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Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

July 26, 2023
What's great about London is that there's not one single place that's the best for you to stay in. Each of the central neighborhoods has something to offer, be it its trendy vibe or its historic charms. Moreover, there's always at least one luxury apartment in London that stands above everything else. So if you just moved to the city and you're looking for a place to stay, consider choosing any of our finest high-class homes in the British capital. Trust that you'll find a great home in Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, Paddington, and more!

Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

Cheval Lexham Gardens in Kensington

The Royal Borough of Kensington in London is known for its trendy districts and lively atmosphere. This is the chic part of the British capital, one that films often feature to make people feel a strong sense of wanderlust. If you get a place here, you're likely a young, twenty or thirty-something singleton who just moved to London to start a career or to fall in love. And if you truly are any or all of these things, you'd want to check out this cool one-bedroom apartment in the Cheval Lexham Gardens. It has enough space for you, a great view, and is well-equipped with everything you need. What more could you ask for?
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

The Powis Square Escape in Notting Hill

In the affluent Kensington borough, you'll find Notting Hill. No, not the 1999 rom-com starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, but the actual place where that movie is set. Even prior to that film's release, Notting Hill was already among the most popular neighborhoods in London. It's a lovely district with cool shops, charming cafes, lively pubs, and more. It makes sense to want to live here, right? And if you do, you'll want to rent out this chic Powis Square Escape. It's a modern two-bedroom flat with lots of space, artistic furniture, ample storage, and more.
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

Luxurious Two-Bedroom in Chelsea

Another popular district in London's Kensington borough is Chelsea. Home to the city's art scene, this is the place where you want to get in with the “in-crowd.” It's not far-fetched to bump into a celebrity or a supermodel here. What more if you rent this exquisite two-bedroom apartment in the area? It's a sunny London luxury home with ample space, all the necessary appliances, chic furniture, and a balcony to boot! You'll have no trouble setting up your own little soiree in this gorgeous space. And if you live in Chelsea, there's a good chance that you will do just that!
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

The Stratford Escape in Stratford

Speaking of sunny apartments in London, you'll have no trouble getting that natural light in this two-bedroom loft in Stratford, London. With many of its walls made out of windows, you'd hardly need an alarm to wake you up. The bright sunrise will do that just fine. And just look at all that space! Since the kitchen and living room are all in one massive space, you get to enjoy plenty of legroom. If you have kids, they'd have no trouble running around without hitting anything here too. As for the icing on the cake—Stratford is a great place for settling down!
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

The Harrods Mews in Knightsbridge

Speaking of living with your family, you'd hardly find a better place than this four-bedroom luxury home in Knightsbridge! Firstly, the area is great for raising kids. It's not as busy as the other neighborhoods and it's even near Hyde Park, the most famous public park in the city. Taking your little ones out for some playtime will be a breeze! Secondly, the rental itself is massive. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms on offer, the place is big enough to fit around 8 to 10 guests at a time. How's that for spacious? Doesn't that sound like the perfect family home in London?
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

The Paddington Retreat in Paddington

The city of London can often get so busy and bustling at times that it can easily overwhelm you. Suddenly, you just want to head off to the English countryside to get away from it all. But you still have work/school. You can't exactly just go away willy-nilly! So what's the next best thing? Bring the countryside to you, of course! Take this charming Paddington Retreated in the district of the same name. With its minimal design and intricate woodwork, doesn't it look like a countryside cottage? Fortunately, it's not as big as one! The place has four bedrooms on offer, big enough for a family or to share with roommates.
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

The Porchester Gardens in Westminster

Do you know what true real estate luxury in London is? A big home with a lovely garden. The city is just so condensed and crowded that something as simple as a private garden is already a luxury. Now, what if you can rent a nice, spacious home with a big garden in the heart of London? Now that's luxurious! In the ever-busy Westminster area, home to many of the city's famous landmarks, this four-bedroom rental with a private garden is a homebody's dream. The house itself has everything you'd need, but it's the lush garden, with all its beautiful flory, that's the main draw!
Our Best Luxury Apartments in Popular London Neighborhoods

Where are you planning to stay in London? Kensington? Westminster? Paddington? Chelsea? Wherever it is, consider renting out any of our finest luxury apartments in London. There's at least one that you can call home in each district!

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