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The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal

January 25, 2023
Winter in Montreal can get pretty harsh! Since the city is in Eastern Canada, it gets a lot of snow during this time of the year. And the temperature drops so low, you can't help but feel low yourself. So why not turn that frown upside down and cozy on up to some of the warmest spots in Montreal? There's Bar George, Maison Boulud, and Taverne Gaspar, to name a few. When the snow is still falling and the temperature is at an all-time low, these are the perfect places to retreat to. You can easily escape the cold in any one of them!

The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal

Maison Boulud

Located in Downtown Montreal, Maison Boulud will really have you feeling hot and heavy! No, not the sexy kind! But literally hot, as in warm and toasty, and heavy, as in a full stomach. As you might've already guessed, Maison Boulud is one of the finest restaurants in Montreal. Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud opened his namesake hotspot inside the swanky Ritz Carlton hotel. Make sure to snatch a table near the big fireplace so you can really escape the cold during winter in Montreal. And as you stay cozy, you can indulge in the legendary chef's many French dishes.
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Maison Boulud Facebook Page


Speaking of the Ritz Carlton, its famous Palm Court area is yet another excellent hotspot for staying warm during winter in Montreal. For one thing, a huge fireplace heats up the entire space despite how big it is. You can already feel how toasty it is from the lobby alone. And when you finally get a seat, what better way to warm up than with a cup of tea? This place may not be like the fabulous tea houses in London, but it's still a great place for afternoon tea! Especially when it's chilly outside.
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Ritz-Carlton Montreal Facebook Page

Restaurant État-Major

Carrot and parsnip soup, Argentinian prawns, filet mignon, venison medallion, and homemade fresh pasta. With dishes like these, you'd instantly forget all about the cold winter in Montreal! And it's just your luck that there is one incredible hotspot that serves all these: Restaurant État-Major. Located on Ontario street, it's a go-to place for locals and tourists alike who are craving a sumptuous international feast. The space itself is pretty sleek and chic, fairly minimal compared to the other hotspots on this list. But when crowds fill it up during lunch hour or dinner time, the temperature rises in no time!
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Restaurant État-Major

Bar George

Even when it's not winter in Montreal, you still have to check out Bar George when you can! To say that it's one of the hottest nightlight spots in the city is an understatement. As the in-house establishment of Le Mount Stephen hotel, Bar George never fails to draw in the crowds night after night. Part of it is its fusion menu of English and local Quebecois cuisine. But then there's also their array of exciting drinks that will get you buzzing before the night is through. When you just want to warm up and forget about the cold, you can party in Bar George all night long!
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Bar George Facebook Page


From its name alone, you can already tell that Firegrill-St-Laurent is one of the hottest spots in Montreal, don't you? And it's not just because of the big centralized fireplace in the middle of the restaurant. Of course, there's no denying that this helps keep you cozy and toasty while you're here, but it's really the place's hearty dishes that will warm you up like no other! Think big juicy steaks, ribs drenched in sauce, seafood platters that will take you to tropical culinary paradise, and more. As much as you want to escape the harsh winter in Montreal, this place is a good enough solution.
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Firegrill Restaurant & Bar Facebook Page

Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel

Let's go back to fine dining for this next one. Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel offers an haute cuisine culinary experience on St Gabriel street. The place looks like it's from a stone fortress somewhere in Scotland or Ireland back in the middle ages And you know what? In terms of age, that's not too far off. Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel has entranced foodies since 1754, making it one of the oldest restaurants in Montreal. But while the ambiance may remind you of the British Isles, the menu is French all the way! They serve beef tartare, filet mignon, and all the other French culinary staples.
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel Facebook Page

Taverne Gaspar

And finally, there's Taverne Gaspar on Rue de la Commune E. Located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Montreal, Old Montreal, this place also evokes an old-world charm. It's very much a traditional tavern, complete with craft beer, a dark wooden interior, and bustling brute energy. This is the kind of place where you can just hang out, laugh out loud, and have a good time. Fortunately, they light up the fireplace during the winter so you don't get too cold as you down all the beer that you can.
The Best Hotspots to Stay Warm during Winter in Montreal
Source: Taverne Gaspar

These hotspots in Montreal are literally hot! And that's what makes them the perfect places for you to hang out when winter in Montreal gets a little too cold for comfort. You can definitely cozy up and have a good time in any one of them!

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