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Five Things You Shouldn't Do in Morzine

November 08, 2022
You shouldn't need anyone to tell you that Morzine is no ordinary town. Located in the French Alps, it's one of the world's finest ski towns. It's generally a safe place here but seeing as it is perched atop high mountains, you'd do well to be more careful. There are certain things you shouldn't do in Morzine and places like it. Drinking before skiing is a perfect example. Moving while on the télécabine is too. And don't forget wearing white while you ski as well! If you ever do these sorts of things while you're in Morzine, you're guaranteed to get into trouble!

Five Things You Shouldn't Do in Morzine

Drinking Before Skiing

They call it 'après-ski' (after skiing) for a reason! You should never, under any circumstances, drink before skiing. Well, you really shouldn't drink before doing anything other than sleep but still! Though you may want a drink or two to get the right buzz that's perfect for the rush of skiing down the French Alps, it's simply not wise. You can get into all sorts of accidents and possibly even involve other people too. And ski accidents are deadlier than you think! There have even been many celebrities who lost their lives because of ski accidents. Do you want to be one of them?

Not Looking At The Bus Schedules

The ski buses in Morzine aren't exactly the most steady in terms of schedules. They do follow set timetables, but at times, they end their operations earlier than expected. Or depending on what may happen down the road, some buses might be late too. So to ensure that you don't get stranded somewhere in the French Alps, always take a look at the ski bus schedules in Morzine. You can even do this with the help of transportation apps too! The journey-planning programs show you updated info in real time! You can get any more convenient than that!

Five Things You Shouldn't Do in Morzine

Leaving Your Comfy Shoes at Home

Here in Morzine, you'll be doing a lot of walking. Whether it's to get to the center of town or the nearest ski lift station, you're gonna have to walk. Even if your luxury chalet is near the bus stop, it's still a short stroll away. With this in mind, don't forget to wear your comfy shoes. If you're only exploring the town, soft flats and sneakers are the way to go. And if you plan to ski, sturdy boots are a must! Forget the heels and leather pairs. They'll barely do you any good here!

Moving While On The Télécabine

You shouldn't need anyone to tell you that moving about while inside the télécabine is a bad idea. No matter how sturdy this ski lift is, you never know what might happen. Also, wouldn't it stress you out if your gondola lift keeps on swaying about as you go up? You might even get a headache because of all that movement. And if there's one thing you shouldn't have when you ski down the slopes of the French Alps, it's a headache! That'll be painful and uncomfortable in many ways!

Wearing White When You Ski

Speaking of skiing in Morzine, avoid wearing white. Not that there's a fashion rule against it or anything like that. It's more for your safety than anything else. It's important to note that this area is still largely untouched. The ski town of Morzine may be heavily commercialized, but the slopes of the French Alps are still part of the 'wild.' If you get lost here, they might need an entire rescue team to find you. And you'd be far easier to spot if your ski outfit doesn't match the white snow. Wearing bright colors is a better idea!

Five Things You Shouldn't Do in Morzine

Morzine may be the ultimate winter paradise but that doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want here. In fact, you're better off not doing a few things so that you can avoid all sorts of problems and not get into trouble!

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