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Chic New York Art Galleries You Probably Didn't Know About

August 04, 2023
New York City is an art-lovers paradise. You already know about its famous museums, right? Even if you haven't been to them yourself, you've likely seen them on the internet or in movies or TV series. But what about the lesser-known art galleries in New York City? What about the Gagosian Gallery, for instance? Or the Eden Gallery too. And have you heard about the Society of Illustrators as well? If not, that's okay. They're not exactly the most famous museums in the Big Apple. Nevertheless, this also doesn't mean that they're not worth checking out. On the contrary, it's because they're underrated that you should see them yourself too!

Chic New York Art Galleries You Probably Didn't Know About

Gagosian Gallery

Larry Gagosian is a behemoth in the art world. He has established various galleries around the world, from Los Angeles and London to Geneva and Athens. Of course, he has not one, but six locations in the Big Apple alone. Scattered throughout the different neighborhoods in New York City, Gagosian is attached to some of the best galleries out there. Even in these spaces alone, you can already get a good sense of how awesome of an art dealer Larry really is. His galleries display the works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and more.

Eden Gallery

Just like Gagosian, the Eden Gallery prides itself on a multi-continental art space with locations all over the world. There's one in Mykonos, another in Aspen, two in Tel Aviv, and more! It's no surprise, considering that with the many priceless artworks that decorate Eden Galleries around the world, there's a striking commonality among them: pop culture. Take a look at their gallery in SoHo, New York, for example. Even from the outside, you can already see familiar faces like comic book character Richie Rich and Monopoly's Milburn Pennybags decorate its windows. What more of the fascinating artwork inside?

Chic New York Art Galleries You Probably Didn't Know About

Gladstone Gallery

What do Carroll Dunham, Ed Atkins, Anish Kapoor, Anish Kapoor, Huang Yong Ping, Elizabeth Peyton, and Jill Mulleady have in common? They're all contemporary artists, both past & present, whose works are featured in the Gladstone Gallery. It has two locations in New York City, one in Chelsea and another in the Upper East Side. Boasting quite an impressive list of featured artists, its founder Barbara Gladstone has set up one of the ultimate shrined to contemporary art in the Big Apple. It's no wonder she was able to open locations in Brussels and Seoul too!

Cavin-Morris Gallery

“Uniqueness, integrity, and authenticity” are what the Cavin-Morris Gallery boasts as their overall qualities in its decades-long history. And truth be told, this isn't just talk! Located on W 20th Street, this New York Gallery has featured countless pieces from artists around the globe. While some of its contemporaries mostly focus on Western artists, the Cavin-Morris Gallery has gone above and beyond in giving creatives from Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific the perfect platform to get their names out there. Some would say they were risks but boy, have they paid off!

Chic New York Art Galleries You Probably Didn't Know About

Half Gallery

On E 4th Street, you'll find Half Gallery, another chic New York art space you need to check out. Founder Bill Powers has taken it upon himself to curate a collection made by emerging artists from all around the world. You might not know some of their names yet (or even at all), but even at first glance, you'll know that they're bound for great things. Whether you're an art lover or not, the Half Gallery is a great place to discover other people's views and perspectives. Not in the form of forums and discussions, but through their incredible works.

Society of Illustrators

Although the Society of Illustrators is technically a museum on E 63rd Street, the place is so small that it's practically just a gallery. In fact, some of the other New York galleries on this list boast bigger spaces than this. Nevertheless, that doesn't deter the fascinating works on display in this beautiful estate. As its name says, the Society of Illustrators gallery highlights the hand-drawn art form. From graphic design to fashion illustration, the place proves that drawing encompasses various disciplines of art and that it's as timeless as painting, sculpting, music, dance, and more.

Patricia Field ArtFashion Gallery

Let's not forget that fashion is still a form of art too. And in New York, none is a bigger “fashion artist” than Award-winning costume designer, Patricia Field. Famous for her work in film and TV series like “Sex and The City” (1998 - 2004) and “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), Field is a legend in New York's fashion scene. Her vision and sense of style (both for herself and her clients) are unlike any other. She's able to form a narrative with clothes alone, which you can see in her own art gallery at 200 E Broadway. It's a definite must-see for any fashion lover in New York!

Chic New York Art Galleries You Probably Didn't Know About

Museums are all well and good but let's not forget that New York City is also a treasure trove for chic art galleries. You may not know some of them but they're still worth checking out just the same!




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