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The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal

January 23, 2023
Many of the finest restaurants in Montreal are located in Old Montreal. There's Brasserie 701, Dandy, Le Garde-Manger, Le Club Chasse et Pêche, and Barroco, to name a few. Though the area's popularity stems from its old-world charms and classic novelties, both locals and tourists alike love this place for its many culinary hotspots. Any foodie worth their salt would know that this is the place to be when you want to taste the city's finest cuisines. The restaurants here serve all sorts of dishes and delicacies, with flavors you might not have tasted before! Go on a foodie trip to Old Montreal and discover its culinary magic!

The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal

Brasserie 701

Brasserie 701, also known as Suite 701, is a chic and stylish restaurant on Côte place-d'Armes. It's only a two-minute walk away from the Notre Dame Basilica, making it the go-to spot for when you grow hungry after visiting the famous site. Its elegant decor definitely harkens back to fine dining in Paris, even down to its impressive facade. And the food? You can enjoy some Smoked Salmon Benedict for breakfast, Poutine with cheese curds and pearl onions for lunch, and Beef Tarter with caviar mustard, parmesan, and avocado for dinner. Don't those all sound scrumptious?
The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal
Source: Brasserie 701


Located at the heart of this historic neighborhood in Montreal, Barroco is an intimate, dimly-lit, tavern-like culinary hotspot. Because of how intimate it is, it's often the go-to restaurant in Old Montreal for couples going on a date. A candlelit dinner here is enough to make anyone fall deeper in love with their partner. Especially when they feed each other any of Barroco's delicious dishes. Perhaps some braised short ribs? Those will definitely pair well with the place's fine red wine. Or how about their signature paella to bring out some Mediterranean flavor? And for dessert, a unique crab lava chocolate cake!
The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal
Source: Barroco Facebook Page


If you want to have brunch in Montreal, specifically in Old Montreal, then you couldn't have picked a better place than Dandy! Situated on Rue Saint-Jacques, locals and tourists alike would go here for their mid-morning meal. After all, they do serve an all-day brunch menu. From mushroom toast and ricotta pancakes to buttermilk fried chicken and Kolkitho salad, you'll have no trouble starting your day right. And if you can get here before lunch hour, there's no need to worry! You can always get some Viva La Pasta for lunch here. Perhaps with a side of sourdough toast too? Now that'll be just dandy!
The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal
Source: Dandy Facebook Page

Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Its name alone sounds pretty fancy, doesn't it? And you're not off the mark there either! Le Club Chasse et Pêche is one of the most sophisticated restaurants in Old Montreal. Located on Rue Saint-Claude, it offers up a sumptuous fusion menu of European and Asian cuisines. Some Pan-fried foie gras or braised pig risotto will work well for your starter. They'll definitely whet your appetite before the main course. And speaking of the main course, how does salmon with shitake and bacon sound? Did that make your stomach grumble even more? How about a rack of lamb with wild peas and pistachio? Now that sounds heavenly!
The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal
Source: Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Le Garde-Manger

Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes heads the kitchen at Le Garde-Manger, the culinary hotspot on Saint Francois Xavier Street. Together with chef de cuisine Chris Merrick, they offer up a plethora of exciting dishes you won't find anyone else. If you're craving some seafood, for instance, then you're in luck. This place's seafood bar includes smoked salmon, chilled mussels, razor clams, snow crabs, and more! As for the main course, you can either get a honey-glazed duck or well-seasoned trout paired with nugget potatoes. And for dessert, a slice of coffee cake topped with malt ice cream is the way to go!
The Top Five Restaurants in Old Montreal
Source: Le Garde-Manger Facebook Page

The best restaurants in Old Montreal prove that this district and even the entire city itself have a lot of culinary excellence to offer. It may very well be on its way to becoming a food capital itself!

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