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How Do You Get A Job in South Africa?

December 13, 2022
From searching on job-seeking websites to relying on your own network, there are multiple ways to get a job in South Africa. If you're starting a new life in South Africa, then you need to find employment here. Living in this country isn't exactly cheap, after all. You'll need a job to help pay for your living costs and more. So before you settle down here, it's best to get employed first. The good thing here is that there are various ways to do it. And while it's not a complete guarantee, your odds are better when you know how to do them.

How Do You Get A Job in South Africa?

Searching for Jobs Online

Similar to how they do it in the US, France, and other countries, you can search for available jobs online in South Africa. There are famous international portals like Indeed and Best Jobs, for example, that allow you to seek employment even before you get to the country yourself. Find a Job in Africa may be less popular, but it also caters to international workers. Just pick South Africa as your country of choice and you'll see the available positions posted by various companies. Through these job search engines, you're able to contact employers directly and vice versa.

Networking in South Africa

Relying on your network is also a good way to find employment in South Africa. Take note of all your acquaintances in the country. They might just know someone who can get you a job in a great local company. Or you can also join networking groups in South Africa like the South African Business Network. It's a more official approach to this method instead, arguably even more so than just relying on your connections and word-of-mouth. And don't forget that there's still social media too! Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have become popular portals for finding available jobs out there.

How Do You Get A Job in South Africa?

South Africa's Public Employment Service

The great thing about finding a job in South Africa is that even the government can assist you as well. Through the help of South Africa's Public Employment Service, locals and ex-pats alike are able to search for available jobs throughout the country. More often than not, this platform's scope is even wider than many popular job-searching websites. And all you have to do is to register, set up an account, and you're good to go. The website is run by the country's Department of Employment and Labour so you can be sure that all the job posts shown here are legitimate.

Registering at Recruitment Agencies

When all else fails, you can always register at a recruitment agency as well. A few good examples include Yellow Pages and Trasa. These companies will look for the right job on your behalf. All you have to do is register, submit your CV, and wait for their reply. Rest assured that they will only focus on available job posts that are within your industry, applicable to your skills, and fit your specific interests. And with their backing, you already have a small advantage compared to the other applicants. What more could you ask for?

Reading The Newspapers

No matter how old school it is, reading the want ads in the newspapers remains a viable option for landing employment, even here in South Africa. The Times South Africa is pretty notable for its classified ads. They regularly update their lists and offer a wide spectrum of job openings from a variety of industries. Reading the local newspaper in your town or province is also a good idea. This whittles down your search and ensures that you don't have to go far for your work.

How Do You Get A Job in South Africa?

Whether it's searching online, reading the newspaper, or registering with a recruitment agency, there are multiple ways to get a job in South Africa. The methods to find employment here is as diverse as the country itself!

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