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What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?

April 12, 2023
If there's one place that ought to have amazing Greek restaurants, it's Athens. It's the capital city of Greece, after all. Though it's not exactly a food capital, it's one of the most important cities for Greek culture. And of course, that ought to include Greek cuisine. Fortunately, the city does have its fair share of exciting restaurants that serve delicious authentic local dishes. If you're a proud foodie, you ought to know about Strofi Athenian Restaurant, Xrysa-Xrysa, Vlassis, and Cookoovaya! They define what it means to prepare and serve the finest Greek dishes ever!

What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?

Strofi Athenian Restaurant

One look at Strofi Athenian Restaurant and you'll instantly understand why it's at the top of this list. It's important to remember that there's more to the finest restaurants in the world than just their food. It's important, sure, but the entire culinary experience counts as well. And Strofi Athenian Restaurant is a good example. With the iconic Acropolis in the background, you couldn't have asked for a more divine ambiance than this! Paired with their scrumptious seafood—fried squid or oiled octopus with oregano, anyone?—this is one meal you'll certainly never forget!
What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?
Source: Strofi Athenian Restaurant Facebook Page

Platanos Taverna

As far as Greek restaurants go, Platanos Taverna is as classic as they come! It's been around since 1932, making it one of the oldest culinary hotspots in the Greek capital. Over time, it's become the go-to tavern for many of the city's intellectual elites, sort of like the Montparnasse cafes in Paris. And it's hard not to fall in love with the place, what with its provincial charms setting up a nice contrast against the bustling city of Athens. It's as if you get a slice of the Greek countryside and the rural islands when you're here. As for the food, their traditional meat will taste as authentically Greek as ever!
What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?
Source: Platanos Taverna


Located in the Petralona neighborhood in Athens, Xrysa-Xrysa is a beloved hotspot that foodies shouldn't miss out on. The owner, Chryssa Protoppapa, who also named the place after himself, has been a prominent figure in Greece's culinary scene for many years now. It's here that he can let his true skills shine and serve some of the finest traditional dishes possible. But what's so interesting about his menu is that it strikes a good balance between all the Mediterranean staples. For those who crave seafood, shrimp with fennel and ouzo would be a delectable choice. Meanwhile, meat lovers would appreciate pork hock with aromatic beer marinade and honey instead.
What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?
Source: Xrysa-Xrysa Restaurant Facebook Page


Grilled calamari paired with shrimp risotto, chicken served with Feta cheese, and beef drenched in white wine sauce. These are just some of the most delicious dishes you can enjoy in Vlassis, a chic restaurant on Meandrou 15. The place itself is pretty modern and hip, even though it opened back in 1983. This just goes to show that the hotspot knows how to go with the times and has managed to stay popular after all these years. And seeing its fabulous menu of Greek dishes, it's not surprising to see why!
What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?
Source: Vlassis


Ever since it first opened back in 1957, 17 has remained a beloved bar and restaurant for locals and tourists alike in Athens. It's located on Likavittou 2, a hop and a skip away from Lycabettus Hill. The street itself is pretty chic, so you can expect a fairly classy place when you decide to dine here. As for what to get, you'd do well to try their braised Black Angus chuck roast. Slowly simmered in red wine, it offers the richest flavors of Greece and the Mediterranean. Some grilled sea bass, on the other hand, is as classic Greek seafood as can be.
What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?
Source: 17 Restaurant-Bar Facebook Page

Orizontes Lycabettus

Since you're already near Lycabettus Hill, why not go all the way up and dine at the top? Orizontes Lycabettus lets you dine at one of, if not the highest peak of Athens. Overlooking practically the entire Greek capital, it offers some of the best views of the city. And you can enjoy it as you indulge in traditional Greek cuisine too! Watch the sunset as you take bite after bite of their 'Fish of The Day' ceviche served with citrus sauce. See the stars as you savor the taste of their fresh grilled lobster. And pair your Ioannina-style baklava with dessert wine under the stars! What's not to love?
What are The Best Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens?
Source: Orizontes Lycabettus Facebook Page

It's no surprise that Athens is home to such fine Greek restaurants. There's no better place to indulge in the most delicious cuisine than the capital city of the country where the beloved cuisine comes from.

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