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The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

February 10, 2023
Montreal is a great city. It combines all the charms and whimsy of the past with the hustle and bustle of the present. In this bustling metropolis, which young, single adult wouldn't want to live here? Montreal is the perfect place to carve out your own path, perhaps even build a career, and make a name for yourself. But before that, you need a place to stay! Fortunately, there are lots of solo luxury apartments in Montreal that might fit you. They're in awesome locations, offer high-quality amenities, and are simply the best homes you could ever want.

The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Convenient Private Bedroom in Mile-End

“Convenient” doesn't even begin to describe this awesome solo luxury apartment. First of all, it's located in Mile End, one of the hippest central neighborhoods in Montreal. There's a lot of hustle and bustle, great facilities nearby, and a lively community. Any single adult, no matter their age, will fit right in here. Secondly, the place itself is not too shabby. It's well-furnished, has lots of space, and boy is it clean! You can practically eat off of the floor here! Fortunately, you don't have to since it has a nice dining area.
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Unique Old Montreal Loft

The fact that this one-bedroom loft apartment is located in Old Montreal already makes it a winner! Imagine getting to stay or even live in such a charming part of the city. This apartment may scream contemporary chic but its location is all about old-world beauty! You can even see it from here via the cool floor-to-ceiling windows. Just open the curtains and you get a fantastic view of the famous district. This also makes this solo apartment pretty sunny, don't you think? You barely have to turn on the lights to make the space bright!
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Best Apartment in Downtown Montreal

Any luxury apartment in Downtown Montreal will fit any traveler or new resident of the city. The location is so great, you barely have to care what your place looks like. But luckily, this one-bedroom rental is pretty neat. For one thing, it's big enough to fit around two to four guests at a time. With that much space, there's no way you'll be uncomfortable here. The kitchen is equipped with quality appliances, there's a big closet for all your stuff, and there's even some extra storage underneath the bed! Who wouldn't want all of that? Especially if it means you get to stay in Downtown Montreal!
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Apartment In Downtown Montreal

Also in Downtown Montreal is this cool solo luxury apartment. With its red brick wall and fascinating artwork, you can tell that this place has character. It's perfect for, let's say, a single 20-something student studying in an international school in Montreal. They couldn't have picked a better place since the area is just bustling with all sorts of excitement. And scoring this place means they get to enjoy all that space too. If they ever want to invite friends over or even host a study group, they have all the room. What's not to love?
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Nice & Beautiful Private Bedroom in Plateau-Mont-Royal

Another great solo luxury apartment for a student is this stellar private bedroom in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood. The area itself is already known for its student-friendly atmosphere, so that alone is a huge plus. And when you get to the actual rental, you'll find that it's perfect for someone serious about their studies. The size is just right and the place is clean and organized. A particular standout is an exquisite desk in the bedroom. Though it's right beside the bed, it doesn't make the room feel too claustrophobic. The size is just right and there's even a lamp for the all-nighters!
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Nice Private Bedroom in Montreal Sometimes, all you really need is just a nice, private room. Perhaps something like this clean luxury apartment in Montreal. Located in the Mile-End district, this place is just right for someone single. Though it can still fit two people at a time, you might feel more comfortable staying here on your own. This way, you get to enjoy the flat-screen TV in the living room, prepare meals in the well-equipped kitchen, and sleep in the comfy queen-sized bed all by yourself. And when you get bored, just go outside and you'll eventually find something worthwhile!
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Private Bedroom in The Village

Located in the Sainte-Marie area, this one-bedroom apartment in Montreal is definitely something! Right off the bat, the classic wooden furniture will grab your attention. They're so ornate and old-fashioned, you'd think they're more suitable in a grand mansion in Old Montreal or something. But even if they're not your style, you have to admit that they add character to the whole space. It's like a cool clash of the past and the present. In any case, this luxury apartment offers comfort and solace in this part of Montreal. Anyone will find it easy to feel right at home here.
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Cozy Private Room

If you know all about Fairmount Bagel, you know that this cozy private room, which is located near the hotspot, is a keeper! Fairmount Bagel is one of the most famous brunch places in Montreal. If you couldn't tell from its name yet, the shop serves some of the most scrumptious bagels in the city. Even if you move to Montreal, stay in this apartment, and eat their bagels every single day, you won't get tired of it! Though the place itself isn't to scoff at either! The rental is spacious, has a great kitchen, and even comes with a washer-dryer set.
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

Sweet & Cozy Private Bedroom in the Heart of Montreal

Finally, check out this sweet luxury solo apartment in the heart of Montreal. It's pretty complete as far as living quarters go. Instead of asking what it has, you're better off wondering what it doesn't have. This place has everything! From the sizeable bedroom and spacious living room—with a flat-screen TV, no less!—to the pleasant kitchen and cozy dining area, what more could you ask for? You have designated places to sleep, rest, relax, cook your meals, and more. There's no way you couldn't be comfortable in such a place. Even more so since it's in a pretty central location in the city.
The Finest Solo Luxury Apartments in Montreal

If you're staying in Montreal on your own, you need to check out these awesome solo luxury apartments! They're in great locations, offer amazing amenities, and are the finest rentals for you to feel right at home.

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