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Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots

March 12, 2023
There are so many cafes in Paris, it's hard to choose which ones are the best. Some are downright iconic and historic, while others are fairly new but keep on stealing the spotlight with their exquisite cuisines. How could you ever distinguish which ones are the best? You probably can't! But there are a few cafes in Paris that you can easily consider the most beautiful. Places like La Vrais, Maison Sauvage, La Diva des Près, La Flamme, and Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole will captivate you at first glance. They're decorated with colorful flowers and paired with that signature Parisian charm, a perfect combination for a dreamy hotspot!

Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots

La Vrais

Located on Rue des Abbesses in the 18th arrondissement, La Vrais grabs everyone's attention with its flower-filled facade. It's especially famous for its use of pale pink cherry blossoms to brighten up pale yellow signs. The color combination is so pretty and picturesque that you can't help but check the place out. And when you do get inside, you'll discover an old-fashion bistro that also has some botanical bliss in it. The hanging flowers continue the floral magic from the exterior, freshening up the air as you indulge in some steak, risotto, lamb shanks, and more.
Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots
Source: La Vrais

Maison Sauvage

In the charming Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, you'll find Maison Sauvage, a two-story cafe that's also known for its floral facade. What makes this place so enchanting to look at is that it changes with the seasons. In autumn, for example, you'll find flowers in deep rich colors decorating the storefront. And in spring, the blossoms tend to look lighter and more delicate. No matter the time of year, Maison Sauvage remains Instagram-worthy. Fortunately, the food doesn't disappoint too. The place serves international cuisine in small, often bite-sized portions. Hence it's a great brunch place in Paris too!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots
Source: Maison Sauvage

La Diva des Près

At first glance, you'd think that La Diva des Près on Rue de Seine is a Parisian cabaret. With its bright lights and extravagant flowers, there's no way you'd think that this is one of the run-of-the-mill cafes in Paris. But when you actually get inside, the pink-colored hotspot really does serve coffee and treats. They offer French cuisine in this flamboyant establishment, such as escargot and foie gras, among many others. The loud colors may seem too much at first, but over time, you'll get used to all the whimsical extravagance.
Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots
Source: La Diva des Près Facebook Page

La Flamme

Situated on Île de la Cité, La Flamme's flower-ladened corner facade is undoubtedly a scene stealer. Especially since the awning and the cafe itself have a pretty dark color scheme. The brightly-colored petals perfectly contrast the black and red rendering of the hotspot. They're enough to draw people in and make them curious about the establishment. But will you enjoy your time in this dark and almost somber-looking space? You bet! Their menu is unapologetically European, highlighting dishes from Italy, German, and of course, France too!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots
Source: La Flamme Facebook Page

Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole

Finally, there's Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole on Rue Chanoinesse. Like La Flamme, the interior of this cafe doesn't necessarily match its flower-decorated exterior. From the outside, this vine-lined hotspot looks pretty as a picture. It's the kind of pastel-colored facade you'd find illustrated in children's books set in Paris. But when you get outside, the rich Baroque aesthetic isn't exactly what the little ones will find all that pleasing. It's located in a 16th-century townhouse, after all. It makes sense that the interior evokes an old-world refinement. The food, however, highlights modern-day culinary excellence!
Cafes in Paris: The Best Flowery Hotspots
Source: Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole Facebook Page

The most beautiful cafes in Paris are those that are decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers. You'd see them from a mile away and their aesthetics are nothing short of breathtaking! They'll surely charm your pants off too.

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