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The Top Summer 2023 Trends According to French Designers

June 17, 2023
Summer is finally here and if you're spending the season in Paris, you ought to dress to impress! This is the home of some of the biggest designer brands, after all, and most of them have set the trends for summer 2023. Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent, for example, proposes a sleek and svelte summer silhouette, putting forth a new take on Mediterranean maxi-dressing. Hedi Slimane of Celine, on the other hand, is going the opposite route. His “Indie Summer” look is slinky, sexy, and of course, summery. And what of Olivier Rousteign at Balmain? For him, summer 2023 is all about Renaissance glamour redux!

The Top Summer 2023 Trends According to French Designers

Sleek and Svelte - Saint Laurent

You wouldn't ordinarily think of floor-length dresses and leather coats for summer, especially in the Mediterranean. In this part of the world, summer wardrobe staples include linen separates, light layers, flowing maxi dresses, and the like. But Anthony Vaccarello, who's long been a proponent of the 'sex sells' sensibility, covered up his women for summer 2023. In his collection for Saint Laurent, the Belgian-Italian designer trotted out an army of svelte sirens in sleek diaphanous gowns, tailored coats, and leather jackets. Far from the scantily-clad mistresses that the world was used to from Vaccarello, these high-class women seemed to be dressed up for the French Alps instead of the French Riviera for this summer.
Source: Saint Laurent YouTube Channel

French Rivera Realness - Celine

Speaking of the French Riviera, Hedi Slimane—who ironically designed for Saint Laurent before moving to Celine—had this particular destination in mind for his spring/summer 2023 collection. Having appropriately staged his show in Saint Tropez, the Celine woman is all about that Mediterranean magic this summer. But not in an overtly sexy way, but rather the sensual French way. In signature Slimane skinny sleekness, the pieces were effortlessly cool, chic, and even a little androgynous. A pinstriped set of separates paired with a black bikini, for instance, might as well have been Brigitte Bardot's choice of beachwear had she had her heyday in 2023.
Source: Celine YouTube Channel

Romantic Rosettes - Dries Van Noten

And just like that, “florals for spring” (or in this case, summer) is back in style! Truth be told, not a lot of modern women are as fanciful with flowers as Carrie Bradshaw was during the six seasons of “Sex and The City” in the late 90s and early 00s. But Dries Van Noten presented a fascinating case for them in his spring/summer 2023 last Paris Fashion Week. The Belgian designer decorated many of his printed pieces with rosettes, each more frilly than the next. Not only did they add a wonderful 3D effect to his signature whimsical imagery, but they upheld a touch of romance too.
Source: Dries Van Noten YouTube Channel

Renaissance Redux - Balmain

Who knew Olivier Rousteing would put forth a Renaissance moment for spring 2023? Perhaps it's another nod to Beyoncé's latest best-selling album and current world tour? The French creative director of Balmain and the American pop superstar did collaborate on an haute couture collection together. And it was just as chock full of urban Black Renaissance as you'd expect. This season, however, Routeing's Renaissance moment dates back to the original era which spanned from the 15th to the 16th centuries. His Balmain collection had Renaissance paintings decorate his draped dresses while the period's corsetry was evident in the most structured pieces.
Source: Balmain YouTube Channel

Return of the Bustle - Dior

It seems Balmain wasn't the only French designer brand inspired by classic silhouettes for spring 2023. Maria Grazia Chiuri had her own nostalgic moment for Dior. But her overall theme and aesthetic were her signature romance and grunge eccentricity, the shape of her clothes was distinctly old-school. And by old-school, it goes all the way back to La Belle Époque and the Victorian era. Surprisingly, Chiuri brought back the crinoline and the bustle for spring 2023. It meshed well with Dior's own “New Look” signature, but it also added an edge of its own!
Source: Dior YouTube Channel

Pick The Pockets - Louis Vuitton

Women who go gaga over dresses with pockets will definitely appreciate the new summer 2023 trend Louis Vuitton set forth. The brand's creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, never shied away from adding utilitarian touches to most of his designs. But what most stood out in his spring/summer 2023 collection was the abundance of pockets on the clothes. From suits and jackets to even dresses, practically every look had more than its fair share of pockets. And they worked well with the designer's typical space age motif too. It's a bit weird that a French brand known for its leather goods will focus on pockets amongst everything else.
Source: Louis Vuitton YouTube Channel

What are the biggest trends to follow in summer 2023? Well, according to French designers, they include a Renaissance redux, giving French Riviera realness, sleek & svelt silhouettes, and a whole lot of pockets!

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