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The Best Transportation Apps to Use in South Africa

December 20, 2022
It's a good thing that there are many transportation apps that operate in South Africa. You can use Bolt, Uber, Yookoo Ride, or Zebra Cabs here to make it easier for you to get around. In this day and age, you can rely on technology to assist you in everything you do. Of course, that includes transportation too. With the help of these apps, you can go wherever you want and whenever you want. That's especially helpful in a country like South Africa, where natural wonders abound even in the most urban of places.

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in South Africa


If you thought a certain, arguably more popular ride-sharing app would start this list off, you're mistaken. Here in South Africa, Bolt is as popular as Uber in terms of transportation apps. It used to be known as 'Taxify' but has since changed its name. Nevertheless, their service remains the same: quality transportation at a good price. Over the years, it has become available in over 34 cities and towns all throughout South Africa, making it quite the tour de force in the transportation game. It's perhaps their more affordable prices that make it more appealing to South Africans.


As you probably already expected, Uber is the most popular transportation app in South Africa. Just like in other countries such as Canada or Israel, people can't get enough of this incredibly useful app. Not only does Uber help millions of commuters get to where they need to be, but the company also employs a ton of drivers in the country as well. It helps that they make use of different services too, such as UberPool (for sharing your ride with other users), Uber Bike (can also be used to rent bikes yourself), and even Uber Eats (for getting food delivered to your door).

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in South Africa

Yookoo Ride

In terms of affordable pricing, Yookoo Ride has every other transportation app in South Africa beat! That's the advantage of being a home-grown program, after all. Made for South Africans, by South Africans, Yookoo Ride is the most economical option among all the ride-hailing apps that operate here. You can even pay for the service through various means such as cash, credit card, or e-wallet—yet another reason why locals love it so much! Furthermore, the app makes use of facial recognition to profile both drivers and passengers to ensure everyone's safety. What's not to love?


While Yookoo Ride undoubtedly has the upper hand in terms of affordable pricing, inDriver is a transportation app that has its own tricks up its sleeve. Since it started operating in South Africa at a tumultuous time in the country's economy, the program introduced its “Real-Time Deals” (RTD) service as a way to combat the surging prices of transportation. Through RTD, users are allowed to set the price for the ride while the driver is given the option to either accept or decline. They can also propose their own price which the user then has to either accept or decline.

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in South Africa

Zebra Cabs

While New York has yellow cabs, South Africa has the Zebra Cab! Make no mistake! These aren't just black and white-striped vehicles purely for design. Zebra Cabs actually belong to a transportation company that makes use of an app to let people hire their service. Apart from their striking aesthetics, what also makes Zebra Cabs popular among commuters in South Africa is the plethora of services and payment modes available. You can either choose a luxury car or a big vehicle to get to where you need to be. And to pay for the service, you can either use our credit card, swipe your debit card, or pay through cash!

Taxi Live Africa

Taxi Live Africa is another local transportation app in South Africa that allows people to hail a ride digitally. It's become a fairly well-known app over the years thanks in large part to its effective communication channels. Whether it's through their in-program live chat feature or online calls, a user can directly talk to the driver and vice versa. This way, both parties can reach an agreement even before the user is picked up. The app's only drawback, however, is that it only operates in a handful of cities. These include Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.


And finally, let's not forget Waze, the premier navigation app, not just in South Africa, but in the rest of the world. This is not your ordinary GPS feature! Waze gives accurate and real-time information about the various routes that lead to your destination. It takes note of the present traffic jams, sudden accidents, and any other updates that may affect your route and travel time. Not only that, but Waze has also become known for its near-accurate estimated time arrivals (ETA). You'll know exactly what time you'll reach your destination no matter where it is!

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in South Africa

If you're worried about how to get around South Africa, you can put all those concerning thoughts to rest. Many popular and even local transportation apps operate throughout the country, providing some much-needed assistance for those who are on the go!

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