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Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date

December 04, 2022
When you're spending Valentine's Day in Paris, relaxing in a cafe is a good idea. Especially if they're anything like Musée de la Vie Romantique, La Terrasse at Hôtel Raphael, Caffé Stern, Le Lieu Secret, and Le Grand Véfour. Arguably, these are the finest cafes in Paris for Valentine's Day. They have everything you need for a romantic date with your special someone. A beautiful ambiance? Check! Delicious food? Check! And the right intimate vibe? Check! Even when a coffee date seems too simple for Valentine's Day, specifically when you're in Paris, you're still ensured of a great time ahead. And that's all you really need for this romantic holiday, right?

Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date

Musée de la Vie Romantique

There's no better place to spend Valentine's Day in Paris than at Musée de la Vie Romantique in the 9th arrondissement. It's here where you can see all the most romantic works of French art. Especially those from the Romantic era, ranging from 1800 to 1850. And after having your fill of fine art, you can take a coffee break in the museum's chic tea salon. Located in a beautiful greenhouse in the museum's courtyard, it's an intimate space where all you'll see is fabulous flora and all you'll hear is the chatter of the other guests. It's one of the most romantic spots in the city.
Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date
Source: Musée de la Vie Romantique/ Pierre ANTOINE

La Terrasse at Hôtel Raphael

As cliche as it sounds, dinner on a rooftop hotspot that has a view of the Eiffel Tower is one of the best ways to spend Valentine's Day. It's the quintessential date idea in the French capital, the kind you'd see in movies and on TV. And thanks to La Terrasse, the in-house cafe in Hôtel Raphael, you can do exactly that. In their immaculate terrace area, bordered by colorful flowers and well-cut hedges, the view of the iconic tower from here is extraordinary. As for the food, it's haute cuisine at its finest!
Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date
Source: Hôtel Raphael

Le Pavillon des Canaux

Located by the end of Basin de la Villette, Le Pavillon des Canaux is a riverside cafe where the view is just as delicious! It's such a beautiful sight to see a small brick manor with a glass-covered pavilion terrace area that's right by the river. You couldn't have asked for a more romantic setting for Valentine's Day in Paris. And then there's the food! For starters, you can enjoy some roasted leeks with peanuts. The main course can be some crispy pork belly with roasted vegetables and mashed carrots with black garlic. And for dessert, you can choose the cookie of the month. It's either praline, almond, or peanuts.
Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date
Source: Le Pavillon des Canaux Facebook Page

Le Grand Véfour

In a city like Paris, a historic hotspot always makes for a great venue. Even if it's for your Valentine's Day date. Take Le Grand Véfour in the Palais-Royale arcade on Rue de Beaujolais. This was said to be the exact spot where Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to his wife, Josephine. If that's not a romantic spot, then what is? And even now, more tha a couple of centuries later, this place remains a popular cafe and restaurant. And since the kitchen is now headed by three-time Michelin-star chef, Guy Martin, the food here is fit for a king. Or an emperor, rather!
Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date
Source: Grand Véfour Facebook Page

La Maison Rose

If you want to go on a date in La Maison Rose in Montmartre for Valentine's Day, you need to book a table in advance. It might not seem like it when you're there, but this place is actually one of the most popular cafes in Paris. The pink house that makes up the hotspot is among the best Instagrammable spots in the city. It's even been featured in shows like “Emily in Paris” on Netflix. Also, despite its massive popularity among tourists, the locals still love going here too. It does serve some of the scrumptious desserts in the area, after all.
Cafes in Paris: The Best for Your Valentine's Day Date
Source: Alajmo Group

The most romantic cafes in Paris are perfect for Valentine's Day. Just a nice date with your special someone, sipping coffee and indulging in delicious food? Now that's an ideal Valentine's Day in Paris!

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