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The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal

February 08, 2023
Montreal may not be Paris but there is one thing that these two French-speaking cities have in common. They're both romantic destinations. The latter is more famous for it than the former, but that doesn't make the city any less romantic. It's a popular honeymoon destination, with so many charms to offer that couples can't help but get lovey-dovey here. Places like Old Montreal, Montreal Botanical Garden, Belvédère Kondiaronk, Bar George, and Cinéma Moderne are especially noteworthy in this regard. These are some of the most romantic spots in Montreal. Couples will enjoy their time in any one of these places while singletons might just find their soulmates here too!

The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal

Old Montreal

Any place that will make you feel like you've traveled back in time is always so romantic. Take Old Montreal, for instance. With its centuries-old structure and cobblestone streets, the entire district harkens back to Old Europe. It's one of the many reasons why Montreal is often regarded as the “Paris of North America.” And it's within this old-world neighborhood that you can stroll hand-in-hand with your special someone and bask in the historic glory of the city. Don't miss out on the Notre Dame Basilica here. Though the one in the French capital is more iconic, the alter in this one is arguably more beautiful.
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Belvédère Kondiaronk

Although Belvédère Kondiaronk is more known as one of the best Instagram-worthy spots in Montreal, it's still a pretty romantic spot. This high terrace offers up one of the best views of the city; the perfect place to capture that amazing skyline. Because of this, the place is more like a public park than a viewing peak. There are kids rolling around on their skateboards, families going on picnics, and tourists snapping away with their camera phones. With all that, how can you ever enjoy a date here? Simple: just focus on that fantastic view. You'd also do well to go here in the afternoon to enjoy an awesome sunset!
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal
Source: Flickr.com/ Wally Gobetz

Montreal Botanical Garden

There's nothing quite like a botanical garden to offer the perfect retreat away from all the hustle and bustle of the city! The Montreal Botanical Garden on the famous Sherbrook street is utterly magical. Not only do you get to see all sorts of exotic and colorful flowers, but the floral sculptures here are truly something else! It's as if you walked into Alice's Wonderland, but instead of painted roses, you get treated to a variety of different species. And of course, the sweet smell that lingers in the air will only inspire feelings of fancy even more!
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Eric Yarnell

Bar George

Without a doubt, Bar George is one of the best bars in Montreal. And arguably, one of the most romantic spots in the city too. Though this hotspot isn't well-known for romance, it remains a great date spot for those who want to go out on the town. This ornate, traditional-style bar and restaurant is actually located in Le Mount Stephen, one of the fanciest hotels in Montreal. Its elegant ambiance and candlelit atmosphere create the perfect intimate space for you to enjoy your partner's company. And even when it's crowded, as long as you have your drinks at hand, there's nothing to ruin your date night here!
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal
Source: Bar George Facebook Page

Cinéma Moderne

A movie night may be the most common, perhaps even the most cliche date idea but it always works! And here in Montreal, you'd do well to bring your date to Cinéma Moderne on St Laurent Boulevard. What makes this place stand out from all the others? Well, Cinéma Moderne is actually a pretty small theater. It's not as massive as a standard cinema. But while others may think of this as too compact, you and your significant other can enjoy the intimacy of the relatively small space. And if you want some refreshments, there's a nice cafe and bar inside too! What's not to love?
The Five Most Romantic Spots in Montreal
Source: Cinéma Moderne Facebook

Spending time in Montreal with your special someone? Then you ought to know about the five most romantic spots in the city. They vary from an old-world district to an enchanting botanical garden and even a cool bar too!

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