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Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up

November 07, 2022
If you thought that the cafes in Paris were the only worthwhile coffee shops in France, think again! You haven't lived until you've been to any of the finest cafes in Morzine! Not only do they serve exceptional coffee, but the views you'll see from up here are second to none. Sure, the ski town might be extremely cold, especially during winter, but warming up in cafes like Café-Bistrot le 19.38, The Pomponette Café, Café Chaud Morzine, Satellite Coffee, and Bonbonnière Bakery make your stay here even more amazing. After all, enjoying your time in a cafe in France is more than just coffee. It's also about the ambiance, the views, and the entire experience.

Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up

Café-Bistrot le 19.38

As the in-house cafe of the highly acclaimed Hotel Le Samoyède, you can already tell that Café-Bistrot le 19.38 is a great hotspot. Its location alone is already a winner! Situated right smack on Place de l'Office de Tourisme, it's in the center of all the action. It's the best place to people-watch or grab a quick cup of coffee before, after, or in between your ski sessions. As for the food here, it's French cuisine all the way! You can start with Carpaccio de Boeuf, then enjoy the main course of Bruschetta à la Napolitaine, and end with a dessert choice of melted chocolate biscuits with Vanilla ice cream.
Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up
Source: Hotel Le Samoyède Hotel

The Pomponette Café

You also shouldn't miss Pomponette Café on Rue du Bourg either! Though the place is rather small, it's actually one of the best parts about it. If you're lucky enough to grab a table here, you can enjoy a quiet coffee break with just you and perhaps another person or two. And as you sip your hot cup of coffee, you can breathe in the fresh Alpine air, indulge in some freshly-baked pastries, and enjoy the French countryside ambiance. Doesn't that sound dreamy? It's the perfect antidote to all the adrenaline from skiing down the slopes!
Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up
Source: Pomponnette Café

Café Chaud Morzine

Truth be told, Café Chaud Morzine isn't your ordinary coffee shop. In fact, you might not even classify this as a cafe anymore. Though you can still order a hot cup of coffee here, this has mostly become a Happy Hour hotspot for locals and tourists alike. And thus, it's one of the hottest places for après-ski. They serve all sorts of drinks here, ranging from sodas and soft drinks to cool cocktails and fine wine. At times, the whole place even turns into one huge party! If you want to have fun all night long, this is the place to be!
Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up
Source: Café Chaud Morzine Facebook Page

Satellite Coffee

As far as cafes in Morzine go, Satellite Coffee is probably the most popular in the ski town. Part of it is its location on Rue de Bourg, a pretty central part of Morzine. It's an easy enough area to go to, whether you're taking a ski bus or you're walking around. And then there are the food and drinks. Satellite Coffee's baked goods are out of this world! Be it the chocolate brownie or classic croissants, you can't help but want more! And when paired with their best-served coffee or hot chocolate, you get a winning combination you won't soon forget!
Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up
Source: Satellite Coffee Facebook Page

Bonbonnière Bakery

Finally, there's the Bonbonnière Bakery. As you might've guessed from its name, this isn't technically a cafe in Morzine. It's a bakery but with a few tables set inside. But still, despite the limited seating, they still serve coffee for seated customers. Of course, they also serve their freshly-baked goods as well. That's even the best part. Without any other fuss, you can indulge in some delectable pastries and hot cups of coffee. It's the purest cafe experience you're gonna get in Morzine and it's not even a standard cafe to begin with!
Morzine's Top Five Cafes To Warm You Up
Source: Bonbonnière Bakery

Want to escape the cold and take a break from all the skiing and winter sports here in the French Alps? Any of the finest cafes in Morzine will serve as your best escape. You'd be able to relax just fine in any of these hotspots!

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