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The Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

December 20, 2022
Let's say the restaurant you want to order from doesn't have its own delivery service. You're craving your favorite dish from them so much but they can't deliver it to you. Do you just give up? Of course not! There's still technology, after all. And here in South Africa, if you want to order food, you can use apps like Uber Eats, Orderin, Bolt Food, or Glovo. No matter the time and place, they'll deliver the food to you on time. But what makes these food-delivery apps so special? Well, let's learn a little more about them.

The Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

Uber Eats

Since Uber is one of the most popular transportation apps in South Africa, it only makes sense that its food delivery service, Uber Eats, is also well-known. This program works the same way as those in major cities like New York, London, and more. . You choose a restaurant, order your food, and decide which service will pick it up. The easy choice is, of course, the bike since it's the fastest. But let's say you ordered quite a feast or a big cake for an important celebration. Only a car can deliver all that to you with little to no damage at all, right? Fortunately, this service and more are also available on Uber Eats.

Bolt Food

Also rivaling Uber in the food delivery game in South Africa is Bolt. Bolt Food is all about taking the takeaways right to your door, no ifs, ands, or buts about it! The app is as straightforward as it can get. Just order your food, pick the nearest branch of the restaurant to your location, and a courier will pick it up for you. What's also so great about it is that Bolt Food has opened up a new option for employment for many South Africans. With a clean record, anyone can be a courier for this company.

The Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in South Africa


What separates Orderin from the more popular food delivery apps in South Africa like Uber Eats and Bolt Food is the fee. You can order anything you want through this app and it will only add nominal fees to the total price. Just how nominal is it? Well, it's as if there's barely any addition to the price of your food at all! And that's why many people love using Orderin when they want to get food delivered to their homes in South Africa. It's undoubtedly the most affordable option on this list!


Since Glovo is a Spanish-born company, it makes sense that it's popular in Barcelona, Madrid, and any other Spanish city out there. But South Africa? Who would've ever thought that this delivery app would eventually make its way to the 'Rainbow Nation' too? Just like in all the other countries where Glovo operates, South Africa has come to rely on this app for their food deliveries. You can even order anything beyond food items here too. Though its popularity is mostly because of food deliveries, Glovo is actually a lifestyle delivery app that can carry just about anything!

The Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in South Africa


UCook operates a little differently compared to many other food delivery apps in South Africa. Especially the ones mentioned on this list! What helps UCook stand out is the fact that it prepared the food for you, not deliver meals from other restaurants. Of course, this also means that you have to be familiar with what they serve, which are often low-carb, vegetarian options. And since you can't order from any famous culinary hotspot here, this has made UCook considerably less popular among the masses. But it's beloved by clean and healthy eaters though!

The Flying Pan

And finally, there's The Flying Pan! Just like UCook, this app provides healthy and ready-to-eat meals here in South Africa. You're sure to get vegetable-heavy and well-balanced meals and snacks from here, making it a popular choice for fitness junkies, vegans & vegetarians, and even families. Furthermore, they can even do event catering too! Be it weddings or big parties, The Flying Pan can whip up a healthy feast for you and all your guests. The only drawback, however, is that the app mostly operates in Cape Town since this is their home base. The Flying Pan has yet to branch out to other parts of South Africa.

The Most Popular Food Delivery Apps in South Africa

Want to have your food delivered right to your door here in South Africa? Well, that's possible with the help of the most popular food delivery apps in the country. No matter where you are, you're assured of your next meal!

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