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Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

February 20, 2023
What are some fun date ideas in New York City? Listening to live jazz, perhaps? Sure. Hanging out in Central Park? Yes! What about kayaking too? Why not? In truth, New York City is a pretty romantic destination. It might have a lot of hustle and bustle but they don't take away the fact that it's a great city for couples to enjoy their time together. Or maybe even fall deeper in love with each other too! And it's the many things that couples can do in the city that make it such a romantic place. In this “concert jungle where dreams are made of,” love is never too far behind!

Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Hang Out in Central Park

As cliche as it sounds, hanging out in Central Park really is one of the best date ideas in New York City. First of all, it's free. Though there are many things you can do around here that will cost you, there's also nothing stopping you from just chilling. Prepare a picnic, lay down a blanket, and just hang out. Or go on a stroll hand-in-hand, holding hands, and witness life in the city go by. This is definitely a great option for those who can't exactly keep up with the high living costs in New York City.
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Listen to Jazz

Although jazz is more associated with New Orleans in Louisiana, the jazz scene in Manhattan is not to be overlooked! Especially in Harlem. It's almost as if this neighborhood in New York City is a slice of the famous southern city. Located in Upper Manhattan, Harlem is a chic district known for its largely African-American heritage. Of course, this includes jazz too. Countless clubs and parlors feature both famous and up-and-coming artists, serenading couples with ther smooth tunes and spirited beats. In some places, you can just relax and revel in all that jazz. And in others, you can let the music move you and dance all night long!
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Enjoy A Comedy Show

As far as fun date ideas in New York City are concerned, is there anything funnier than a comedy show? Remember that the city is the home of 'Saturday Night Live' on NBC, perhaps the funniest sketch show in the country. Where do you think this iconic program found its roster of fine comedians and improv artists? New York City, of course! From the Comedy Cellar on MacDougal street to the Gotham Comedy Club on W 23rd street, you can laugh out loud with your partner in any of these amazing hotspots!
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Ride A Helicopter

Forget the Empire State Building! As iconic as it is, there's an even better place to see the best aerial views of New York City. Where is it, you ask? Why, on a helicopter, of course! Where else can you see Manhattan in all its concrete glory than way up in the sky? There are no tall buildings to obstruct your view. In a helicopter, you can see all of New York City and its five boroughs. Perhaps even a little beyond that too. And the best part? You can do it with your special someone too!
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Go Kayaking

Yep, you read that right! You can actually go kayaking in New York City. There is plenty of business that lets you rent a kayak in the city. There are some in Manhattan, some in Queens, and many in Staten Island. Truth be told, the Big Apple isn't exactly the ideal place for kayaking. At least, not compared to the paradises in the Mediterranean or the sunny tropics of the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. But nevertheless, kayaking on the Hudson River is pretty exciting too. And it's definitely among the most unique and unexpected date ideas in New York City.
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Learn All About Sex

If only Carrie Bradshaw visited the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue. There's no doubt that she would've found amazing material for her column and books. Nevertheless, New Yorkers and tourists alike can learn a thing or two in this fascinating museum. Having opened in 2002, the Museum of Sex has shown the many different dimensions of the intimate act. Do note that it's not all erotica here. The museum also shows a more intellectual and artistic view of sex. But that won't stop you and your lover to earn a few pointers for the bedroom, would it?
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Eat Something Naughty

Since you're already thinking about sex, why not eat something naughty in New York City too? And no, this isn't a euphemism for something vulgar. There are a few bakeries in the city that offers cakes, pastries, and other treats in the shape of, let's say... body parts. Kinky’s Dessert Bar in the Lower East Side, for example, doesn't shy away from its overt sexual references. While SoHo's Sugar Wood's WAP-themed cooked have become so huge among locals and tourists alike. If you're up for this kind of kitschy, quirky, and sexy fun, then enjoy!
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Watch A Drag Show

Finally, don't miss your chance to watch a drag show in New York! Whether you're on a date or not, this is something you shouldn't overlook. The New York drag scene is one of the finest, not just in the country, but in the world! Many of the local queens and other drag performers have gone on to become global superstars themselves. A good number have even won the famous reality TV competition, 'RuPaul's Drag Race.' And they all got their start in the many lively and colorful drag bars in the city.
Check Out These Fun Date Ideas in New York City

Couples in the Big Apple are so lucky! There are so many fun date ideas in New York City. Some are fun and exciting, a few are pretty sexy, but all in all, these are experiences you won't ever forget. They are why New York City is so romantic!

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