Swiss Alps. Whether you go skiing, hiking, or everything else in between, you need to ensure that your backpack can handle everything and anything!

What You Need to Pack On Your Trip to The Swiss Alps

Waterproof Clothes

The dictionary defines snow as atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals. In other words, frozen water. And what's a place that has a lot of these frozen waters? The Swiss Alps. As such, it's vital to pack as much waterproof clothing as you can. Not just with your ski gear, but with your entire travel wardrobe too! Don't just rely on standard winter clothes like cashmere sweaters and trench coats. In a place like the Alps of Switzerland, waterproof garments are much more suitable. Leave the cashmere and knitwear for indoor activities. For the outside, it ought to be waterproof clothes all the way!

Quick-Dry Travel Towel

Sometimes, even waterproof clothes aren't enough to keep you dry. If you traveled to the Swiss Alps to ski and play all sorts of winter sports, chances are you'll be covered in snow for most of the time. And as strong as your waterproof garments are, they won't always keep you dry. That's why it's better to bring along a quick-dry travel towel. Not only are they nifty, but they're also essential in ensuring you can dry yourself as soon as possible. This, in turn, will keep you safe from getting a cold or even worse, pneumonia, during your trip to the Swiss Alps.

What You Need to Pack On Your Trip to The Swiss Alps


First a towel, now some sunscreen? Is this really a list of travel essentials for the Swiss Alps or the Greek Islands? Don't worry, it's definitely the former. While the quick-dry travel towel is to keep you dry, the sunscreen is for keeping your skin safe from the sun. And let's not forget that when you go all the way to the Swiss Alps, you're also much closer to the sun, possibly even more so than when you're on a beach. So it's only natural that you need to put on at least one or two coats of sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays and all that jazz!

First-Aid Kit

You never know what might happen in the Swiss Alps. Since it's a mountain region, there's no telling of the dangers that lurk in every corner. No, this doesn't pertain to creatures and whatnot. You can easily get injured in the Swiss Alps, whether you're playing winter sports or not. Something as simple as a wrong step on a jagged mountain path can lead to the biggest injury. And if that happens, you need to have a first-aid kid handy to treat it immediately. Pack some bandages, band-aid, disinfectant, medicine, and more. These are more essential than you probably know!

What You Need to Pack On Your Trip to The Swiss Alps


The Swiss Alps has this pristine reputation as a place where everything is clean. And in most cases, specifically its drinking water, it's true! Switzerland actually has one of the cleanest tap waters in the world. You can drink it right out of the faucet and it'll still refresh you in more ways than one. That's why you ought to bring a tumbler so you can get some water and bring it with you wherever you go. Just make sure to get one with great insulation so that your water won't end up frozen when you reach the slopes!

Swiss Plug Adapter

Depending on where you're coming from, you might need to bring a Swiss Plug Adapter. It's a great and nifty tool that can let you access electricity wherever there's a socket. You don't know how frustrating it'll be if you fail to bring one. How can you charge your gadgets? If your phone runs out of juice, then you can say goodbye to a holiday on the slopes! You're better off staying in the ski resort towns where you won't get lost and have no way of contacting others to find you.

Power Bank

Speaking of your gadgets running out of battery, make sure to bring a power bank with you too. The Swiss Alps is the type of place where you'll want to have access to your phone as much as possible. One look at its sweeping landscapes and stunning scenery and you'll be snapping pictures left and right. How could you do that if your phone no longer has enough power? You'll be missing out on great photo content, ones that are even worth posting on a travel inspo Instagram account. So avoid all that by bringing a power bank that'll let you charge your gadgets wherever and whenever!

What You Need to Pack On Your Trip to The Swiss Alps

Traveling to the Swiss Alps soon? Then you better pack the right travel essentials. From waterproof clothes to even sunscreen, there's a lot you need to bring to have a comfortable stay in the Swiss Alps!

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